6 Tips for Developing a Customer Friendly Ecommerce Shopping Cart Design

Online shopping experts indicate that most shopping carts are abandoned because of a complex checkout system. For designers of ecommerce websites, usability should be a major consideration. After all, once a customer has bought a product, he wants the checkout process to be quick and easy. Here are 7 tips that will make your shopping cart friendly to customer and thus avoid abandonment.

  1. A Combination of a Mini Cart and a Full Page

The general eCommerce shopping cart design is to combine both the full page and mini cart designs. The mini cart is pushed to the corner of your page or placed above. It is advisable to include both carts. Since the mini cart does not hide the general information, once a product is selected, it is pushed to the sides. It allows you to see all the products you have already picked. You can also see the total price. A full page check out like this here is used to show additional details on products and payment options. It also indicates tax obligations, shipping options and provides a chance to edit the content of your shopping basket.

Source: http://articles.abilogic.com/184229/tips-developing-customer-friendly-ecommerce.html


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