Generating power packed testimonials for your e-commerce site

testimonials for ecommerce website

E-commerce is the business of word of mouth marketing. Reviews, ratings and testimonials are the key to success of any e-commerce store. Customers like to skim through reviews and testimonials before making the decision to buy. 63 percent of online customers say they are more likely to buy on sites with positive reviews.

So, how would you ensure to have better credible testimonials on your product pages?

1. Make it credible:

An informative testimonial might be more credible than a small one line statement of praise. Mention the headshot of your client, the name and complete testimonial. Ideally, a video testimonial might really make the case for it.  Make sure that the testimonials are integrated in your own brand colors and guidelines. One good way to present the testimonial is through a reverse testimonial method where it starts with a doubt and concludes with praise. The agencies that are complete e-commerce web design solution providers can help you devise a right strategy for the same.

2. Share your customers’ story

Every customer that has bought with you has a story within. Bring it on. Let them express how they felt buying your products and the journey so far. Share a story within a testimonial so that it becomes an inspiration for many others, otherwise not interested in reading the one line testimonials. Ask customers to mention the challenges they encountered and solutions they received. Keep it genuine and work on the negative feedback, if any.

3. Approach them via questionnaire

The next step towards making better testimonials is approaching to your customers via questionnaire. Ask your customers clear questions so that they are able to answer them in an apt way.  Consider asking the below questions:

–          What was your main concern pertaining to buying with us? How did that get resolved?

–          Which FAB’s did you like most about our products?

–          How did our product help you in your daily life?

–          Would you consider recommending us to some of your friends? If so, any specific reasons?

–          What else would you like to speak about our association?

With these questions in place, you will get a structured testimonial from each single customer. You can add and delete questions as per your experience with customers. You can also resort to complete e-commerce web design solution provider to design the questionnaire in a better way.

4. Automate Testimonials

One of the most modern ways to generate power packed testimonials is by implementing automation within your testimonials. A simple way to do it to keep the above listed questions in a template and the same can be shared with a customer, the moment he completes the purchase or may be, after a few days depending upon the nature of the product. Incorporate live dynamic content to personalize the automate template. You also need to identify testimonial sharing mechanism to increase the positive word of mouth across the social channels.

The above tips will surely help in generating the best in class quality testimonials and lure more prospects to buy with your store.


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