Critical Decisions for eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Searching for the best ecommerce shopping cart solution for your online store can be frustrating. Sorting through confusing articles that different ecommerce builders post could make you feel like you’re going to lose it. I know, I faced this when I was looking for a suitable ecommerce solution myself. The more I searched the more options I uncovered. So which solution did I opt for? I wanted a solution that was reliable and guaranteed to worked, so I kept reading about each feature, and ultimately was lost.

Today, ecommerce retailers face more challenges than they would have a few years ago. On one hand, consumers keep demanding for faster and engaging shopping experiences on their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. While on the other, internal stakeholders want a solution that can keep up with the functionality of competitors. Everyone out there is searching for a platform that can manage inventory, promotion, merchandising and order management with ease. However, with time we find that a shopping cart solution that was great a few years ago isn’t so suitable today. Here are key decisions you may need to think about before embarking on finding the eCommerce Shopping CartSolution for you business.

Hosting your own cart versus using a SaaS solution Making this decision isn’t very easy. The choice would depend on your team (is your staff capable of handling your own hosting?), budget, cart requirements and plans for the future.

SaaS Based Cart Although SaaS carts come with more conveniences, they certainly have their fair share of shortcomings. Here are some fundamental elements you may want to consider:



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