iPhone Apps Development Basics You Should Know

Finding a reputable app development company can be a daunting task if you do not understand some basics. Numerous firms out there promise great service but end up disappointing clients instead. You need to understand some basics if you want to hire a reputable iPhone apps development company.

How do you decide which company to go for? How do you know if you will get what you need? The most important thing is to understand the basics – the process of app development and types of apps out there. This will help you understand the differentiating factor among the many companies.

Types of apps that one can develop

Developers can create various kinds of apps. This list goes beyond the categories that most large companies like Apple use to groups apps into i.e. – lifestyle, food, sports, etc. Here are the basic types of apps that you can go for:

Basic table functionality

The best way to understand this type of app is by thinking in terms of a hierarchy. The opening screen contains important topics, and then you get to click on a topic to see a list of sub-topics to click on. The best example is the email on an iPhone. This is the easiest type of app to build, and it’s suitable for businesses that need a simple app that shows necessary information.

Database custom functionality

Imagine if you have lots of content that you wish to utilize. A great example is having different dog breeds that you must organize and display separately. Developers design this type of app a bit differently from the basic table format. The development process is a bit complicated, and you have to decide whether or not the data should be housed dynamic (built into an online web service) or native (built into your app)


This app is more complex, and it can start from as simple PONG type functionality and stretch all the way to a 3D engine that can do high-speed air racing. The scoring points and user experience have to be incorporated.

Modification or enhancement of the device hardware or firmware

This means that certain phone functions like the camera, alarm or flash are taken and made better. The best example I can give is the camera+ app. It adds filters to the pictures taken on your iPhone and stores them in a light box.

Custom utilities

These types of apps are geared towards letting the user input his or her content in a particular way. Examples include Adobe Ideas, Pages, and Numbers.

Fully dynamic apps

This type is similar to the database driven apps, and it purely relies on external information – weather channel, twitter, flip boards etc.

Note that the quantity of the content you have would decide the kind of app your developer creates for you. In addition, the control you want to have on the app can be another determining factor. It is crucial to realize that the iPhone apps development procedure can be done cheaply and quickly. All you need is to know the type of app you want.

We can break the app development process into four major parts:

Idea – this is the genesis of everything. The more complicated your app is, the more the cost and the longer it will take to develop. Simple apps are cheap and can be built easily. First, ensure that you consider your budget and marketing effort.

Functionality and layout – explaining to a programmer what you need isn’t good enough because they won’t deliver what you need. You must invest time and go through the details or find a person who understands programming so he can translate everything for you. You will be amazed how even the simplest apps have many scenarios and steps.

Design – Apps require a team of developers to complete, unlike websites where one person can do -everything. The design is incorporated once the functionality and programming has been defined. A design can break or make your app, so be sure not to skimp on this.

Go live – After your developer finishes building your app in xCode (a program used to build apps for Apple), the developer can assist you to get your app on iTunes.

Now you are fully equipped with the basics, and you are ready to find a great iPhone apps development company in New York to give your project to. Let us know if you found the post helpful or send us your suggestions that would help us improve it.






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