E-Commerce Is Powerful – Here’s the Future


E-commerce is growing at a great pace and most merchants are trying to catch up with its pace through a personalized shopping experience. Right from the product search, payment options to checkout and delivery times; merchants are leaving no corner untouched to delight e-customers using a host of e-commerce web solutions. In the times to come, e-commerce will become more competitive and more powerful. So, here’s a future prediction of e-commerce:

Innovative Products

Products are an integral part of e-commerce. Products like clothes, jewelry and shoes were never imagined to be a part of the online sales model. With changing scenario and advance in the technology; people are able to buy products that require physical observation, online. If we consider the future of e-commerce, the days are not far when merchants will be able to easily sell soft goods, perishable and fragile goods and high involvement products online. With continuous innovation in product development, we would be seeing more off the shelf products booming high, very soon.

Customized Apparels

The sales of apparels have increased to a great extent. More and more merchants are considering apparels as one of their key product lines, generating a lion’s share of revenue for them. To stand out from the competition, merchants will try to come up with innovative techniques where they can offer customized clothing solution, online. Consumers have to submit their requirements and photos digitally, check the various sizes, look and feel and if it fits right, they can go ahead and buy the apparels. Apart from apparel brands, some of leading shoes brands like Nike and Puma allow customers to design their customized shoes online. Brands engaged in selling products like Jewelry or watches should also be able to provide more customization in coming times using e-commerce web solutions.

Online Sizing

Video buying isn’t a big trend in e-commerce. As video quality has improved over time, the days are not far when we see e-commerce merchants resorting to video for online size measurements. With accurate online measurements through video, there would be fewer returns leading to increased profitability for the merchants. Video sizing will make sure the sizes are accurate, tailor-made and fit the body well. Consumers will avail all these benefits at the comfort of your sweet home, without physical trying of clothes going to the showroom.

Personalized Triggers

Aforementioned, personalization will be the key to success. E-commerce stores will try to personalize the customer experience through triggered emails and other e-commerce web solutions like social and website triggers. They will also incorporate live content and real time algorithms to lure the customers more effectively. Beyond first names, merchants will also personalize the shopping experience using big data, past purchases, browsing behavior and a lot more.

Summing it all up, e-commerce evolutions will surely create a breakthrough in customer experience and personalization. It will not only enhance shopping experience, but also improve the quality of life of consumers by providing them one click delivery, instant online demonstrations and more within the comfort of home.


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