E-Commerce Is Powerful – Here’s the Future


E-commerce is growing at a great pace and most merchants are trying to catch up with its pace through a personalized shopping experience. Right from the product search, payment options to checkout and delivery times; merchants are leaving no corner untouched to delight e-customers using a host of e-commerce web solutions. In the times to come, e-commerce will become more competitive and more powerful. So, here’s a future prediction of e-commerce:

Innovative Products

Products are an integral part of e-commerce. Products like clothes, jewelry and shoes were never imagined to be a part of the online sales model. With changing scenario and advance in the technology; people are able to buy products that require physical observation, online. If we consider the future of e-commerce, the days are not far when merchants will be able to easily sell soft goods, perishable and fragile goods and high involvement products online. With continuous innovation in product development, we would be seeing more off the shelf products booming high, very soon.

Customized Apparels

The sales of apparels have increased to a great extent. More and more merchants are considering apparels as one of their key product lines, generating a lion’s share of revenue for them. To stand out from the competition, merchants will try to come up with innovative techniques where they can offer customized clothing solution, online. Consumers have to submit their requirements and photos digitally, check the various sizes, look and feel and if it fits right, they can go ahead and buy the apparels. Apart from apparel brands, some of leading shoes brands like Nike and Puma allow customers to design their customized shoes online. Brands engaged in selling products like Jewelry or watches should also be able to provide more customization in coming times using e-commerce web solutions.

Online Sizing

Video buying isn’t a big trend in e-commerce. As video quality has improved over time, the days are not far when we see e-commerce merchants resorting to video for online size measurements. With accurate online measurements through video, there would be fewer returns leading to increased profitability for the merchants. Video sizing will make sure the sizes are accurate, tailor-made and fit the body well. Consumers will avail all these benefits at the comfort of your sweet home, without physical trying of clothes going to the showroom.

Personalized Triggers

Aforementioned, personalization will be the key to success. E-commerce stores will try to personalize the customer experience through triggered emails and other e-commerce web solutions like social and website triggers. They will also incorporate live content and real time algorithms to lure the customers more effectively. Beyond first names, merchants will also personalize the shopping experience using big data, past purchases, browsing behavior and a lot more.

Summing it all up, e-commerce evolutions will surely create a breakthrough in customer experience and personalization. It will not only enhance shopping experience, but also improve the quality of life of consumers by providing them one click delivery, instant online demonstrations and more within the comfort of home.


The Do’s and Don’ts for e-bay store design

eBay Store Development

E-bay is one of the most popular online marketplaces to buy and sell goods and service across the globe. Most e-commerce companies resort to marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay for a better visibility of their products online. These marketplaces help e-commerce merchants to swiftly sell the products and expand their bottom lines.

Considering the popularity of the marketplaces, it is vital to have a professional eBay store design on your website. If you do not have the technical expertise, hire an agency that can help you with eBay store design and development. Whatever the case may be, consider the following best practices for designing eBay store.


  • Make your store design colorful. Use good contrast and eye-catching hues to decorate the entrance of your online store.
  • The background and content should be in sync with one another, so that customers can see both the content and background colors.
  • Keep the brand consistency while decorating your online store.
  • Place the items that are new on the top, so that visitors get attracted with the new arrivals and consider buying them.
  • Include a professional store logo design so that there is a good first impression on the reception.
  • Consider writing a good description about your store, in a way that it boosts credibility of your store.


  • Avoid being too verbose on the store entrance.
  • While you go into eBay store design and development, do not use many color combinations otherwise it might confuse the users.
  • Do not use multiple fonts and unstructured hierarchy.
  • Do not distract the users by adding a lot of interactivity and animations on the store.
  • Don’t keep the unrelated items together otherwise it would be challenging to make out related products, which would also hamper the cross selling.

Ideally, hiring an agency that understands eBay store design and development in detail makes more sense. Agencies would be e-commerce specialists and they are well-equipped with the latest store design trends, current market and user expectations. Agencies have the creative and technical know how and the blend of it helps in designing and developing an eBay store that boosts the conversion and attract footfalls. Professional agencies make sure that the store is totally in sync with the corporate brand identity so that if similar designed is to be replicated for different sections of the e-commerce website, it can be easily achieved.

Apart from these, agencies can work out on a host of other factors like listing popular items, removing the obsolete items, managing the store pages, creating a sales event, uploading the products with right description and high resolution images and also customize the product categories and manage the overall sales conversion from the nicely designed eBay store. They will also identify the best selling products and try to cross sell related products alongside.

Remember eBay store design and development is a cumbersome task and if not executed in the right fashion, it can spoil your brand identity easily.

How to Personalize Shopping on an eCommerce Site?


