Simple ways to leverage YouTube Marketing for better sales

Have you continuously updated your e-commerce site with new blogs? Have you done enough of direct sales and promotion to increase sales? Have you also planned to go ahead with customized mobile and android application development? It’s high time for you to give a shot to videos now! Short, crisp and captivating videos are making their way all over.

Videos boost your marketing mix efforts to a new level. If used correctly, videos have the power to convert sales and be your impersonal salesmen. According to MultiVisionDigital, a video production company, consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. We have a host of video tools available to be utilized and explored for video marketing, but YouTube ranks at the top.

In this post, we will browse through some of the top ways to leverage YouTube marketing:

Adopt a shortcut

 Short videos that are produced for Vine might be too short for some of you merchants. In this case, try to produce and shoot videos under 2 minutes length. According to one recent analysis, YouTube videos under 2 minutes in length get almost 50% of all views. One more reason that should motivate you as a merchant is the updated YouTube algorithm. The videos that are watched till the end have more chances to go hit and generate a good visibility than those long videos that the algorithm hides.

YouTube Views

Create a channel

Set-up a dedicated channel for your online store as this has multiple benefits. (A.) Having videos coming from your own store makes it more credible than videos coming from a personal account.  (B.) People will b e able to find you with ease as you have your own dedicated YouTube channel.

Categorize your videos and organize them into different playlists. Define the various product lines and develop different videos for each of these lines. Beard brand that offers grooming kits excellently produces its own channel and successfully receives 10,000+ subscribers. Here’s a screenshot:


Content dominates videos

Creating a channel isn’t enough. For a long-term and committed YouTube marketing, regularly curate interesting video content that can arrest the eyeballs of your audience and keep them engaged. Consistent frequency of high quality Vlogs (Video Blogs) might as well help increasing the sales. You can also look forward to certain customized mobile and android application development agencies that can help you create a content app for your audience. Spread a word about your YouTube posts across your other social pages to make it a real hit.

Use Annotations

Annotations are those small boxes that open as a pop-up commentary. Annotations, one of the powerful YouTube features allow you to put text and links over your videos. Going to video manager, you can select annotation manager and add active links or speech bubbles.


Concluding it, YouTube marketing is still quite undervalued. The power of marketing on all the social channels is humongous however; YouTube, being a video platform provide more flexibility of creating visual content with voice and motion without any time limits.


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