Harnessing the Power of the Mobile by Hiring an iPhone Development Company

The online business landscape is viciously competitive and for a business to remain relevant there is an urgent need for them to think outside the box. One of the most versatile components a contemporary business should be deploying in their marketing strategy is iPhone app development. An iPhone app gives a business a competitive edge over the competition as they are able to target millions of iPhone users. Partnering with a reputable iPhone development company unlocks a company’s ability to harness the power of the mobile. iPhones are robust and easy-to-use. Millions of users love them because they are sleek and stylish.

An iPhone app gives you a powerful and innovative additional marketing platform to stay ahead of the pack in your niche. The beauty about iPhone app development, is the versatility of the platforms created. From retail and fashion apps, social networking and social media apps, health, fitness and lifestyle apps, music apps, multimedia apps to e-commerce and shopping apps there is no limit to the types of iPhone apps you can build.

An app has the potential to revolutionize your business by making your products and services accessible to target audiences. By choosing to work with an iPhone development company you will be leveraging the most popular mobile app platform, giving your business a competitive edge in your niche.

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Importance of a Mobile App Development Company in your Business Strategy

Today, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone and most of these are shopping online. A large number of smartphone users say they cannot spend a few hours without checking their devices. In October 2016, Google reported by that mobile internet traffic had exceeded desktop internet for the first time. This phenomenon necessitates a change in your business strategy to tap into this emerging market and mobile app development is the best way to do this.

Partnering with a mobile app development company helps you harness the power of mobile by making your business readily available on the target user’s device. Integration of mobile applications in your business strategy complements the benefits offered by social media and makes your business easily accessible to the potential customer.

The rapid adoption of mobile internet devices in contemporary society has opened a lucrative frontier for innovative businesses. With increasing competition in every niche, mobile app development offers enterprises an easy way to leverage the growing number of mobile internet users. If you have not yet developed a custom mobile app for your business or organization, it is time you got more insight on this technology.

Truth be told, many businesses are still struggling to capitalize on the growing internet market due to slow adoption of emerging technology. This is understandable considering that the resources dedicated to such developments are not enough. By outsourcing your mobile app development to an established player in the industry you will not only bring in new talent and resources but also objectivity to the project. A good mobile app development company works by first evaluating your business goals and objectives which helps develop an app that suits your needs.

Among the mobile application services an established mobile company offers include:

  • Android App Development

  • Wearable Technology

  • Windows Phone Development

  • iPhone App Development

  • iPad App Development

  • Mobile Friendly Website Makeover

  • Support and maintenance

Key Benefits of Mobile App Development

If you are still undecided on adoption of mobile app development in your business, consider the following benefits:

  1. Convenience

The contemporary consumer is always on the move and they want everything quickly. Your mobile app allows you to continuously share importance information to your target audience any time and from anywhere. The revolution in the taxi industry through mobile technology best exemplifies how a mobile app can change your business.

  1. More Value to Customers

The business environment today is viciously competitive and for your company to stay ahead you have to offer more value to your customer. If you already have a website, well and good but with a mobile app, you can gain a competitive edge in your niche by offering more value to your customers. From offers on the go, loyalty rewards for using the app, new products alerts, news and weather alerts among other features, a mobile app helps you retain your customers by providing important information.

  1. Speed and Reliability

How best can a customer find your products on a small screen? Even the best mobile websites are tricky to use on these devices and a mobile app comes in as the best alternative. With a single tap, your business is in front of the customer and they can easily shop or make an inquiry about your products and services.

  1. Greater Market Reach

Mobile internet users spend more time on mobile apps than on mobile websites. You might have the best website with all mobile-friendly features but users love apps for their convenience and reliability. With a mobile app for your business, it easy to increase your market which is what every internet marketer wants.

  1. Predictive Analysis

Modern business is data driven and it is important to use every opportunity to get further consumer insight. Mobile apps are important as data collection tools and they can be used to track the performance of particular products and services. You will also learn the likes and dislikes of your customers.

  1. Customer Interactions

Engagement levels largely determine the success of online businesses and with a mobile app, it easy to keep in touch with your customers. The push notification also allows you to communicate new product releases. The feedback you get from apps is invaluable for your business.

There are many other advantages of integrating a mobile app in your business. These apps help build brand trust, improve target marketing, attract younger customers, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency through real-time management and many other benefits.

