Why Settle For Magento Ecommerce Development For Your Business?

Magento eCommerce Development platform is one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms for online businesses. It remains the platform of choice for over 25% of online businesses, making it top ranking among premium platforms. It hosts over 200,000 online enterprises and continues to grow its numbers. But why is everyone rushing to Magento for eCommerce needs?

•    It is an Open Source Platform

An open source platform means that developers offer the codes for free. You do not need to hire a new developer every time you are setting up an online store. The developers continually improve, maintain and manage the platform on your behalf. They also ensure that it meets the highest standards of security required in the market. This saves you the time and resources required in setting up a store or transitioning from one brand to the other. Since Magento eCommerce Development has already taken care of the basics of online store setup, you can concentrate on making your brand more attractive.

•    A Single Install for Multi-Sites

Do you want to run multiple stores of different or related products? It will be hectic to use different platforms for each product or store. Magento allows you to use a single site for all these products. The products or sites are differentiated seamlessly such that you can use different currencies and keep stock of activities on all sites in a synchronized manner. This means that you do not build or maintain four different codebases.

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Top Tips to make your Holiday Marketing Campaigns Rock!


As an online retailer or eCommerce store owner, your holiday marketing plans and strategies should include some critical items that are well-explained in this checklist.

The 2016 holiday marketing season is right around the corner and things are all set to heat up from next month on-wards. Do you have your eCommerce marketing plans ready? Here’s a smart checklist to help you promote your eCommerce retail business during and before the holiday season begins. Need a Free Consultation – Click here

Set Proactive Holiday Goals
Compared to the 2015 holiday eCommerce sales in the United States, 2016 is all set to notch a 13 percent increase in the eCommerce sales figures. As per holiday marketing forecasts, whopping $90 billions of dollars worth of sales are in the offing for online retailers looking towards smart opportunities of making their presence felt online. If you happen to be one of the many online retailers waiting to make a kill online, then at the very outset, you have to figure out what this opportunity means for your line of business. What are the expectations that you have from your ongoing and future eCommerce transactions? What is the kind of profit that you are looking towards generating in the upcoming holiday season?

All that you need to do is estimate the current performance of your eCommerce business and set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals. With the right goals and deadlines in place, you will be able to analyze if your eCommerce holiday marketing plans have actually worked or not. So, to define your holiday eCommerce success right away, you need to set your goals before you go ahead with anything else.

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Improve your sales with an E-commerce Website Design

Are you looking for a perfect web-designing agency that can provide an attractive look to your website? Well, the good as well as bad news is that there are tons of agencies providing e-commerce website design services worldwide. The good thing about this is that you have plenty of options; while the bad thing is that, their abundance is enough to confuse you. You need an experienced ecommerce website design company that can produce the best results for you in terms of sales. However, the question – ‘how can I find that one agency that promises to satisfy all my demands, and at the same time serve me with cost effective and efficient results’ is not that easily answered.

Let us point out certain characteristics that you need to search for while considering an agency for designing your e-commerce website.

1. Navigation has to be easy

Navigation is perhaps the most essential aspect of your store’s design. It is important to have easy navigation options on your website to offering a hassle free shopping experience to existing and new customers. Poor navigation modes might cause visitors to abandonment your store complete. So, what does the term “easy navigation” actually mean? The central idea behind an easy navigation is to lead a customer through a clear and concise path starting from the home page through shopping till completing the checkout of their order. Clear categorization of products, along with sub categories indicating lines like brands, sizes and prices, are all that customers expect while shopping online at any store. Strive to give all this and a little more to your customers via a smart e-commerce website design.

2. Verify compatibility

Checking the compatibility of the design of your ecommerce site with every device and with different screen sizes, is essential. In recent times, one can clearly notice an increase in the number of online shoppers who prefer to shop using their mobiles. Therefore, it is very important to have a design that takes efficiently adjusts to the screen sizes of the devices that shoppers use. The technology of “responsive design” allows for web designs that can scale up or down (automatically) to match the size of different mobile screens. You must check out if the agency your plan to work with, can provide a solution that takes advantage of this before finalizing the deal.

3. Faster loading

It is an amusing fact that almost 40% of customers shopping online would discard a website if the pages take more than 3 seconds to display. It would hardly matter to them if the looks of your online store were simply attractive. The slow pace of loading pages on your website would cost you a high bounce rate and result in a low rate of conversion. Hence, strive to invest in an e-commerce website design that is able to load itself fully within 3 seconds. Otherwise, you may end up with high bounces and exits from your website.

4. Check out the beauty of images

Have you ever felt that the images that fill your screen are so attractive that you find yourself visiting their website repeatedly? In other words, these attractive images are more than enough to initiate a call to action on your part, and in turn, on the part of other visitors. Yes, high-resolution images, accompanied by a call to action, serve the purpose of attracting customers like no other. Thus, look out for this feature whenever your selected agency presents their benchmarked e-commerce website designs to you.

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Tips to hire the best eCommerce website development company

In this web world, the craze of smart phone, internet and online shopping is increasing each day. Number of people buying products online is amplifying, which is exactly why people are getting inclined towards eCommerce business and willing to run online store. If you are one of them, you should know that competition is fierce and you can’t afford even a small mistake. Doing this right from beginning will ensure success. The first step towards it is to get a perfect online shopping website; of course you need to get it done by the professionals. Hire a web development company that offers world-class eCommerce web solutions.

