Why your Business needs to Partner with a Professional Web Design Company

Are you wondering how you could boost the performance of your online business? As more companies migrate their operations online, competition is bound to grow stiffer. You have to work harder to get your business noticed online. One of the smartest albeit overlooked techniques to help in this environment is web design. Most people thing about web design in terms of aesthetics only. It is all good to have a beautiful website but if it is not converting, you have to rethink the website design. A good web design perfectly blends beauty and functionality. Achieving this level of perfection is not easy. You have to work with a highly experienced professional web design company. It calls for collaborating with a web designer who understands your business aspirations and one who can help achieve them through your website’s design.

The Role of Web Design in Internet Marketing

If you are planning to launch an online business or you are already running one, it is crucial to appreciate the role of web design in the realization of your business goals. A recent HubSpot survey shows that 38% of website users will stop engaging with a web page if the content layout is unattractive. 39% of consumers have closed a web page due to poor loading speeds. All these factors lead to poor conversion and high bounce rates.

However attractive your website looks, it can only convert if users are able to find the content they are looking for easily. The aesthetics part is just one aspect of web design with functionality playing an even more important role. In summary, good web designs are beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Increasing customer conversion: An easy-to-navigate website inspires visitors to continue with the purchase journey.

  2. Reducing bounce rates: If a page layout is beautifully done and it easy to find required content, there will be no need to abandon the website.

  3. Improves customer loyalty: Customers love associating with websites that are reliable and from where they can find what they are looking for quickly. Increased uptime also improves user experience leading to improved brand loyalty.

  4. Increased market reach through responsive web design: More people want to access your website on smaller devices. Your website’s design should make it easier for them to do so.

  5. Building brand trust and awareness: To improve your brand’s positive image online, you have to provide a good user experience. This all starts with an impressive web design. It goes a long way in assuring users about the professionalism of your business.

  6. Reach deeper into your site: This is possible through easy navigation and usability. By making it easier to link from the homepage to the deeper pages, it is easier for users to learn even more about you while browsing.

  7. Better ranking on SERPs: Google loves good user experience and good web design achieves this. Search engine crawlers just like ordinary users will find it easier to find and index the pages of your website. This leads to higher ranking on SERPs.

If you are having problems with poor conversion, it is most likely that your web design is not fully optimized. You need to collaborate with a qualified web designer to rebuild the layout of your site.

Main Web Design Solutions

Now that you appreciate the importance of web design in your internet marketing campaigns, you need to identify a reliable website design company with whom to collaborate. These companies offer a versatile range of web design services that will unlock the potential of your online business.

These web design services include:

  • Ecommerce website development

  • Custom web development

  • Responsive website design

  • IT Business Analysis and Project Management

  • iPhone, iPadand Mobile Development

  • Web Design and Multimedia

  • CMS Development and Support

  • Website Audit

  • Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting

  • SEO solutions

  • UX website redesign

  • Social media design

  • Content management system (CMS) solutions

  • Web performance and analysis

  • Template design

  • Website maintenance and support

These companies are flexible and offer custom web design solutions that suit your unique business needs. If for instance you were running a dental clinic in Memphis, your web design would be different from a pizza delivery in the same city. For this reason a web design company will first evaluates your business needs before commencing on the project.

Using a professional web design company to audit and redesign your business website is the best decision you can ever make. It helps eliminate web design glitches such as broken links and duplicate content, simplify navigation, enhance brand consistency, provide helpful information, boost your websites visibility on SERPs, increase conversions and so much more. This is your hidden advantage that you could use to upset the competition.


What Does Hiring a Magento Development Company Mean For Your Business

If your business is not taking advantage of Magento ecommerce development yet, you are late to the party. In fact, you may be staring at the quick demise of your business. With over 51% of Americans now doing their shopping online, it is time your business started embracing emerging ecommerce technologies to gain a competitive edge. Magento ecommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform and it gives your business a head start in this highly competitive market. By partnering with a Magento Development Company you will join top ecommerce websites in the world. Over 31% of all ecommerce stores use this platform and they love it. In fact, among the top 1 million top ranking websites, 26% of them have used Magento which is proof enough of how powerful this platform is. If you are planning to build an ecommerce website or you want to enhance the performance of your current website, Magento ecommerce is the way to go.

