Android App Development: Benefits for Professionals

Android gadgets have become an integral part of today’s’ generation. The need for quick Android app development has altered the vision of many IT firms. Earlier, software development was the only way of creating a stoic online presence. However, with the innovation and rapid growth of smart phones, Android app development New York has gained immense popularity and is luring more companies to join the bandwagon. With thousands of users and innumerable downloads to boast of, the providers of Android app development have managed to compile amusement, utility and businesses, all in line to cater to their client’s requirements.

Android app development has helped enterprises of all sizes to create tailor-made solutions for catering to general and sophisticated business needs. Along with improving internal interactions, Android apps have helped people and organizations to connect with many others, globally. With the raging development of innovative mobile applications, numerous business organizations are now able to reach out to their target audience by displaying their products and services more precisely. This in turn has led to an increase in their sales and profit.

To survive this digital environment, it is crucial that businesses catch on to the Android app development buzzword as soon as possible. Mobile applications can be developed on other platforms like iOS as well, but developing apps for the Android environment has its own benefits. The primary benefit of Android app development is that it is completely free and features an open platform built on Linux. The other vital benefits of Android app development New York include:

  1. Low investment and High ROI

With Android platform, licensing and developing expenses are lowered considerably as its SDK (software development kit) is available for free. Thus, you can create advanced and sophisticated android apps in a matter of days, even with the lowest budget.

  1. Easy Integration

Android is highly customizable. This makes it convenient and easy for users and owners to integrate them with other related applications. More so, such apps can be changed at regular intervals according to customer requirements and market trends. Android serves to be the most suited solution and helps in developing engaging apps for almost any kind of inter-application integration. With Android as a platform, app developers can use their creativity and imagination for creating usable and in demand applications for web and mobile usage alike.

  1. Easy Adoption

Coding Android applications is much easier than coding on other platforms. Anyone with an in-depth knowledge of Java can create excellent Android apps.

6. Easy Distribution

Along with the popular Google Playstore, Android applications are capable of being distributed from various distribution channels. Unlike iOS, Android apps can be distributed via many other third party channels. This results in more visibility, deeper market penetration, and easier access to a wider audience.

  1. Better Hardware Compatibility

Android apps have seamless compatibility with various devices; this means that all customers get to enjoy a similar user experience. Various hardware configurations work best with Android. For example, any android based app would work perfectly on any mobile phone using the Linux platform. With Android, your apps tend to get better flexibility than with any other operating system.

Google Play Store rules the application world and is a common place for maximum downloads. Many app developers and app developing companies, develop apps that are based on this platform only. Here are a few success mantras for Android app development New York:

  1. Know your market: The launch of a new Android app depends entirely on its revenue generating strategy. Android applications that are free to download make money via advertisements, in-app purchases and paid upgrades. With the highest number of downloads being attributed to the Google Play Store, Android app developers are generating more monetary profits with every passing day.
  2. Responsive to screen size: Since Android is an open source platform; the screen size is not restricted to any tablet or smart phone. It can expand and cover almost every handset that uses the Android operating system.
  3. Language Support: Due to its easy access and open nature, Android is accepted globally. The latest android apps are made available in numerous regional languages as well, to reach out to a diversity of customers.
  4. Do not Clone. It is not apple iOS: Cloning iOS app designs is one of the most common mistakes that android app developers make. They reuse popular iOS features to save time and money; this in turn affects the Android app experiences adversely.
  5. Online as well as offline works: Android apps that work both online and offline have more edge over the apps that work either online or offline only.
  6. Android app development is done with intuitive features, and many-faceted devices. Android app development has grown to cater to the needs and want of today’s generation. Yes, whether global or local, Android is here to stay, and will remain the most preferred and used platform for app development.

Go for Android app development, you will be happy you did!


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