To be honest, there are a lot of eCommerce web solutions providers and choosing the right one is extremely important for your business. The success or failure of your business depends upon the company you choose. To be honest, it is not an easy job to find the right company. However, there are a few points that you must keep in mind to hire the best eCommerce development company.

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SEO & Ecommerce: Dawn of New Reality

Ecommerce is a fiercely competitive place dominated by big giants. You can learn a great deal from big competitors especially if you are under the process of optimizing your website. Think about it what’s the point behind having a cutting-edge ecommerce website if your site does not appear on Google’s search results. How will your prospective users know that your store exists?

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Easy Ways Of Financing Your E-Commerce Business

It has dependably been a test for little organizations to get financing. Circumstances exacerbated when banks tightened their loaning criteria five years prior. Most banks give just to organizations with a built working history. In the event that you are simply beginning up an ecommerce business, or, in the event that you discover conventional advance terms excessively stringent, there are different choices.

In this article, we list top approaches to raise cash for your ecommerce business.

ecommerce website development

Individual Savings
Individual savings are required for custom website design, store management and delivery. Otherwise called bootstrapping, this functions admirably when you are getting low returns for your cash and the expense of borrowing is high. You can take cash from your 401(k) however withdrawals before age 59½ are liable to punishments that can be soak. It is not right to completely unfill your retirement or stormy day reserve.

The points of interest of utilizing individual investment funds are:
•no immoderate and muddled applications;
• no enthusiasm to pay;
•ownership of your business is not weakened.
Loved ones

Loved ones may make an investment free credit or they may request premium. While these people can be more pardoning than a bank on the off chance that you can’t pay on time, your association with loved ones may get to be strained in the event that you can’t in the long run pay them back. They might likewise begin offering exhortation in the matter of how to run your business after developing custom website design.


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Credit cards
This is one of the simpler approaches to get to subsidizes, particularly in the event that you have a few cards. The drawback is that if the premium rates are high and your business money stream just permits you to make the base installments, you will be paying off the cards for quite a while at a high cost.

Shared Loan
Online systems, for example, Lending Club and Prosper permit people to make unsecured credits to different people requiring custom website designs. Giving Club encourages business credits of up to $100,000 at rates beginning at 5.9 percent with one to five year payback periods. Start charges apply and investment rates can run up to 29.9 percent for more hazardous wanders.

Loaning Club encourages business credits of up to $100,000 at rates beginning at 5.9 percent with one to five year payback periods.

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Home Equity Loan
Consider this just in the event that you are a property holder with more than 50 percent of your home’s estimation as value (the credit extraordinary is short of what a large portion of the business estimation of the house). In the event that it is and you have a decent FICO assessment, you could get a credit at an appealing investment rate with your home as security. As of now rates range from four to ten percent.

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Conventional Bank Loan
These are hard to secure nowadays. Banks for the most part accuse expenses along of premium and oblige security. Credits are normally one to five years with investment rates going from six to nine percent.

Organizations with a track record might likewise be qualified for a business line of credit, which offers more adaptability as you can obtain against it, pay back, and get all the more up as far as possible.


Tactics To Reduce Last Minute Purchase Abandonment

Online retail is becoming a massive business is something that all of us know. Many of you who are into custom web development and android apps development must be aware of the common problems faced in this business and also the know-how to rectify the same. All said and done, are you aware of the neglected and seemingly small problems that might actually turn out to be one of the biggest hindrances in the growth of your business? One of such major problems that we overlook is when a customer abandons the ‘cart’ at the last minute. Why did he/she do so? Despite choosing the product they like and also reaching to ‘almost’ buying it, why did they back out? Moreover, how should you minimize this problem? Here is how.

1.    Reminders via emails and ads
If the prospect who abandoned the purchase halfway does not return within 12 to 24 hours, you need to get into action. You can rely on email reminders with attractive words to lure them back. You can also you can give discount coupons as a good will gesture and you will surely win them back! Pop up ads work well immediately after the prospect has left your site. This might change his/her mind for good.


2.    Mention every extra cost at the very beginning
This is very important. If you are getting a customer by excluding taxes, shipping charges and everything in the beginning of his purchase, you will lose him at the end when he sees the shocking final amount with all extra charges added to the price he agreed to initially. Be very transparent about all charges the customer needs to bear at the very beginning and avoid this problem altogether.

3.    Make sure you are mobile optimized
Mobile sales are increasing by the day. Nowadays hardly anybody has the time to sit down and make purchases online. We are all on the go most times and mobile commerce is the best option for the world of today and tomorrow. The design is something to focus on. Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development companies will agree to the fact that a sloppy design on the mobile can be a big reason to lose your audience.

4.    Make the checkout process easy
Do you personally like a long queue at the supermarket? No! Then why put your prospect in the same position when you have an option not to. Don’t make your checkout process too lengthy. This is one of the major reasons a customer leaves your site during checkout. He loves your product and your prices but if you frustrate the inner beast in him, he will lose patience and move on. Do him and yourself a favor by cutting the long process short and making him stay.

These are some of the most important tactics you need to learn in order to convert the last moment absconding clients into long term happy repeating clients. People into Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development need to understand the dynamics of both web and mobile ecommerce and apply these tactics accordingly. If you can’t study your own target audience, you will fail in creating a successful online business. Last minute disaster control is in your hands.