Reasons for Hiring an eBay Store Designer

eBay allows you to design your stores and listings in whichever way you desire. By allowing this, numerous opportunities have opened up for promotions, up selling, branding, etc. However, challenges have also been created .For example, what should the brand look like? Should it be marginal or full of bells and whistles? Who will create the design and how much will it cost? All this prompts you to get an eBay store designer.

Why get a designer?

Occasionally we get designs for our eBay store made only because they seem like the sure thing to do. Furthermore, you are selling and you want to appear professional as a business. It is a good decision to have a design done, though it pays to think more deeply about whether to create an exclusive design before going all the way or not. A design is as important as any other business decision. A good design helps you achieve what you desire and assists in making worthy decisions about your supplier, the design and the amount you will pay for it.

Here are various reasons for one to get an eBay store and listing design made.


Your brands somehow determine the personality of your business. All areas of design, including its content, speak about who you are regardless of your intention. Through establishing reliable brands, one may try to control the message they are conveying. By appearing trustworthy and efficient, you put across a positive image to the buyer. A playful brand may work well if you are selling toys but will flop if you were selling safety equipment. Presenting oneself in a specific area can restrict the products you sell as opposed to various areas.

Other than attaining the correct brand, it may help in:

  • Repeat business – Customers associate with your brand and will always come back for more business.
  • Conversion rate and pricing – If you appear dependable and conversant, you will make more sales even if you choose to set prices a bit higher.
  • Cross-selling – A good brand will communicate more on what one sells making buyers place an extra product in their order.


Your eBay store should show every item you sell. A normal search and a category driven navigation should also be included. A custom design will assist a customer find products fast and easily. In the real sense, customers don’t notice the store they normally search and get the listing. The probability that they will return to the search result and not your store’s link is very high. A unique custom-designed listing template would make a huge difference by relating the list to the store using the reliable navigation to various categories and associated products.


Offers like bundles, gifts or sales are the basis of retail. It is impossible to get the promotions you desire to your buyers if you do not have a custom design. A custom design consisting of dynamic elements, that make it easier to make changes without requiring to edit each list, and can display any offer a customer picks. A model may also provide an area for promoting associated products like accessories or alternative items from extra expensive brands.

The design process

You can only say you have a great design when it is tailor made to suit your business. It should display the brand and support your business objectives. To achieve this, you must invest enough effort and thoughts. A designer is not supposed to make every decision on the design. Sometimes they can, but a creditable designer will not do that since they do not understand your business, the customers, the products or your objectives that you wish to accomplish. They would not risk designing because they have no clue about your business.

You can only achieve a credible design through a process. You should get a designer, work together as a team, and ensure he understands the responsibilities and vital roles to undertake.

You can get some guidelines to use when discussing with the designer by finding an example of a custom-made eBay store with its listing template design. Developers can work a bit differently as various template designs vary. However, make sure you clearly define the process. You should communicate broadly so that you can give the designer your input.

Some custom-made eBay store templates can take approximately six weeks to develop. This may look like an eternity but the process involves large amounts of work, and it is a tight schedule to work in. An eBay store designer can finish within two weeks, but if there is a problem with communication, it can take longer than estimated.


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