How much should I pay an android app development company?

Developing an app for your business today is almost a necessity. It gives your brand a boost in the form of visibility, direct access, it recognition and makes your brand more interactive, to name a few of the benefits. With growing need for apps, cost becomes a factor as the process of development is shrouded in mystery. How much should you pay to ensure that you get value for money, return on investment and a high quality app from the android app development company you choose to hire?

There is no definite figure since an app is more of a service than a product. However, by analyzing the process of development and mapping your requirements, you can build a formula and calculate the estimate cost you would pay for an app. The process of development can be divided into four parts namely conceptualizing the idea, planning functionality and layout of the app, the actual design and implementation or going live.

Conceptualizing the idea

This begins with the realization and recognition that you need an app for your business. While conceptualizing the idea of your app, you have to identify a direction you wish to follow. There are numerous apps already available on the app store from whom you could take inspiration. If you have no idea on the kind of app you need or are confused on the choices to make, consult an experienced android app development company and provide them with a brief of your business needs. The company will help you make a decision on the best app that fits your needs.

Based on your business model, a more complex idea would be more expensive when compared to a simplistic one. However, do not sacrifice features because of cost. Offering users more functionality increases the chances of getting value for money. For instance, apps for games are definitely very complex. However, they go viral easily, providing excellent return on investment.

Further, a simple app will not do much for users. However, it proves easy to build and thus will cost less. The budget you decide on should be adequate to develop an app that delivers the results that justify your ideas. Over time, you will fine-tune the idea and reap make more money out of it.

Planning functionality and layout

The app development language is unique and might not be understood by a layman. You therefore need a person to translate it for you to understand. You might settle for a renowned developer who does not pay attention to your needs. The end result will be a disappointing app.

The developer should take you through every screen to ensure you understand the interactions of the user with the app, so that you see how they confirm to your expectations. It is amazing to see the number of steps and screens that go into each app. Depending on the number of screens and the functions the feature of the app is supposed to perform; you will get an estimate from the developer. Compare quotes from different developers to determine who gives you the best price for similar services.


It is the design of an app that makes or breaks it. Designing an app differs from a website in that apps require teamwork while a single person can design and develop a website. You need a designer and a developer to work on your project the designer directs the developer on what needs to be coded. Give this phase of development all the attention it deserves.

You need to tie together the best tab icons, splash screen, app icon and many other features with which the user would interact. A specialist android app development company will provide a checklist that guides you through the process of making the right choices for your app.

Implementation or going live

An app is never complete until it has gone live. How else would you know whether the features you desired have been executed? It is only when the app is put into action that you get confirmation that the features your app provides are those that help the end user. You need to load it onto the app store. For this, you would need to create an account on the app store. You need to fill information on pricing, description, icons, etc only after that the app is ready for users to download.

The involvement of your internal team is very important. This team would need to receive training before they are able to look after the app properly. It will cost you more if the development company continues to run the app. However, you must leave room for specialists to make improvements on your app as it grows.

The amount you pay the android app development company depends on the nature of your app and the work you assign to the company. Compare the quotations you receive from different companies to get a better idea of how much to pay. This investment
Should be made wisely.

Determining how much an app would cost you before you hire a mobile app developer in New York

Investing in an app can transform the fortunes of your business. Apps are the most efficient online interaction tool available in the market today. Their effectiveness has made them mandatory for businesses. However, in an attempt to upgrade quickly, many firms have entrusted the development of their app to untrustworthy developers who charge exorbitant prices but are not able to deliver quality.

So how much should you allocate towards hiring a mobile apps developer in New York? Let’s find out. The price you pay to have an app developed depends on several factors. That means that there is no fixed answer to the question about how much you should pay. As a client, you could approach this in two ways. You may set a budget and thus only procure services determined by your budget, or you may have an app developed first, and worry about the cost later. Whichever way you approach the procurement of app development services, the bottom line is that you must get value for money.

An app is an investment like every other aspect of your business. Thus, the amount you spend should commensurate with the returns you expect. How do you hire a mobile apps developer New York who will deliver value for money? Determining the price of app development services is usually complex. However, this simplified guide can help you determine how much you need to pay.

What features are you targeting?

There are different apps for different purposes. Some are meant to interact or communicate, while others are for ecommerce purposes. The features available in the two app designs are different. In fact, each app is customized to conform to the needs of the business model for which they are developed. They reflect the intentions of a business and its structure.

The business logic you want to capture by the app will determine the features that the developer would incorporate in it. For instance, If your app allows a viewer to communicate or watch videos of your products and services the algorithms it uses are simple and straightforward, however, if you need an app that collects data about users, you will need to invest more.

Will it be native or backend?

Simply put, the backend of an app is that part where the administrator would login or have an account to operate. Having a backend for an app means that you will need information storage resources behind the scene. Having a backend for the app means that the app would require having more personalized and complex algorithms.

You may also need an interactive app where two account holders can share information or files. This would call for the use of complex algorithms, infrastructure, and support. All these additional elements have cost implications. A native app is simplistic; it does not require backend resources or personnel. In most cases, these apps are used for information dissemination.

