Top 7 Must-Have Reasons to Build an iPhone Application

In this app freak age, business owners have realized that along with having a website, it is important to have a mobile app of their own. However, advancements in technology roll out constantly, and the number of application development platforms increase as well, making new releases frequent these days. The demand and importance for an iPhone/iPad application is increasing at a very rapid pace.

The number of iPhone apps developed per year has increased constantly since the year 2008. Nearly 85 billion applications were downloaded from the Apple app store during July 2008 to Oct 2014 so far, and this number continues to rise exponentially!

Do these figures catch your attention now? Have you made having an Apple app a part of your business strategy?

This graph illustrates the number of apps downloaded from the Apple App Store from July 2008 to October 2014 (in billions).

Studying the reasons behind this high download rate can show the innumerable benefits that an iPhone and iPad app can provide your business. We have listed the key reasons below so that they are easy to understand and use for making educated decisions. If you are not completely convinced yet, you will be once you go through the benefits of having an iPhone app. So, let us glance through some of the most important business benefits that an iPhone application provides.

  1. Serves As A Marketing Tool: The days when people would need to go from door to door in order to convince people to buy their products and services are long gone. In this digital marketing and app world, marketing has many new advanced techniques. However, your iPhone app can serve as a promotion tool, as it helps you reach out to potential customers.
  2. Builds Strong Brand Loyalty: Once a user downloads your app to their smartphone, the logo of your company will serve as a constant reminder of the products and services you offer. In addition, people will talk about you if they like your services and spread words about your brand.
  3. Security: most iPhone apps act as a strong shield against virus, threats and malwares, ensuring secure transactions, so that people can trust them more easily.
  4. Instant Gratification To Customers: In this fast-paced world, who would not like to gain quick access to information? An iPhone app is the best source of information for your customers. It displays your products and services as well as provides easy access to your contact information.
  5. Better Experience And Quality: Apple’s app store maintains very strict standards, forcing developers to build high-quality apps for iPhone and iPad. This has ultimately made a good impact on the user experience. iPhone apps are user friendly and easy to use, hence most customers download and use them.
  6. App For Every Business: Nowhere is it written that iPhone apps are perfect just for huge enterprises; they hold equal importance for small businesses and medium sized companies as well. This means that you must have an iPhone app to market yourself and your services; irrespective of the type of business, be it education, banking, media or any other sector.
  7. Generates High Revenue: Even if the number of downloads are a bit lower than any other platform, the revenue generated is maximum here because of high in-app sales. Getting a well designed app for your business, will help you generate high revenue.

Final words…

There is a good chance that you are convinced to get an iPhone application developed for yourself, after realizing the advantages it could bring your business. So, there is no procrastinating. Go and get one…


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