The best Ecommerce web developer skills for your shopping website

As more companies move their stores online and the number of online shoppers grows, developing a good ecommerce platform becomes a priority. With numerous freelancers and companies offering web development services, it becomes difficult to distinguish between pros and amateurs just by studying their hyped marketing words. For the ecommerce web developer, it is a race to finish on top and to get the next big development contract. They need to know the skills that will make them preferred ecommerce developers. For a client, it helps to know what to look for in a developer. Here area few tips for you.

  • Knowledge of Frameworks

Frameworks are essential tools that help with the creation of ecommerce stores. Many developers have realized their value during development. Some of the most common frameworks include MVC, Django and Rails. They simplify the process of building websites making it faster to complete. They eliminate the need to repeat some of the tasks especially during coding. A developer who understands frameworks will create an ecommerce platform in record time.

  • Widgets

Over the last few years, the rise of widgets has changed the procedure of web development. Being the latest tools, every ecommerce web developer must possess the skills of developing and customizing widgets. They make data more portable, interactive and easy to run viral. Every ecommerce store should have one or two to boost the performance of their site. Widgets make content more attractive to readers beyond increasing the number of readers. For a developer, it adds great value to know JavaScript alongside flash in addition to the language that the parent ecommerce website is built.

  • Custom EMS Themes

This is one of the most popular engagements for ecommerce developers. They customize and even create the CMS themes that are specific to your ecommerce needs. Some of the common EMS platforms that developers must understand include wordpress and Drupal. More people are using CMS to power their websites in a cost effective manner. As such, a developer must know how to deliver a platform in this format. The main role of a developer is to make the design unique and usable. With a good design and customization, visitors to your store will have the impression of a good brand behind the scenes.

  • Plugin Development and Customization

CMS has given site owners the magical ability to use modules to transform certain aspects of a site. Most CMS platforms have an incredible list of modules on offer, but they cannot satisfy the needs of most ecommerce platforms. To boost this element, you have to use custom plugins and module on your site.

In fact, there are developers whose work is to develop and customize CMS. Plugins enhance the functionality of a website and enable integration. Others are used as monitoring tools that are essential for ecommerce. Developers must be well versed to enable them to produce a modern day quality website.

  • PSD to XHTML Services

Websites borrow many images that need modification. Photoshop among other tools are used to make these modifications. There are tools that make it easier to covert PSD or Photoshop files into XHTML for easy use on the templates. To ease the process of conversion, you need knowledge of the use of CSS and XHTML ninja. Since sites render differently, you need the content to appear similar regardless of the technical details behind the development. It takes a professional to master this skill. This will make you a favorite of clients who want to maintain consistency in branding. While as a developer you may understand the reasons behind, the client does not necessarily understand. You need skills that will bridge that gap.

  • Creation Of JavaScript Plugins

The use of JavaScript plugins has grown in leaps and bounds in the past years. This capability allows clients to add modules or custom functionality on their sites. There is a lot of work for developers who build customized modules using JavaScript Dojo and jQuery. Some of the popular frameworks you will be dealing with include Dojo, Mootools, Scriptaculous and jQuery.

  • Social Media Applications

The role of social media in ecommerce is rising by the day. Businesses are thus looking for developers who can help them tap into the potential of social media. The opening of social media to developers has seen the addition of related apps. This is a very lucrative venture for developers.

The best ecommerce web developer is one with the most relevant skills. The developer should also be proactive in updating his skills. It raises the quality of work delivered to a client. This will be the basis of repeat jobs and referrals, that improve their earnings.



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