Content management

Most apps require constant upgrades. In fact, a growing business, or any business that seeks to improve customer service must plan a budget for regular updates. The aim is to provide users with better content and a better experience from time to time.

A system that provides backend support forms a part of content management. Such a system allows backend users like sellers or the brand to update or add information from time to time. You can update prices; add newly released products, product upgrades, etc. Choosing to leave the management of the content and updates to the developer instead of managing them yourself would affect the cost.

Socialization features

You need to make a decision on how users would interact with your app. The mechanisms of interaction determine how simple or complex your app will be. If you need to make a provision for information or file sharing, you must provide resources for such systems. These additional resources will increase cost. Where such features are not required, the cost is lower.

There is the option of building the features progressively. You begin with the basic features and then graduate over time. Following this strategy reduces your overhead cost, but demands continued investment. In fact, this is the recommended approach because it allows you to test the features that are working for you and ignore those that are not as progressive.

Integration with third parties

Integration enables you to work with related partners like financial institutions, social media, associates, etc. Integrating them or their connections into your app will require a different algorithmic approach, meaning you could end up spending more. It also comes with increased security demands that could affect your budget.

The charges by any mobile apps developer New York will depend largely on the features that you wish to incorporate into the app. Disclosure of your brand name may also cause you to pay more since the developer can recognize that you can afford to pay higher prices. The most important element is to get value for money from the customized app.

Parameters That Will Help You Pick Mobile App Development Company

If you have decided to get a mobile app for your business, then you are ready to move it to the next level. However, you have a hurdle to clear in the form of choosing the right mobile app development company. The choice you make will determine the quality of app you get and the experience you will have in the process of development.

If you think that making a wild search on the internet and clicking on the first company on the page will solve your problem, you should read horror stories of clients that were swindled of cash and never got the app, others who took forever to see the app or some who received the worst quality app imaginable. You need to focus beyond the company that provides you with IT support. Your goal should be to get the best development company possible in the market.

Identifying the best mobile app development company is not easy by all means. However, it can be made almost perfect and easy. There are a number of scientifically proven parameters that you can use to make the determination. These parameters help you choose the right developer even without the slightest knowledge about apps.

The Brief You Provide

This is a summary of the requirements handed over the potential developers. It should be uniform and detailed so that unqualified companies can eliminate themselves. A company opting to proceed with the project knows exactly what is expected of them.

The brief should be prepared with your business operations and model in mind. You should identify what you intend to do with the app or what functions within your business model the app should perform. In fact, it is these functions that will inform the contract you enter into with the developer. Providing a brief eliminates the chances of getting a generic app, especially one copied from another client which does not meet your expectations.

Expertise Of The Developer

Though everyone with a little IT knowledge may claim to be a professional, developing apps is not for every technician. Check the qualification of the developer. Further, check if the company has developed apps in the past and verify the quality of those apps.

Working with a trained and experienced developer eliminates the chances of trial and error. You are sure that the hands that will be handling your app have done it before and delivered quality. It is advantageous to work with a large team that has verification infrastructure and broader expertise. Freelancers are also an option though the absence of business structures could prove to be a challenge. There are highly skilled freelancers who can produce excellent apps at a fraction of the price. However, this is a risky gamble that could go either well or be a dangerous flop.

Customer Service

It is one thing to possess technical ability and another to deliver a good customer experience. Developing an app involves more than having it delivered at an agreed time and place. A lot of interactions happen in between.

There are milestones you will set with the developer and delivery timelines. You need to be in constant communication and even maintain contact after delivery for servicing and maintenance purposes. This relationship will be frosty and a big headache if the company has poor communication habits and structures. To solve the problem of communication, define the channels and frequency in your contract. Further indicate instances where emergency communication should be made and the channels that should be used. For your benefit, choose a company with a track record of proper communication and that exhibits this capability.

A Listening Company

There are companies or developers who assume that you have no idea about app development. They want to force features on you. In fact, they appear to have a solution even before you have presented your problem. Such companies are very dangerous to work with. The best mobile app developer is one who takes your brief and needs seriously and commits to implementing them. The company must be ready to make adjustments whenever you request so that the app conforms to your needs.

There are other peripheral considerations when selecting a mobile app development company that are still important. You must agree on the development timelines, a negotiated cost and serving or improvement after delivery. The files must also be handed over in case you want to use them with another developer in future.

Key Application Trends from iPhone Apps Development-New York

In the current era we are living in, there seems to be an app that can sort any issue we face. People tend to focus on the latest and most suitable app depending on the need. Currently, the App Store displays a wide variety of applications which help with almost every aspect of life and coming up with something new can be quite a challenge. Even more challenging is creating and developing a perfect and unique app. This article delves on application trends while developing a successful iOS app.

Developing dynamic apps is a do-able thing, but requires a lot of tolerance and attention as it is a process that can be quite tedious. Unless your attitude is persistent and are determined to accomplish you goal, this can be a task that can be annoying. There will be numerous code errors that will pop up and which will need to be corrected. Here are some things that iPhone Apps Development New York Company put into consideration while creating apps.