Why Take Your Business Online?

That internet marketing is the future of commerce is not in doubt. Retail ecommerce sales are projected to shoot up to $4.058 trillion in 2020 which will make close to 15% of all retail sales. This is a clear indication that the traditional business model is going to face even more turbulence in the coming years.

The convenience that comes with online shopping is attracting more consumers. With localization finally a reality, shoppers can get better prices as there are no geographical limits to where they can shop. The idea of shopping online is just catching up and with more than 3.7 billion people now using the internet, you can bet ecommerce sales are going to increase.

To reposition your business, you need an ecommerce platform that can support all your business operations. This is exactly what Magento CMS is built for. In the highly competitive market, your website has to stand out through excellent design, uptime and the best user experience. Magento ecommerce development makes this a reality.

Leveraging Magento Ecommerce Development

While many businesses are already online, a survey by Google shows that only less than 50% are making any revenue. If you are serious about selling online, then you need the best ecommerce platform. You need a platform that unlocks your business potential.

Through its unlimited customization opportunities, Magento allows you to make your business stand out. Since 2008 when Magento was launched, it has evolved to become the ultimate ecommerce platform.

Some of the Magento ecommerce solutions that reliable ecommerce companies offer include:

  • Customized Responsive Design
  • Magento Audit
  • Managed services
  • Support and maintenance
  • Strategy and marketing
  • Magento SEO
  • Dynamic shopping cart
  • Magento extensions
  • Magento theme development
  • Magento migration
  • Magento module development
  • Magento experts for hire

To appreciate the reason about why you need these Magento ecommerce solution, consider the following advantages:

  1. SEO and Mobile Friendliness

Mobile is now at the core of online marketing and your ecommerce website must take this into consideration. Magento is mobile friendly meaning customers on smaller screens will easily browse your e-shop. The platform is adaptable to any screen and more importantly it is up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors.

  1. Features Galore

There is an amazing array of features available that allow easy product comparisons, multi store feature, advanced search and much more. These features allow you to provide an excellent user experience and are important for better ranking on SERPs, customer loyalty among other things.

  1. Flexibility/ Customization

You have flexible packages including ‘Magento Go’ and ‘Magento Enterprise’ to suit both small and large businesses. In addition, there are thousands of themes and templates allowing easy customization of your e-store.

  1. Fast Loading Store

Speed is a key factor of success in ecommerce. 39% of users abandon browsing experiences if a page is too slow. Magento was built with speed in mind and its fast loading web pages are a well-documented fact. There are lower HTTP requests on the platform which in turn speeds up loading.

  1. Multi-Website Options

Managing multiple stores has never been easier; Magento ecommerce allows you to do this from a single administrative panel. Each site can be set up with its own unique products catalogue. What’s more managing a website 24/7 is also easier with this capability.

Other advantages of Magento ecommerce include:

  • Availability of Google services (including Google Base, Google Analytics and Google Checkout),
  • Easier reporting and marketing tools (landing page tools for campaigns, , catalog promotional pricing, private sales, multi-tier pricing, bundled products and flexible coupons)
  • Secure and hassle free order management
  • Currency and language support
  • Custom integrations

By partnering with a reliable Magento Development Company, you will get these ecommerce solutions and more. Your Magento ecommerce website will give you a competitive edge, boost conversions, and improve user experience and boost ranking on SERPs.

