The Do’s and Don’ts for e-bay store design

eBay Store Development

E-bay is one of the most popular online marketplaces to buy and sell goods and service across the globe. Most e-commerce companies resort to marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay for a better visibility of their products online. These marketplaces help e-commerce merchants to swiftly sell the products and expand their bottom lines.

Considering the popularity of the marketplaces, it is vital to have a professional eBay store design on your website. If you do not have the technical expertise, hire an agency that can help you with eBay store design and development. Whatever the case may be, consider the following best practices for designing eBay store.


  • Make your store design colorful. Use good contrast and eye-catching hues to decorate the entrance of your online store.
  • The background and content should be in sync with one another, so that customers can see both the content and background colors.
  • Keep the brand consistency while decorating your online store.
  • Place the items that are new on the top, so that visitors get attracted with the new arrivals and consider buying them.
  • Include a professional store logo design so that there is a good first impression on the reception.
  • Consider writing a good description about your store, in a way that it boosts credibility of your store.


  • Avoid being too verbose on the store entrance.
  • While you go into eBay store design and development, do not use many color combinations otherwise it might confuse the users.
  • Do not use multiple fonts and unstructured hierarchy.
  • Do not distract the users by adding a lot of interactivity and animations on the store.
  • Don’t keep the unrelated items together otherwise it would be challenging to make out related products, which would also hamper the cross selling.

Ideally, hiring an agency that understands eBay store design and development in detail makes more sense. Agencies would be e-commerce specialists and they are well-equipped with the latest store design trends, current market and user expectations. Agencies have the creative and technical know how and the blend of it helps in designing and developing an eBay store that boosts the conversion and attract footfalls. Professional agencies make sure that the store is totally in sync with the corporate brand identity so that if similar designed is to be replicated for different sections of the e-commerce website, it can be easily achieved.

Apart from these, agencies can work out on a host of other factors like listing popular items, removing the obsolete items, managing the store pages, creating a sales event, uploading the products with right description and high resolution images and also customize the product categories and manage the overall sales conversion from the nicely designed eBay store. They will also identify the best selling products and try to cross sell related products alongside.

Remember eBay store design and development is a cumbersome task and if not executed in the right fashion, it can spoil your brand identity easily.


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