Downloading and installing Xcode

Development of iPhone apps is done in an environment that is referred to as Xcode. In order to commence on your programming task you will need to download a free Xcode from the app store. However, you will need to install OS X 10.8 or later in your system. This specific program requires a Mac so that it can run since there lacks any official way of running the Xcode on Windows. iOS 8 SDK is another important program which together with Xcode 6.0.1 it will assist you in the creation of new app experiences such as iCloud or Touch ID integration through a broad APIs range that is present in the program itself.

Get a text editor that is good

A specialized programming syntax editor from an iphone apps development New York company will ensure that it is easy to work with substantial coding amounts even though it is possible to code completely within Xcode.

Designing and Graphics

Every app requires a good amount of designing which is not an easy thing for majority of people to do. You can choose to create the graphics and other designs for your app but if you are not good at it, hiring a professional is the way to go. A qualified graphic artist or designer will create a user appealing app for you with much ease. The designer will install a vector graphic that will allow for the creation of graphics that are eye pleasing, easy to scale, and which are crucial for making an app look great. Even if it is your first time you can easily get on the web, a wide range of graphic designing apps all completely free. One such example is the popular Adobe Illustrator.

Objective-C App Functionality

For you to tweak and twist your iPhone apps functionality, you will need to be familiar with Objective-C. Through this, it will be possible to manipulate and handle objects and data. If you already have prior knowledge of C or Java, you will not experience a lot of challenges while going ahead with this. Even when you do not opt to learn the language, you will still have the knowledge to build a basic app. However, other advanced functions such as self-coding will be beyond your league.

The most that Objective-C will enable you to do is to manoeuvre from one screen to another. You won’t do anything fancy if that is what you were hoping to do. If you are considering learning Objective-C you can access reading material from different platforms online such as Relearn and Code School. You can also read from various other books to gain more information.

The chances that you will not actually go into all this trouble are quite high. The good thing is that you can outsource these services. There are a number of reputable and well experienced developers that can take on your project. However, you will need to create the time and master sufficient energy to handle the team that will be working with you, and all this needs to fit into your normal daily agenda. Nonetheless, it is worth doing as it will save you the headache and precious time if you are not an expert in programming.

Planning your App

The plan you create for your app can either make or break all other development intentions you have. For this, you will need to put into consideration the fact that your applications are in line with those present in the App Store. All apps must go through a vetting process so as to reduce any chances of malware occurring. What this means is that insecure coding and loopholes can make your app to be rejected altogether. Besides, legal issues and infringement can cause your app to be discontinued over an unspecified period of time at the App Store.

Probably the final thing worth considering is the iOS App Development account that you ought to make when launching your App Store. Your account will allow you to easily test and distribute your app. The iphone apps development New York Company you choose to work with can do this for you at a minimal fee.

Top 7 reasons why shopping carts are abandoned

Shoppers abandon more than half of the shopping carts instances just before final checkout. This has reduced conversion rates to a large extent. If you want to boost sales and increase revenue, you would need to reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can hire a company that offerseCommerce shopping cart solutions to help with it.

Knowing why shopping carts are abandoned, and the problems that customers face, could help you device a method that helps reduce shopping cart abandonment. Here are some of the reasons why shopping carts are abandoned that you could investigate before you hire an agency that provides eCommerce shopping cart solutions,

High product costs:
People avoid buying when they find that the price of products no your website are high. They may know of alternate sources online that sell the same product at a lower price, so it is obvious they will not buy it from your store.

Long, complicated checkout process:
People visit your website, like some products, and then add them to their cart. However, they leave your store empty handed. Why? Having to navigate a complicated and time-consuming check out process that asks for a lot of information could be the culprit. So, make sure you create a simple one-page checkout.


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Top 4 tips for developing an iPad web application successful

We live in an age where mobile users outnumber those who use a desktop. We live in the world of mobile devices and apps. Websites are no longer sufficient for any business. An app contributes to the success of any and every business; irrespective of whether the app is a web app or a mobile one. This post is for things less talked about; web apps for tablets like the iPad. A web app for an iPad is an amazing idea, and you can get it built from iOS developers working at an iPad web application development company.

Although you hire professionals, there are a few things that you must know about web application development for iPad’s, so that you can keep an eye on the iOS developers that you hire and check if they are going on right path.

Here are some of the best tips for iPad web application development

1. Know your customers, understand their problems and begin with a goal designed to solve those problems

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3 tips to build an engaging eCommerce application

In this tech savvy world, it is easy to get an online store built. All you have to do is hire a company that provides eCommerce application development services and discuss your requirements with them. However, building a mobile app for your store is not that simple.

When you invest time and money into eCommerce application development, you would expect that the app you get should be worth it. You would want that your app should be amazing enough to engage shoppers for longer periods, and possibly convert them into customers.

While the process of developing an eCommerce application is quite easy, there are certain points that one should keep in mind, to ensure that the final product is an engaging one.

Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to build an engaging eCommerce application

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