Top selling unique products – Ideas worth stealing!

Ideas worth stealing!


E-commerce is all about making the customers lives easier by offering them solutions they have long craved. With an increase in the competition, a variety of e-commerce stores are coming up with innovative products in the WebSphere and taking the advantage of early mover strategies.

So, which are these top-selling unique products that are worth stealing?

1.  Paleo Diet 

Paleo Diet

With the rising health issues, a lot of people are going back to the paleo lifestyle. Selling Palau diet online is one of the more recent concepts and you can steal this one and make a fortune out of it. You can also hire iPhone and mobile application developer in New York to promote the same products through application. It will allow you to reach out to a wide-range of audience who want to eat healthy diet. Paleo energy bars are really trending high in Google search results in the recent past.

2.  Bow Ties and Pocket Squares


Bow Ties and Pocket Squares


Fashion conscious men want to buy the latest in vogue and there are only a handful of merchants providing these fashions with stylish bows and ties. These are really unique products and in very high demand. More and more men today are searching for e-commerce stores that provide fashionable bows and ties that can go along their routine dress or special occasions. Some men have also eagerly shown trends to purchase pocket squares in different colours to match up with their overall dress. Providing these solutions will fourfold your chances to beat the competition.

 3.  Wood Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses

Fashion gear Is on and some more with wooden sunglasses. Considering the online retail sales of sunglasses in the USA, there are very less stores offering, wooden sunglasses for both men and women. Venturing into an online retail store offering, wooden sunglasses will not be a bad deal. Considering the growing search volumes on Google Trend, wooden sunglasses are a sure shot way to lure customers. These might be though beneficial for some of the seasons and not bring a lot of revenue round the year. You can hire iPhone and mobile application developer in New York and make sure you promote it thoroughly using iPhone and Android apps.

4. E-Cigarettes



Like the traditional cigarettes, E-Cigarettes are personal vaporizers as they are a self-contained electronic “vaping” device, battery-operated providing tobacco smoking. These E-cigars are in really good demand and more and more people do relish buying them online.  It would be a great potential idea to sell products like these, however, the entry of such products might be restricted and in a long run it might be under the regulative lenses.

 5. Wooden Watches 

Wooden Watches


Like wooden sunglasses, wooden watches have also witnessed a good growth and are very well-received among the fashions. Apart from the normal branded watches available for sale at many online retail outlets, this product is something unique and not really provided by many retailers. Though the trend is flattened a little, it still remains most sought after product for many.

Make sure you optimally utilize these top-selling products and market it to the audience effectively. Don’t forget technology advancement and hire iPhone and mobile application developer in New York to promote it to the growing smartphone users.