Signage – Turning the tables for e-commerce retailers

Signage – Turning the tables for e-commerce retailers

Signage speaks louder than words – That’s the modern day slogan. If you are running a successful online shop and aren’t able to lure offline customers outside your retail outlet, the problem may be in your signage. Quality signage is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and easily convert them. Signs are silent like your online banners and ad copies, but they have a lot of potential to increase the footfalls to your store.

Creating good signage for your store requires brainstorming. You need to figure out the kind of branding you want to apply to your signage, the content you want to write down and a variety of other things. You can also blend your online and in-store experience. Some of the mobile application development companies in New York also provide apps to promote your offline e-store online.

For an effective signage ideally consider being specific and to the point. Include all the important details and keep the overall message simple and attractive. Set the signage in three parts

(a.) The headline

(b.) The explanatory text and

(c.) Call to action.

You can use your own version after testing a few. Make sure that the call to action isn’t really confusing and the overall proposition is lucrative.

Let’s understand the different kind of signage to help you design it better

Outdoor Signage is right in front of the store entrance. They provide the first impression of your business to the prospects passing by. If you are planning to put up an outdoor signage, take care of the visibility and ensure that the reach and frequency is maximum. The main objective here is to increase the brand name, footfalls and popularity of the store.

Informational signage is the second form of signage that is more or less used to show the directions and finding the way within a store. Large bold fonts with catchy colors are good way to highlight the informational signage. With accurate informational signage, clients can navigate your in-store space easily.

Persuasive Signage is one more type of signage that is usually displayed to influence the consumer behavior. Such signage shoots up the persuasive value of the product or service. You can use such signage using walls, point of sale area, mats and a lot more. Such signage should increase the sales of the product. Some of the mobile application development companies in New York have the capabilities to promote such signage online by developing apps for your e-store.

Remember, e-commerce is an online business, but there are companies that manage both e-store and physical retail store. For all such companies, it is essential to exhaustively utilize signage and increase the offline conversion. To do so evaluate each of these above mentioned options and think afresh on how you can develop one for your own store. Customize it in your own branding, be honest and keep updating it from time to time depending upon the response from the customers.


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