Little Known Ways to Hire Android Developers

With millions of users across the globe, Android is one of the most popular platforms. Many companies are in a mad rush to launch Android app to gain market traction. If you are planning to outsource Android application development or hire Android developer, everything boils down to understanding entire mobile development processes.

How to hire the right dedicated developer for your Android app? Whether to hire Android developer or freelance developer? There are several questions that are likely to bog you down. It is important that you select the best Android developer.

Here are few tips to hire Android developer that meets your business goals.

Look for Experience

When you decide to outsource the project to Android app developer, you should focus on developer’s experience. It is important to find out whether the developer has worked on similar projects in the past. If you find that app developer has worked on a similar project, there are greater chances your project would be completed successfully.

However, in the app world there are no credits given to who developed the app. Don’t shy away from speaking directly with developer’s current and former clients. This will substantiate the claims of developers and help you verify whether they actually created the apps they claimed.

Don’t Get Bogged Down by Price

It is important to keep budget considerations in your mind. However, don’t make low-cost deals a sole consideration in decision making. You need to be clear about cost and milestones. Keep in mind that companies charging questionably less compared to competitors are cutting corners and often indicates low development standards.

Never undermine testing

The Android world is highly fragmented and diverse world. There are several device size and versions of operating systems. It is very difficult to maintain consistency across all devices. Ask your Android developer about testing procedures and bug fixing. You need to find out how quickly the bugs will be fixed.

Get contract mechanism in place

Remember, app is all about idea and execution. You need to protect your app idea at all costs. Before you hire Android developer, you should sign a non-disclosure agreement or a legally binding contract that clearly states app and source code ownership. Don’t skip this step as it is crucial to protect intellectual property rights as well as customized features.

Communication skills matter

Android app development lifecycle is a collaborative process. The quality of your app directly depends on your ability to clearly communicate app functionality to Android developer. Does your Android app developer prefer Skype chat, email, and phone communication or use a project management tool? You need to know how frequently your dedicated developer will provide status update about the project. All the terms of contract should include support and communication with developers as it improves the quality of app.


It is difficult to hire Android developer and the process of selecting the right developer could be painstakingly slow and time-consuming. But this entire process can save time, resources and money in future.

Qualdev offers flexible models to hire Android developers in New York as per your own requirements. R Get in touch with your requirement and let’s discuss your Android app idea.


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