Where To Find The Top eBay Store Designer For 2017

Ebay presents an already designed ecommerce platform for you to set up a store on. You may wonder why you need a designer to get you started. An eBay store designer helps you to develop a store that is appearing to visitors and one that can effectively sell your products. The designer also ensures that integration with partners like courier or shipping agents as well as banks is secure and serves your business. Considering the crucial role a designer plays in setting up the store, what qualities should you look out for and how do you distinguish a good designer from pretenders?

1.      Evaluate Experience and Portfolio

Everyone can open a store on eBay but it takes a professional to make it run profitably. Experience has shown designers what works for each business category and what does not. An experienced developer also understands the best tools for different business models. An amateur will be integrating tools on a trial and error basis. Some of them might not even work or will compromise your operations.

A sneak preview of the portfolio of the eBay store developer will tell you the kind of person you are dealing with. Should you find the sites that the designer has already designed to be good enough, you can go ahead and hire the designer confidently. You can use the portfolio as a reference to establish the caliber of the developer you are dealing with. Contact the owner of the site wherever possible and inquire about customer care, commitment to delivery and even modes of payment.

2.      Long Term Commitment

An eBay store is not an out of the box product but a project. This means that it takes time to setup properly and is done in different stages. Inquire about the web page development process the developer uses and how it relates to the requirements the owner defines. Do not compare the process with what you could have done with another client. Projects differ and each of them calls for a unique approach. However, seek to understand the process, and see how it will help you setup the store as you desire.

Part of development is the integration and assimilation of your business goals. The developer must understand your goals and endeavor to meet them. This means continuous engagement, testing, and adjustments. There would be a long-term plan that involves the incorporation of new tools and upgrades to the system. A continued engagement comes with budgetary implications. Ensure that you get a favorable deal.

3.      Value for Money

Developing an eBay store is an investment into your business. You would need to pay on the completion of the project. However, the issue is how much. The price of services is difficult to determine. However, there is an easy way that involves comparison. Ask several companies to give you quotations on specific features. You will get an average that you can then use to eliminate those charging exorbitant fees.

While your budget should guide you, don’t be misled into choosing the cheapest designer. A quality eBay store will attract more buyers, reduce cart abandonment and increase your number of sales. Your negotiation skills will enable you to get value for money.

The terms and conditions of engagement are crucial when hiring an eBay store designer. While most people do not read the terms and conditions, there is not an option for a business. Be conversant with the details or else engage a legal expert to decipher the details. The best designer who does not understand your goals will only give you a generic product that does not serve your purpose. Always chose a developer who is open to constant communication. Do not be blinded by the price into choosing an incompetent designer. Consider design as an ongoing project other than a one-off assignment.


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