Boost Your Business By Hiring a Magento Development Company

Business today has moved to the online platform and as an entrepreneur in the contemporary business environment you have to keep adapting to stay competitive. While being in the ecommerce business allows you to reach a broader target audience, you have to grapple with unique challenges, the biggest of these being an ever increasing competition. To stay ahead of the competition you need a robust ecommerce storefront with a strong underlying foundation. This is where the services of a Magento development company come in handy. Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms that gives your online business an edge over the competition. The Magento platform offers an array of capabilities and features that allow you to serve customers faster, productively and in a more efficient manner. Whatever your niche industry, Magento ecommerce development services, from a reputable company, will give you unmatched capabilities to boost your business.

Magento as the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

The growth of ecommerce today is unstoppable, with 1 in 4 online shoppers using online marketplaces to research and purchase products and services online. 90% of independent retailers are now selling through their online platforms while research shows 51% of Americans prefer shopping online. With more consumers shopping online, the competition among businesses is set to get more vicious.

Using Magento as your ecommerce platform gives you a competitive edge in your niche and helps boost conversion and sales rates. While there are many other ecommerce platforms to choose from, the platform set up by your Magento development company will offer unmatched benefits that include:

  1. Flexibility: There are different editions of Magento that suit your business needs. You can opt for Magento Go for a small business or Magento Enterprise for a medium size or larger business.

  2. Advances SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) forms the core of any online marketing strategy. Magento is built with SEO performance in mind making it a powerful tool for your company’s marketing efforts. This platform facilitates better optimization for your e-commerce site by solving issues such as duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages and indexing.

  3. Power and space: You can feature over half a million products on your Magento site and handle over 80,000 orders a day.

  4. Versatile content management: Magento makes customization easy through an intuitive, visual-based page editor to help build and customize deals on the fly.

  5. Mobile-friendly platform: Shopping carts on the platform are developed responsively making it easier for your mobile customers to use. With more customers shopping using their mobile devices, you will reach a wider target audience with this mobile-friendly ecommerce platform.

Other advantages of Magento development include easy 3rd party integration, custom security, built-in upsells and cross-sells, a large community of Magento users, easy shopping experience through Magento shopping cart development, reporting, marketing tools, and easy order management among others.

What a Magento Development Service Can Do for you

If you are running an online business today, Magento development services can boost your business performance in many ways. Some of the professional services offered by these developers are:

  • Magento website development: These experts develop your website from scratch and build your website on a platform that suits your niche.

  • Magento custom module development: It is important to customize your online storefront in order to build customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd. This is easy when a platform provides the developer with the flexibility to build custom modules for your storefront.

  • Shopping cart development: A shopping cart plays an important role in the purchase journey. A Magento developer will integrate your shopping cart and ensure the checkout process is smooth.

  • Magento performance optimization: These services increase the performance of your ecommerce site, increasing conversion rates and reduce bounce rates through faster page load speeds. Through speed optimization, it becomes easier to retain shoppers, and allows them to complete the purchase journey.

  • Responsive Magento website: The Magento platform offers a responsive comfort to use experience for all type of device users. By working on the site’s navigation, design, loading speed and clarity you will boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

  • Support and maintenance: The best Magento development service offers reliable support and maintenance. This reduces downtime and other technical hitches that would affect the user experience (UX).

Other services include Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, Magento migration, Magento theme development, improved search and navigation, integration of Google Maps, inventory and order management, Google Usage Statistics APIs, Integrated and optimized checkouts among others.

In the highly competitive online market, you need to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead of the pack. Using a qualified Magento development company helps create a highly optimized commercial platform in the web domain. This platform is a sure way to increase traffic to your website, lower bounce rates, increase conversion rates and will help you stand out from other businesses. Go ahead and find an established Magento development service provider to harness the power this renowned ecommerce platform provides.

The Advantage of a best eBay store design

Online marketing is one of the biggest practices in the market today. The number of people making sales online is continuously increasing over the years. Due to the economic downturn that took place a few years ago, buyers are turning from local physical stores along the street and purchasing from online sellers because the products they provide are quite affordable. The shift in the customer’s preference has enabled online merchants to increase their sales while providing products at low prices. How you construct your eBay store design will decide whether you will have an edge over the competition while getting customers.

