Your Guide to Getting the Best E-Commerce Website Solution

If someone were to ask you, why you switched from a website to another while shopping online, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind? In all probability, you may have switched because you did not find the previous website a safe one. Did you view the website’s security certificate before leaving? Nah, Not really! It was just that the website did not appear to be safe. This is where a smartly-designed e-commerce website solution comes to the owners rescue. Trustworthy and appealing websites generated by reputed e-commerce website designers are enough to retain costumers, or entice new visitors, and help them feel safe.

So, now that you are looking for a scalable and robust ecommerce website solution for your business, at the very onset, how would you like to provide a ‘Safer’ website for your visitors? Websites characterized by professional designs and reliable outlooks enjoy the trust and faith of customers. However, there are two basic rules that you need to follow:

1. Keep the Presentation Simple

It is not wise to clutter the homepage of your website with useless and prolonged information. A worthwhile e-commerce website solution would incorporate click through pictures depicting some recent promotions to direct customers to important sections on the website. It is essential to understand the customer’s demands and necessities largely before going ahead with the designing processes. This is important for providing them with easy and important options on your website.

2. Keep the Navigation Simple

It is necessary that the navigation is simple and easy-to-understand. It is a good idea to categorize all products into sections and put accessible options to meet this cause. The inclusion of subcategories is essential for making the filtering process easy for customers. Do bear in mind that a single product can be classified in more than one category. Therefore, it would always be wise to place products into all pertinent categories so that they are easy for customers to reach.

Things to Avoid

1. Do not use tacky animations on your website

Your intention should be to provide your customers with enough information about any promotion on the website. However, you should avoid animations that keep on popping up and compelling the customer to push them out of the way. Frustrated customers would just abandon the website, or logout and never return.

2. Avoid hailing the customers with “in-your-face” depictions

Remember, customers really want to spend time on your website. So, avoid all such images that indicate pushy sales. Along with soft transitions, making things look informative and simple is obviously the right way to go. All the on the page should provide the visitor with adequate time to think, read, and then click on the options of their choice.

Here is a few features that help make an e-commerce website solution user-friendly, to attract and retain customers on your website:

  • Provide visitors with options to refine the products they see on the page
  • Provide them with easy navigation options so that they are able to move back and forth
  • Put the search box in an easy to locate area of the website
  • Do not display items that are already out of stock
  • Put quality photographs on the website for displaying with your products
  • Put the shopping cart in an accessible and visible location on the website
  • Do not display delivery charges at the end, it’s better to display them along with the price on the product
  • Consider SEO tools while designing the website
  • Incorporating social media is essential for high end promotion
  • Make sure that your website includes a quick preview option for all products

Are you still wondering why you should opt for a perfect e-Commerce website solution? Here’s why!

1. Establish a strong online presence

Professional services provided by an e-commerce website solution provider would allow you to remain on top of your competitors. Keep the competition on and keep attracting your customers with the best online services you can provide.

2. Save on operational costs

It would obviously be a better option to select an e-commerce website that is separate from your other premises for conducting business. An e-commerce website allows you to save money that you would otherwise use to appoint personnel, as all operational activities are completely automatable.

3. Enhance your customer base

Features such as search engine visibility and inclusion of social media tabs provide your business with an economical way to reach out to a larger number of customers. This would not have been possible without the professional services of an e-commerce portal solution provider.

4. Convenience for customers

It is so convenient to buy products and services on the World Wide Web. Quicker service provisions and fast order processing add up to huge advantages provided by e-commerce website solutions.

The services provided by professional website design and development companies have come a long way during the past few years. At present, it is hard to find internet users who have not experienced the pleasures of online shopping at least once. Even though you would find websites that are notorious for their safety issues, overall, the e-commerce industry is booming at a considerable pace. Add to that the enhancements in the confidence levels of consumers visiting the more credible websites, entrepreneurs are also facing a lot of competition. So, to be prominent amongst the competition, it is an absolute necessity that you go for the best e-commerce website solution only!


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