The benefits of including a mobile app development company in your business strategy cannot be gainsaid. This team helps develop a custom mobile app for your business which enhances efficiency, boosts interactions with customers, grows brand trust and increases conversion rates. With the growing mobile internet traffic, developing a mobile app is the best business move you can make today.

Use a Top Rated Ecommerce Web Design Company to Boost Your Online Business

The ecommerce movement is unstoppable. For any business seeking to tap into the growing numbers of internet users, there is need to strategize and rethink any ongoing marketing efforts that they may have in place.  The competition is getting more vicious, there is need for businesses to become more innovative if they want to stay relevant in this environment.

One of the most effective strategies to get your online business off the ground is partnering with a reliable ecommerce web design company. While it is very easy to launch a web store, most online retailers find it hard to compete and bring in revenue because their business platforms are not fully optimized. By bringing in an experienced ecommerce solution provider to work on your website, you ensure that you customers receive a professionally designed platform that is not only aesthetically appealing but also dependable in terms of performance.

The importance of having a professionally designed ecommerce platform cannot be overemphasized.  A recent report shows that today, over 51% of Americans prefer shopping online for all products and services. 96% of Americans have already made a purchase online and 80% of these have done this in the last 1 month alone. The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that ecommerce is going to grow by 4.2% on average. This highlights the opportunities in this industry.

If you are thinking of broadening the market reach of your company, there is no better way to do this than by transforming your website into a full-fledged ecommerce website. To do this, you need to work with the best ecommerce web design company in the industry. These professionals bring onboard invaluable expertise and cutting edge ecommerce solutions that your in-house IT team cannot.

Other reasons to invest in ecommerce web design include:

  1. User Experience (UX)

Your ecommerce website is more than a selling platform because before a user completes the purchase journey, they might need to browse through several pages that could include your blog and contact page to learn more about you.   To deliver an exquisite user experience (UX), your ecommerce website must leverage the latest website design technologies. This is one of the major reasons to outsource your ecommerce services.

  1. Custom Design

The best ecommerce web design projects start out with an intense evaluation of your business. A lot of time goes into understanding your company’s objectives, goals and philosophy. The team working on your website will come up with an ecommerce platform that responds to your business needs. Do you want to generate walk-in sales or online sales? Do you need to have a shopping cart? These are just a few of the questions that they could ask while creating a custom ecommerce website design.

  1. Search Engine optimization (SEO)

In the current business environment, building a good looking website is not enough. You need to harness the power of search by optimizing your website for search engines.  Search engines still remain the #1 driver of web traffic, This is why you need to work with a professional web designer to get this done. SEO must be at the core of any website design to ensure your website performs exceptionally well in terms of speed and ease of navigation.  There are many other web design considerations that go into ensuring your ecommerce website is SEO-friendly.  Such an ecommerce platform ranks higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) for your ranking keywords.

  1. Greater Reach With Responsive Web Design (RWD)

When it comes to building an ecommerce website, you should look beyond desktop users. Google released a report in 2016 showing that mobile internet traffic has already surpassed desktop internet traffic. For this reason, you need to work with a highly qualified wed designer who understands the place of small screens in ecommerce.

Consumers now prefer using tablets and smart phones. For this reason, you need to provide a seamless browsing experience by investing in responsive web design. This innovative wed design approach ensures your products can be accessed from any mobile device. This extends your market reach and increased traffic to your website.

  1. First Impressions Matter

In the internet marketplace, your website is the face of your business. Its appearance will create instant impressions on visitors.  Just imagine how you would feel if you walked into a disorganized store where everything looks messy? That will be the same impression visitors to your website could have if you don’t invest in professional ecommerce web design.

There are many other reasons to work with a reliable ecommerce web design company. An impressive web design increases ranking on SERPs, leads to more web traffic, higher conversion rates, helps build brand trust and loyalty by providing a consistent image throughout the website.

How Local SEO Services Can Change The Fortunes Of Your Business

Ranking high on local search results is a key objective of the marketing strategy for a local business. While the internet was supposed to sound the death knell for local business, it has in fact given these enterprises a new lease of life. Search remains the main driver of web traffic. If you own a local business, ranking on local search results should be a priority in your marketing strategy. While search engine optimization (SEO) is integral to the growth of your business, it is advisable to narrow down your target market.

This is where local SEO services come in handy. With local competition heating up due to the entry of new players, it is important to optimize your SEO strategy to ensure that customers who are looking for a local business find you on local search engine result pages (SERPs). If you are not leveraging local search, you should know that someone from your competition will be doing so.

