SEO & Ecommerce: Dawn of New Reality

Ecommerce is a fiercely competitive place dominated by big giants. You can learn a great deal from big competitors especially if you are under the process of optimizing your website. Think about it what’s the point behind having a cutting-edge ecommerce website if your site does not appear on Google’s search results. How will your prospective users know that your store exists?

On the other hand, if you rank high in the search engines, your site is likely to attract more traffic and more people are likely to find you. The more traffic you get, the more are the chances of making a sale. SEO for ecommerce site is most important and often the most neglected part.

Not convinced? Do you think SEO is not for ecommerce sites?

We will provide few reasons that will help you understand the importance of SEO for ecommerce sites

Google Search is Key to the Decision-Making Process

Today’s users are savvy and well-connected. It is the social media age where the decision to buy products are made online. Users often look for product information on search engines. Thus, if you turn a blind eye towards SEO you are putting your site at risk of not being visible to customers during the buying cycle. This will invariably hamper your growth as your prospective customers don’t even know that you exist in the ecommerce space. On the other hand, your competitors who leverage SEO are likely to scale new heights.

SEO for ecommerce site could open up a whole new world of possibilities and enhance chances of improving revenue and sales at a phenomenal pace.

SEO Works Even With Low Budgets

If you are running on a tight budget, SEO can be a life jacket. You don’t have to spend your precious dollars on paid campaigns or expensive banner ads. Most of effective SEO techniques are free and cost-effective. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay cost per click or impressions or conversion. But, with SEO you get high-quality traffic free of cost in large volumes. Of course, you need to hire SEO professional but you are less dependent on paying per click to get traffic. You can integrate content marketing and social media marketing in your overall SEO strategy. Integrating SEO with other marketing activities has a multiplier effect.

As a part of your strategy, you can buy ads. You would be surprised to get outstanding results even with relatively low budgets by simply implementing SEO best practices. It improves the efficiency of marketing activities and enhances organic search visibility.

SEO Generates Measurable Results

Unlike paid advertising that generates traffic as long as you pay, SEO provides results with lasting impact over the long term. You can’t just unplug SEO activities. If don’t correctly in a right manner, SEO gains momentum over period of time till the point that you dominate your niche. And the best part is that you don’t put a brake on traffic if you temporarily stop SEO or promotional activities. The efforts and hard work that you put in over a past few years shows in search engine rankings. Your site will be visible to your audience courtesy organic search results.

SEO for E-Commerce Site: New Way Forward

Very often ecommerce store owners fail to see the opportunity of SEO to improve bottom-line results. SEO does not form a part of marketing agenda or get the budget needed. This mistake could cost a fortune to store owners. SEO should be the driving force to promote your ecommerce site and not an afterthought. After all, this technique could drive truckloads of traffic to your ecommerce site. However, if you ignore SEO, your site could be lost in the oblivion in Google. The good news is that you don’t need big dollars to implement SEO strategy. If done correctly, SEO could generate result in relatively short time duration with impact that lasts for years.


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