Harness The Power Of Doing Business Online With Services From The Best Ecommerce Development Company

The internet marketplace offers a business incredible opportunities for to succeed. Whether you are planning to shift your in-store operations online, or you are starting a completely new business, there is still a lot of untapped potential on this marketing frontier. With over 3.7 billion people using the internet, it goes without saying that your online business can pick up if you have the right strategy.

To succeed, you need a solid ecommerce platform and this is where an ecommerce development company will come in handy. While millions of online businesses are launched daily, many of them collapse under the weight of vicious competition and other challenges. Most of these issues can easily be solved by building a strong ecommerce website to drive your online business. If you are planning to launch an online enterprise, this guide will give you more insight on how working with a reliable ecommerce company can help out.

The internet marketplace continues to mint billions in revenue. As a suave business owner you need to leverage the numbers to grow your enterprise. The internet marketplace has become the new frontier for modern business with its convenience and affordability making it irresistible to investors. If you are not leveraging the internet market, you are missing out big time. With more shopping now being online and more importantly on mobile devices, you have to invest in a reliable ecommerce website to support your business.

While many businesses have some form of online presence, internet marketers understand that a content website can only do so much for their businesses. The contemporary shopper is looking for a one-stop-shopping experience and this is only possible with a dedicated ecommerce website. However good your current website looks, there are features that only an ecommerce platform can provide.

Why Invest In Ecommerce Development?
Among the reasons you should work with an ecommerce Development Company to build a trading platform include:

1. Lower operational costs: The capital injection required to set up an ecommerce platform is not a lot compared to the setting up of a physical store. You are able to cut costs on hiring employees, renting our space and licensing to name a few of the overheads.
2. Wider market reach: Having an internet store, allows you have to target over 3.7 billion internet users. With the right search engine optimization (SEO) practices, it is possible to expand your reach within a very short time and grow a strong customer base.
3. Better customer experience: Modern shoppers prefer fast and convenient services. Remember they are lost for choice. However established your brand is, you have to provide a better customer experience and with an ecommerce platform, you will easily do this 24/7.
4. Harnessing the power of analytics: It is hard to learn about your customers through physical interactions at a brick and mortar store. Despite advanced data collection techniques, you will find it cumbersome to process such data and leverage it in your marketing. Not so at your ecommerce store. There are analytics tool that seamlessly collect and analyze data which can easily be utilized to gain a competitive edge. You will learn what your customers love, learn about your competition, be able to research top selling products; analyze current marketing campaigns and so much more.

There are many other benefits of building an ecommerce website that include providing better customer service, wider variety of products, and leveraging trending technologies for higher conversion among other advantages.

QualDev offers complete ecommerce solutions to all types of businesses. With their customized packages you are guaranteed to grow your business to new heights.

What an Ecommerce Development Service Does For You
Now that you appreciate the importance of building a professionally designed ecommerce website, it is crucial to appreciate how the ecommerce developer you work with will help you out. The services/ features that experts offer include:

  • Broad ecommerce technologies including Magento, Custom ecommerce website,
  • WooCommerce, Shopify, Spree Commerce
  • Shopping cart development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Social media integration
  • Reviews & ratings
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Ecommerce security solutions
  • Data Acquisitions and Migration
  • ERP & Data Integration Services
  • On-demand Delivery App
  • Google Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Categories Management
  • Maintenance & support
  • Admin & Seller dashboard
  • Location based search
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Structure
  • Responsive ecommerce web design for easy devices access
  • Web development & customization

These are just a few of the services you get from a reliable ecommerce web developer. When searching for the best ecommerce development company to work with, take the time to do a background check. Read reviews and testimonials, ask for references and check the websites they have built so far. When building an ecommerce website, remember this will not only be your store but also the face of your brand. As such, work with only the best in the industry to guarantee the best results for your ecommerce venture.


Using Digital Marketing Services to Rejuvenate Your Online Business

Marketing in the contemporary business landscape demands over-the-top innovation, creativity and ingenuity on the part of the business owner. While the internet market is customer rich, you have to contend with vicious competition which comes on the backdrop of increasing consumer demands and high cost of doing business. In this environment, only enterprises which ride on the crest of innovative and trending digital marketing techniques are able to survive the onslaught from larger brands in their niche.

You have to leverage the most powerful digital marketing services to stay ahead of the competition. Going online is no longer enough but instead, you need to boost brand visibility through tested and proven internet marketing strategies. Now that your target customers are to be found online, you have to reach them with innovative techniques and this is not easy. An established digital marketing agency will come in handy for this purpose.