However, since many sellers are providing customers with excellent offers, the competition for each sale is increasing continually. Nowadays, many people have an interest in online marketing without considering the priorities and interests of their target buyers. A smart seller needs to put themselves in the shoes of the purchaser so that they can understand the consumer need and find ways to address them.

Coming up with an instinctual eBay store design can be analytical for your business, but if not enhanced properly, it can have an adverse impact on customers. EBay is among the best online marketing options because it reaches millions of online customers. Therefore, having a customized eBay design for trading online is crucial to the success of your business. The methods you are going to use to promote your store and products will provide you with the much-needed difference that could change failure to success.

A good eBay store design will help you reach millions of customers conveniently. You can get an impactful front page for your store by choosing one from among that many templates that exist on eBay. You can use your logo, company brand, and different colors to stay distinct in the crowd and help you get more sales and profit.

If you are struggling to boost your sales and traffic, you can use the methods below to improve your store with much ease.

Setting up a robust social media marketing strategy

Once you have laid down the tenets of your online marketing plan, you can use channels that are available to promote your business. Whether your eBay store is small or big, the first ports you will have to call at are from popular social media sites, as they provide a rich base of more than one billion users from across the world. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can provide you with an unending market where you can sell your products and services. The large number of people you reach out to is not the primary factor, but the ease and speed with which your store’s identity is delivered to a vast number of customers provide a definite advantage. When one Facebook user likes your page, all his friends can see your page through the newsfeed. Your store will get exposure to new people on the list of your users. Your store can get maximum exposure within a short period without you needing to spend much.

Avoid using generic templates

Using generic templates means that you will be opting for an easy and already created store that could make you look less than professional. Instead of giving you an outstanding feature among other stores, you will remain in the same stack with the rest of the stores that use that template. You will also appear like a regular seller, selling items from home instead of a businessperson selling from their store or warehouse. Looking for and utilizing a customized template helps you stand apart from among other online stores. You will attract more customers and look professional as a seller.

Using a proficient design

Before you embark on exaggerated marketing platforms that promise to flock your store with clients, it is crucial to ensure that you accurately cover the basics that will differentiate you from the others in the market. You need to lay out a store that is concise, professional and clear to navigate. Make use of eye-catching colors and an easy to use customer friendly layout. The content on the store you set up needs to be free of grammatical errors and easy to navigate. It is important to ask your family members and friends to have a thorough look at the store to pick out mistakes, before going live. A proficient design will help ensure that you do not lose future customers through slovenly errors.

Benefits of a great eBay store design

Possessing a great eBay store design will help you beat your competitors when it comes to attracting new customers and closing sales. A well-crafted design will give your business a professional touch that is crucial to wining the confidence and trust of potential buyers. A robust design will boost your sales, help attract new customers and retain old ones, increase brand awareness, assist in escalating your revenues and sales, and contribute to building a long-term rapport with your clients. A great eBay design for your store will attract more customers.

Source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/internet-articles/web-development-articles/effectiveness-great-ebay-store-design-1586657.html

Killer Steps for Identifying a Web Design Company

You need to make a decision when your firm has to launch or revamp a new B2B site with the capacity to represent your services and products accurately. In rare cases, you might have a full-time knowledgeable web designer or an experienced web developer at your disposal. However, you will not have many options at your disposal and you will opt to hire a web design company that will carry out your daily activities of building an active website. You might not be having the time to manage all the processes and procedures involved in developing a custom site. Below are the steps you will require when making a decision of selecting the right company to build your website.

Managing expectations

First, it is necessary to note what you are aiming to achieve with your site. Take some time to put your goals and points into consideration and come up with ways that they will help you get success. You will have to decide if the site will work as a lead generator or an online brochure that showcases your capabilities and services. Even though your site can work in different capacities, it is crucial to narrow it down to a single primary objective for helping the developer to give it a basic design.

