Big Data is good when you avoid these 4 critical mistakes

Big Data

Customer data is what keeps the e-commerce sites moving. Big Data is the centre of attraction now-a-days. Data collection, processing, conversion to meaningful interactions and conversion or cross-sell – it’s all so much inter-connected. Data collected from the predictive modelling, browsing behaviour, demographic and social inputs, past purchases etc. is utilized to improvise on the products, make the checkout simpler or even cut down the prices.

These data centric decisions can really turn the tables upside down for you, if you fall prey to the below mistakes:

1. Mere data collection and no talking:

Data collection is important, but not limited to it. Collecting data only based on the predictive models and algorithms might really be a good idea, but don’t restrict yourself to it. Talking to customers is always a good idea. Personalizing shopping experience based on big data surely interests’ customers, but talking to them and understanding what they value matters the most. Care about your shoppers needs and apply your survey findings on your in-store and e-store ambiance. Also customize your mobile store, resort to a company that provides custom web application development in New York for data collection.

2. Software API Integration:

If you have a lot of apps, website data, in-store data and a lot more data on your table and unable to seamlessly integrate it with one another you might not be able to use the data accurately. Systems should be well-integrated and if need be they should be connected via software APIs. You can hire developers who can help you achieve you the integration objectives. Without integration, you wouldn’t be able to come to a common consensus about your customers’ behaviour.

3. Don’t push too hard:

Being aggressive is good, but being over-aggressive is bad, really bad. Don’t push your branding and marketing too hard to your customers. Let them get accustomed to your products and services before showing them tons of re-marketing ads, pop-ups and sending them dozens of email every day. Use data to personalize the customer experience, but restrict it to a limited frequency.

4. Probe less:

The purpose of collecting data is to ease the life of subscriber or prospect or customer and let them shop in a hassle free way. Don’t overload them with a lot of forms. Asking more information will also make the customer experience meaningless. Moreover, more information seeking will make the customers sceptical about the privacy issue. Keep it limited, say how it all is going to be used and make the best out of the information available on hand. Check with the companies that offer custom web application development in New York so that you can customize the apps and grab all the information.
Big Data is really interesting and you can make the journey of your customers once in a life time experience, but for that to happen make sure you focus on it radically and avoid making the aforementioned mistakes during data collection, integration and analysing.


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