With over 3.7 billion people now using the internet, it is only logical that you should take your business online if you haven’t already done so. The convenience and affordability that comes with online shopping makes the internet marketplace the first choice for the contemporary consumer. Whether you are running your business wholly online or not, it is important to start leveraging digital marketing techniques to reach a broader customer base.

Why Build a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your digital marketing strategy will determine the success or failure of your business. There are myriad advantages of going digital with your marketing campaign including:

  • Ability to reach a larger target customer base using marketing tools they love including video and social media.

  • Lower cost of marketing compared to traditional marketing

  • Real-time data collection, analysis and implementation of changes

  • Versatile techniques applicable to any industry

  • Increased conversion rates due to improved customer engagement due to interactive nature of digital marketing strategies

  • Improved business growth due to ability to strategize using valuable data and analytics

  • Better ROI due to higher effectiveness of digital marketing strategies

  • Building brand trust and reputation through increased visibility online

  • Ability to leverage competitor research during ongoing campaigns

  • Trackable and measureable marketing results which allow for flexibility

  • Ease of customization for specific marketing techniques.

For your brand to maximize returns on digital marketing services you need to work with an established digital marketing agency whose track record you can easily verify. Qualdev has a team with 40 years of combined experience in this area and they offer the best chance for you to harness the full power of digital marketing. If you are looking for a plan to rejuvenate your company’s struggling campaign, it is time you called in these experts.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

Now that you appreciate the immense power of digital marketing strategies, it is time to start working with a reliable digital marketing agency. Make sure you go for an established company with a solid reputation within your industry and whose work you can easily verify. Take time to do a background check of the company before committing to a contract.

Some of the major services you should look out for when comparing digital marketing agencies are:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): Search is still the #1 driver of traffic to content websites and you end an agency with experience to improve your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords.

  2. Social media marketing: There are over 2.5 billion people using at least one social media network and a reliable digital marketing agency should have a strategy to build your follower base, develop rich content for your social media accounts, increase engagement rates with your flowers and track results.

  3. Web design/development: Web design matters a lot in internet marketing because it has a direct impact on the user experience (UX). Go for a company that has expertise in responsive web design and other trending web design technologies to give your business a competitive edge.

  4. Conversion optimization: Your marketing agency should strive to boost sales through setting and implementing analytics goals and ecommerce tracking, AB split testing and conversion optimization analysis.

  5. PR marketing: Look for a digital marketing agency that has a strategy for targeted media outreach, building awareness and credibility and online press releases.

  6. Email marketing: Email has one of the best conversion rates and your email strategy should include creative formatting, list development, content development, automated lead nurturing and overall campaign management.

Other digital marketing services to look out for include lead generation, mobile website development, ecommerce solutions, app development and marketing, reputation marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, influencer marketing, website analytics, Pay Per Click (PPC), among others services. with such a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions, your business received a much need boost through improved brand visibility, broader market reach, better ROI for your campaign and much more.

Leverage the Power of Mobile with a Reliable Android App Development Company

Mobile app development is changing the face of internet marketing today. Over 197 million mobile apps were downloaded in 2016 alone with Android App downloads leading the market with 90 million downloads.

If you are planning to leverage the full power of mobile technology, you need to start working with an Android app development company. A well-designed Android app for your business allows you to harness the full power of mobile technology by boosting conversions, increasing brand awareness, improving engagement levels, customizing your app profile and increasing your presence on multiple Android devices. As of June 2017, there were over 3.2 million Android apps on Google Play which highlights how seriously app developers and brands are taking this component of internet marketing.

The number of Smartphone users has grown tremendously and as a business owner, you have to make proactive steps towards targeting these users. According to TechCrunch, there are over 2.4 billion Smartphone users today and the number is projected to grow to 6.1 billion by 2020. When taken against the 3.7 billion total number of internet users, it becomes clear why every business should invest in mobile marketing.

If you don’t have a strategy to target this growing number of mobile users today, you are staring at a swift demise of your business venture. One of the most effective strategies to target Smartphone users is through mobile app development. The mobile app industry has exploded with every business seeking an app to sell itself to the mobile users.

There are myriad advantages of developing a mobile app for your business including:

  • Increased visibility at all times,

  • Targeted marketing

  • Providing customer with value

  • Building brand recognition

  • Increased customer engagement

  • Competitive edge for your business

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Complementing your website

  • Increased availability of your business

Why Leverage Android App Development

While these advantages apply for all types of mobile apps, there are some inherent advantages that are unique to Android apps. By partnering with an established Android app development company you are able to harness the power of Android iOS and the latest technologies from Google. This is not just an ordinary app platform but the most popular one across all industries.