Know your budget and price range

Cost is usually the elephant in the room. It determines whether you will make or break the deal when hiring a web design company. You will get what you can afford when it comes to making a B2B website. When you aim at cutting costs with the goal of saving money, you will not reap a lot of money in the long run. Achieving the results desired in the first step will not be possible. Depending on your budget, you can get a site that has customization options that will meet your requirements. Understanding your budget will help in understanding the quality to expect to get from the development firm.

Additionally, after getting a quote from the developer, you need to understand all aspects included in the proposal. If a company comes with a small budget, be keen to see if they have included image purchases, revisions, coding changes, and copywriting. A robust development firm will state what they are offering at a particular price.

Timelines for completing the website

The world we live in today has due dates and deadlines. You need to give your website deadlines that are attainable and reasonable. If you want a website done within a short period, the chances are that you will not get the right quality. A design agency with experience can give a warm, professional, and custom website after sixteen weeks. A realistic timeline brings forth enough time for designs, developments, revisions, and copywriting. You need to set schedules that will showcase the right online face of your company.

Content is your primary concern

It is definite that you have personal reasons for coming up with a new website or you are revamping the current one. Initially, the aspects that will come to your mind are functionality and the looks of your site. These factors are important, but the most overlooked aspect is content. If your agency is tackling art before content, you have to know that you are in the wrong place and with wrong developers. A serious company will dig deep by asking relevant questions about your customers, industry, and business. If you do not get these kinds of questions, you need to run away because you are in the wrong hands. This is the most crucial step when choosing an agency. They need to generate content first, and then develop the housing that will hold the content.

Do they offer after launch maintenance?

When selecting a web design company that will build your new website, you need to be sure to question them on their plans after launching the site. You need to find out if they will offer post-launch maintenance and monitoring. A good agency has to keep a healthy relationship after launching your site. Depending on your involvement with publishing and maintenance of content, a good company will assist in generating reports that will ensure that your site is reaching the required goals. It is, therefore, crucial to invest your thoughts and time in the expectations and goals that the agency has to deliver. You need an agency that will ensure that you get a return on your investment after your period in focus.

Should I Hire a WordPress Development Company or a Freelancer?

WordPress provides you with an excellent platform to grow your business without incurring the costs of security, coding and other web management services. It allows you to set up an e-commerce shop or an online platform for your brand at a relatively low price.  However, you will need a WordPress Development Company or a freelancer to set up the platform initially and to help you build on the platform as your online business needs grow.

The options of hiring a developer or a freelancer are workable. They, however, depend on your preference and the outcomes you expect to have from your website. There are advantages of hiring a company over a freelancer but freelancers also come with some risks. You can take the wisest decision after you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Why hire a company over a freelancer?

A WordPress Development Company will have an established working culture. It will also have a physical address and a reputation to protect. This is a guarantee that you will get high quality work. The name of your brand could be damaged by poor communication, low quality work, hidden charges, etc. However, freelancers can change identity in a flash and are not bound by branding. This is a risky situation especially when you are facing low quality work and unfulfilled promises. You have no one to turn to.
Companies are regulated through licensing. This makes it easier for a client to seek reprisal in case of a misunderstanding. It is possible to take an entity like a company to court for failure to deliver expected work. This is not possible when you are dealing with a freelancer. No one regulates them and thus there is no place to seek redress.

A company has structures and a number of employees who can work on your project. This means that in case the current technician falls sick or is unable to complete the work, the company makes plan to get the work completed. It provides a guarantee that your work will still be completed even in the absence of an employee. The story is different when dealing with freelancers. Only one person works on your project. Should the person fall sick or is unable to complete the project, you have to start all over again. This leads to delays and may lead to loss of funds.

The possibility of losing money when dealing with freelancers is very high. They operate anonymously and there is no way you can verify their physical address or existence. This exposes your money to loss especially if you associate yourself with an unreliable freelancer. It is different when dealing with a company. You can verify their physical address as well as their registration details. This provides a safeguard whenever you are making payments or transactions.