Local SEO is a new strategy within the broader SEO industry. The idea is to help you market your local business effectively to local customers at the exact time when they are looking for your products or services. To do this strategies that are different from ordinary SEO are used. These strategies focus on tapping your advantage as a local business. Investing in local SEO will give you a competitive edge because most small businesses are not yet harnessing the power of local search.

The Power of Local Search in Numbers

A recent survey shows that 50% of consumers who carry out a local search for a smartphone end up visiting a store within a day. Over 34% of users who do a similar search on other internet devices also visit a store within the same day. The Google 3–pack appears in the top spot in 93% of searches that are carried out with local intent. These numbers highlight the importance of local SEO services for your business strategy.

It gets better, 18% of local mobile searches will lead to a sale. If you are not convinced about the importance of local search yet, consider that 60% of American adults use their mobiles to carry out a local search about products or services. If you want to harness the power of the internet for your local business, it goes without saying that local SEO should have a prominent place in your marketing plans.

An established local SEO company offers a variety of services that are designed to boost your business on local search. These include:

  • Appropriate link strategy
  • Optimizing your website for local search.
  • Local Maps Optimization
  • Social media engagement
  • Localized content marketing
  • Reputable industry citations
  • Google AdWords program
  • Mobile responsive website design
  • Authentic reviews
  • Detailed ranking, link building and citation reporting and website analytic reports
  • Reputable directory listing including Google My Business (GMB)
  • Support and maintenance

Advantages of Local SEO

You can benefit from investing in local SEO in many ways. These include:

  1. Higher Local Pack Ranking

While ranking on SERPs matters to every business, your local business should be more focused on Google’s Local Pack Rank. Google controls over 70% of the search engine market and most users use this powerful search engine to find information. Google’s 3-pack includes top optimized local businesses. By working with a local SEO company, you are able to leverage the best techniques to guarantee your business ranks in the local pack. This pack accounts for over 44% of clicks by users and is enough to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Local SEO techniques are geared towards helping potential customers find local brands easily. Using Local SEO techniques makes it easier for you to target a particular audience at a specific time. For instance, if there is a local holiday, you can easily drive traffic by using specific targeted keywords.

  1. Higher Conversion

When compared to all other traditional advertising channels, local SEO has a higher conversion rate. Strategies such as online directory listing including Foursquare, Yelp and City search rank high on local SERPs. These are just a few of the techniques that companies providing local SEO services used to boost conversion rates with ease.

  1. Greater ROI

Investing in local newspaper adverts, direct mail and leaflets for your local business will not have the same effect as it used to have two decades ago. That fact that now most of your target customers are online makes local SEO a crucial strategy for your business.

There are many other advantages of integrating local SEO services in your marketing strategy. You gain a foot hold over the competition as many businesses are yet to claim Google My Business Listings and the use of mobile is growing. Local SEO serves as your online business extension, increases organic traffic, building trust in your brand through authentic reviews and directory listings. local SEO services are a must have in your marketing campaign.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company to Grow your Business Today

Digital marketing is no longer a passing trend as it was considered a few years back. Today, this is a proven marketing technique and brands that are harnessing its power enjoy a competitive edge. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over 3.26 billion internet users today. To get the attention of these users, you need to have a strong presence online. Using a reliable digital marketing company helps you adopt the best marketing strategies today for the best outcomes from your online campaigns.

Through digital marketing strategies, you can tap into the rapidly growing online market and increase the reach of your business. However, there is a catch; the internet marketplace is volatile and new marketing techniques keep emerging. Staying abreast of all these changes and implementing them is not easy, especially for a small business. Luckily, digital marketing agencies have the expertise and resources necessary to drive a full-fledged online marketing campaigns.

Services offered by Digital marketing Agencies

The highly competitive nature of the internet marketplace calls for innovative thinking. A Digital marketing company brings this skill to the table with them. The primary goal of such a marketing partner is to increase your presence online, integrate your online profiles and platforms and perform market research for you.

To do this, a digital marketing agency will offer a broad range of services including:


    • Internet Marketing


This encompasses a number of strategies including market research, data analysis, quick monitoring and insights, digital optimizations and many others. A dedicated team of marketing specialists will work with you to first understand your business before coming up with a tailored marketing strategy.

Among the components of a digital marketing campaign are social media marketing, online branding, cross platform marketing, email marketing, content marketing, content curation and mobile marketing to name a few.

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