There are some incredible Android apps which are revolutionizing service provision in different aspects of life and these include Nova Launcher. Pocket Casts, Google Maps and Waze, Google Now and Google Assistant, You Tube, LastPass Password Manager, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Play Books, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter, DropBox among others.

The tremendous impact these Android apps have had is proof enough of why you should go for Android app development. Other reasons to go for an Android mobile app for your business include:

  1. Easy approvals before going into the market

  2. Faster and more efficient app development with the robust Software Development Kit (SDK) giving developers all the tools they need to quickly and cheaply build apps

  3. Ease of customization for features and functionality.

  4. Multi-network distribution through third party marketplaces in addition to Google Play

  5. Hardware compatibility as your app can be run on any Android device irrespective of the manufacturer

  6. Mass market for your app as Android devices target every segment in the market thus increasing your brand’s presence

  7. Freedom for imagination and creativity to develop an engaging app

Android is the ideal platform for mobile app development if you want to cut costs, and also minimize time to the market. If you are looking for the most experienced Android app development service, Qualdev has the expertise you need and more. Their development team is highly experienced and boasts over 40 years of combined experience in web development.

Services Offered During Android App Development

To get the most out of your Android app development, you need to go for a comprehensive app development package that will cover every aspect. Some of the services you should look out for include:

  • Native Android App/Hybrid App Development (ecommerce, enterprise apps, game apps and utility apps)

  • Android Specific UX/UI Design

  • Android Widget Development Services

  • Android OS Customization

  • Android Multimedia Apps Development Services

  • Android App Porting of existing apps/Redesign

  • Android Launchers App Development

  • App Support, Maintenance & Optimization.

  • Android App Test Automation for flawless Performance

With custom Android app development solutions, you can get much more from the best Android app development company. When looking for a company to partner, make sure you look for 100% confidentiality assurance, bug-free development, flexible pricing, latest technologies, research & analysis of app requirements, customer centric procedure, availability of technical expertise in the team, referrals, android app security, best coding practices among other factors. A company that offers these qualities is guaranteed to build a high performance and user-friendly Android app which aptly suits your business needs.

Importance of a Mobile App Development Company in your Business Strategy

Today, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone and most of these are shopping online. A large number of smartphone users say they cannot spend a few hours without checking their devices. In October 2016, Google reported by that mobile internet traffic had exceeded desktop internet for the first time. This phenomenon necessitates a change in your business strategy to tap into this emerging market and mobile app development is the best way to do this.
Partnering with a mobile app development company helps you harness the power of mobile by making your business readily available on the target user’s device. Integration of mobile applications in your business strategy complements the benefits offered by social media and makes your business easily accessible to the potential customer.
The rapid adoption of mobile internet devices in contemporary society has opened a lucrative frontier for innovative businesses. With increasing competition in every niche, mobile app development offers enterprises an easy way to leverage the growing number of mobile internet users. If you have not yet developed a custom mobile app for your business or organization, it is time you got more insight on this technology.

Boost Your Business By Hiring a Magento Development Company

Business today has moved to the online platform and as an entrepreneur in the contemporary business environment you have to keep adapting to stay competitive. While being in the ecommerce business allows you to reach a broader target audience, you have to grapple with unique challenges, the biggest of these being an ever increasing competition. To stay ahead of the competition you need a robust ecommerce storefront with a strong underlying foundation. This is where the services of a Magento development company come in handy. Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms that gives your online business an edge over the competition. The Magento platform offers an array of capabilities and features that allow you to serve customers faster, productively and in a more efficient manner. Whatever your niche industry, Magento ecommerce development services, from a reputable company, will give you unmatched capabilities to boost your business.

Magento as the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

The growth of ecommerce today is unstoppable, with 1 in 4 online shoppers using online marketplaces to research and purchase products and services online. 90% of independent retailers are now selling through their online platforms while research shows 51% of Americans prefer shopping online. With more consumers shopping online, the competition among businesses is set to get more vicious.

Using Magento as your ecommerce platform gives you a competitive edge in your niche and helps boost conversion and sales rates. While there are many other ecommerce platforms to choose from, the platform set up by your Magento development company will offer unmatched benefits that include:

  1. Flexibility: There are different editions of Magento that suit your business needs. You can opt for Magento Go for a small business or Magento Enterprise for a medium size or larger business.

  2. Advances SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) forms the core of any online marketing strategy. Magento is built with SEO performance in mind making it a powerful tool for your company’s marketing efforts. This platform facilitates better optimization for your e-commerce site by solving issues such as duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages and indexing.