Why hire a freelancer?
There are obvious advantages of hiring a freelancer instead of a WordPress Development Company. The first reason is expense. Freelancers offer their services at relatively lower prices when compared to companies. Companies base their charges on operating costs for the entire office, the fact that they have a name, etc. However, the cost a freelancer would charge you is not structured keeping minimal operating cost. This makes their charges cheaper.

Companies have protocols that have to you would need to follow before procuring their services. This is likely to slow down the acquisition of a WordPress platform. Furthermore, even when negotiating for a lower price, the procurement officer may have to consult with managers. This makes it a complex process that might not meet your specific expectations. With a freelancer, he makes all decisions and operates as though he is under your command. It is very easy to get the specific features without the bother of complex protocols. You maintain a single line of communication that does not depend on the decisions of third parties.

There are websites where freelancers can be put to account. You make payments to the websites yet deal with the developer directly. These are excellent sites to hire freelancers at a reduced price. You will get excellent skills at a fraction of the price you pay to a company. The performance of these freelancers is put in check through milestones, deadlines and ratings. This protects you from poor quality work or losing your money.

Hiring a WordPress Development Company remains the best option for any serious e-commerce business. You have a guarantee of quality and delivery on time. You are also sure that you are dealing with reliable professionals. It is easier to address disagreements with a company as compared to with a freelancer.

How to Find Magento Development Company for Your Project

The number of Magento ecommerce platform users is growing by the day. This is increasing the need for professional services. Though magento is a template where merchants with little or no IT experience can set up shop, working with a specialist gives you the edge over your competition. It makes your ecommerce store more professional and improves customer experience. Since not everyone who claims to be a professional will deliver quality, how do you choose a magento development company?

You need to begin with identifying the services you want handled by the company. This helps you identify a service provider that has the capacity and experience needed to deliver to your expectations. Do you need a company to manage your ecommerce site? Is your target to migrate the current content and enhance your customer experience? Are you looking at integrating several plugins to enhance your ecommerce business? All these require a different level of expertise. However, with this understanding, it is easier to identify the perfect service provider.

  • Look For Experience

There are many companies, individuals and freelancers claiming proficiency in Magento but do not understand the features offered by the platform. Though the company sets up the platform under your name, you will be unable to fully utilize it for your business to grow. With an experienced Magento development company, they understand the features that suit your business model and will incorporate them. This will guarantee the most excellent user experience every time someone lands on your site.

  • Expertise

Expertise means knowledge of Magento. Hire a company that has shown that it can deliver a quality site. All the companies you approach will claim to offer the best services. However, you can verify this by asking for references. Ask the company to provide you with the link and contacts of an ecommerce store that they set up. Check how well it is designed and developed. If you are impressed by the results you get, you are likely to get equally quality services.

  • Check Reviews

Reviews capture feedback from clients who enjoyed or tried services offered by a particular company. Most of them are unsolicited and therefore represent the genuine response of a client after receiving services. Check what previous clients say about a particular company. Important elements to check in reviews include

    • Customer service- how well does the company communicate before getting the contract, during development and after handing over the platform?

    • Professionalism- did the company deliver the quality a client wanted? Did it engage the client openly without dubious or hidden charges? Did it offer a formal contract?

    • Pricing- was the company open about its pricing and did it stick to the estimates given? What payment options where available to clients?

It should be clear that not all reviews are to be believed. Check whether the client has control over the platform where these reviews are contained. Avoid reviews that are subject to manipulation by the client.

  • Get More Estimates

Some merchants search for developers in a hurry. They are therefore likely to settle for the first developer they come across. The best way to hire a developer is to evaluate several estimates or quotations given. Demand an itemized quotation to enable you know what you are paying for. Compare the prices on different elements before settling on one developer. Go for a developer who offers excellent value for money.

The budget is a crucial consideration when choosing magento development company. However, it must never be allowed to overshadow the need for quality. The development process is an on going long term project. Look at a company that offers continued support at the most affordable rate.