Personalization is a key to success in 2014. More and more leading retailers are trying to personalize the shopping experience for the users. Some retailers try to incorporate live content in the email marketing, some merchants try to invest in iPad web application development for mobile commerce and some others make sure they alter the navigational experience as per the visitors’ interests.

Some of the ways you can personalize your e-commerce store includes:

Big Data

Really? How does big data help improve personalization? Well, collect information about your shoppers, their interests, next plan, most liked products etc. Make sure you process this data and make it available on the online store and nearest physical store with the sales team. Let them see only the most relevant offers that come through a logical sequence of information / big data processed. Of course, such personalization will validate only if the prima facie information is correctly captured.

Automatic Cart Selection

Sounds like a robot? Yes this is very much in. Retailers like Netflix practice it and make sure that the visitors get the recommended products in the cart based on the past surfing behavior and viewing history. Retailers like Netflix use product ratings, browsing history, order history, and customer persona to provide personalized content to each visitor or buyer. Try to use some predictive models and if need be, hire an iPhone apps developer to enhance your mobile commerce experience.

Engagement Enhancement

Many of the leading online retailers make sure that they engage the customers till the time they finish the checkout successfully. This is adopted to reduce the cart abandonment rates. Retailers use algorithms to make sure that the customers remain engaged with various offers and coupons till the time they check out. Some advance algorithms also produce specific shipping cost or free shipping to specific customers depending upon their past purchasing behaviour.

Miscellaneous Personalization

There are many other ways to personalize the shopping experience for your users. Some of these ways include:

– Navigational personalization wherein, shoppers are displayed different content based on their clicks.

– Customer Specific Personalization wherein, the sites use customer preferences and order history to personalize the experience. Ideally, it’s better to group similar customers together and personalize all of them at once without impacting the load speed time of the e-commerce site. If you are developing apps, your iPhone apps developer can help you customize the same experience for users using mobiles.

– Personalize using third-party data wherein, you track the location, feeds and movements, weather conditions of the customers using third party’s data and then personalize the experience through a dynamic engine. Retailers are extensively integrating third party personalization in email marketing.

– Enable predictive personalization wherein, you consult a customer even before a customer has performed the activity on the site. Sites like Amazon ship customer orders even before they place them, thanks to the predictive personalization. Invest in iPad web application development if you want to tap mobile consumers too.

Hope these tips help you to personalize your e-commerce store more personally. 

Qualdev’s New and Innovative Web Performance Analysis Service to Attract Customers Worldwide

The USA’s leading e-commerce solution provider, QualDev, will provide customers with web performance analysis services along with other e-commerce services like web design, SEO, store management etc.

Best known for its custom e-commerce store design, QualDev emerges as one of the top-notch one stop e-commerce shop. QualDev provides a host of e-commerce services including web performance analysis. Through web performance analysis, QualDev would provide clients with attractive layouts, integrated web modules and wide-range of cross selling opportunities. The web performance analysis will enable clients to track the performance of the store, manage listings on the marketplaces and enhance overall branding and sales of the store. Through web performance analysis, merchants would also be able to figure out better ways for optimizing their shopping carts. QualDev already provides E-commerce shopping cart solutions for the clients.

QualDev would also help clients to boost their SEO efforts using web performance analysis. The e-commerce solution provider shall consult clients on the best ways to optimize content for search engines and how using ethical techniques will improve their rankings. QualDev would suggest clients on product descriptions, reviews, ratings and a lot more.

With a wide-range of e-commerce web solutions, clients would not have to resort to many agencies differently. They will be able to customize their online marketplaces, track the product sales, market products across the channels, boost the SEO, track the shipment and do a lot more. This shall certainly help QualDev in becoming a preferred vendor for many customers.

According to one of the senior spokesperson at QualDev “Tracking the performance of the web store is mission critical to optimize the conversion rate. Our web performance analysis is much beyond normal website tracking as it provides robust solutions for cross selling and suggests clients a better way to build integrated brand. Clients who need consultation for developing custom e-commerce web solutions have to look no further anymore. They can simply use our customized set of services that can help from content marketing to responsive web design solution and anything in between. We also help customers focusing on mobile commerce by developing personalized iPhone and iPad solutions as per their requirements. Our customized eBay Lister tool is ideal for listing and managing listings of multiple products on client’s eBay or any other store. The tool is integrated with their online database so that they are able to prepare feeds directly from their website. Our eBay set-up and template design services aim to provide clients with effective branding of an e-commerce store.”

If you too are expanding efforts on improving your Conversion Rate and battling a poor web tracking, do resort to QualDev’s services. You can visit www.QualDev.com to know more about web performance analysis and other e-commerce shopping cart solutions.