  3. Power and space: You can feature over half a million products on your Magento site and handle over 80,000 orders a day.

  4. Versatile content management: Magento makes customization easy through an intuitive, visual-based page editor to help build and customize deals on the fly.

  5. Mobile-friendly platform: Shopping carts on the platform are developed responsively making it easier for your mobile customers to use. With more customers shopping using their mobile devices, you will reach a wider target audience with this mobile-friendly ecommerce platform.

Other advantages of Magento development include easy 3rd party integration, custom security, built-in upsells and cross-sells, a large community of Magento users, easy shopping experience through Magento shopping cart development, reporting, marketing tools, and easy order management among others.

What a Magento Development Service Can Do for you

If you are running an online business today, Magento development services can boost your business performance in many ways. Some of the professional services offered by these developers are:

  • Magento website development: These experts develop your website from scratch and build your website on a platform that suits your niche.

  • Magento custom module development: It is important to customize your online storefront in order to build customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd. This is easy when a platform provides the developer with the flexibility to build custom modules for your storefront.

  • Shopping cart development: A shopping cart plays an important role in the purchase journey. A Magento developer will integrate your shopping cart and ensure the checkout process is smooth.

  • Magento performance optimization: These services increase the performance of your ecommerce site, increasing conversion rates and reduce bounce rates through faster page load speeds. Through speed optimization, it becomes easier to retain shoppers, and allows them to complete the purchase journey.

  • Responsive Magento website: The Magento platform offers a responsive comfort to use experience for all type of device users. By working on the site’s navigation, design, loading speed and clarity you will boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

  • Support and maintenance: The best Magento development service offers reliable support and maintenance. This reduces downtime and other technical hitches that would affect the user experience (UX).

Other services include Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, Magento migration, Magento theme development, improved search and navigation, integration of Google Maps, inventory and order management, Google Usage Statistics APIs, Integrated and optimized checkouts among others.

In the highly competitive online market, you need to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead of the pack. Using a qualified Magento development company helps create a highly optimized commercial platform in the web domain. This platform is a sure way to increase traffic to your website, lower bounce rates, increase conversion rates and will help you stand out from other businesses. Go ahead and find an established Magento development service provider to harness the power this renowned ecommerce platform provides.

Use a Top Rated Ecommerce Web Design Company to Boost Your Online Business

The ecommerce movement is unstoppable. For any business seeking to tap into the growing numbers of internet users, there is need to strategize and rethink any ongoing marketing efforts that they may have in place.   The competition is getting more vicious, there is need for businesses to become more innovative if they want to stay relevant in this environment.

One of the most effective strategies to get your online business off the ground is partnering with a reliable ecommerce web design company. While it is very easy to launch a web store, most online retailers find it hard to compete and bring in revenue because their business platforms are not fully optimized. By bringing in an experienced ecommerce solution provider to work on your website, you ensure that you customers receive a professionally designed platform that is not only aesthetically appealing but also dependable in terms of performance.

The importance of having a professionally designed ecommerce platform cannot be overemphasized.  A recent report shows that today, over 51% of Americans prefer shopping online for all products and services. 96% of Americans have already made a purchase online and 80% of these have done this in the last 1 month alone. The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that ecommerce is going to grow by 4.2% on average. This highlights the opportunities in this industry.

Source: http://complete-ecommerce-solution.blogspot.in/2017/09/use-top-rated-ecommerce-web-design.html

How to Gain a Competitive Edge Using a Responsive Web Design Company

The increasing adoption of mobile devices in communication necessitates change in strategy when it comes to internet marketing. If you are running an online business in the contemporary world, there is need to adapt your website and marketing strategies to reach more mobile internet users. A recent surveys shows that 80% of internet users own a smartphone. More importantly, Google says mobile internet traffic website now exceeds desktop traffic. This is where the use of responsive web design (RWD) comes in handy.

A responsive web design company helps develop a website which serves all devices on the same set of URLs. A responsive website is designed to automatically adjust itself based on the size of a user’s screen. This provides a seamless user experience for anyone visiting your website on whichever device. This is one of the best strategies to gain a competitive edge in your niche. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of how RWD can revolutionize your business fortunes.

A lot of research is being done today to discover internet usage trends. One thing that has emerged in all findings is the shift from desktop internet usage to mobile devices. A 2016 Google Report showed that for the first time, mobile internet users were more than desktop internet users.

Source: https://qualdevseo.livejournal.com/18483.html