How To Optimally Use Internet Marketing Services To Jump-start Your Business

It is an irrefutable fact that the internet has revolutionized the world of business. There are many good reasons that support the fact that internet marketing is the future of commerce. Ecommerce is growing by about 23% year-over-year; with worldwide retail ecommerce sales slated to reach $1.915 Trillion by the end of 2017. As more businesses go online, the competition on the platform is getting stiffer and demands the use of better strategy to outsmart the competition in your niche. If your business is already online, you have to revamp your strategy by integrating the best internet marketing services into your marketing plan. To stay ahead of the pack, you would need to collaborate with an experienced internet marketing firm, to bring your marketing campaign to life.

Why Invest in Internet Marketing?

About two decades ago, most large brands were skeptic about the idea that internet marketing would amount to anything. Smaller brands that had nothing to lose took the challenge and many are now thriving. Along the way, many of the rigid established brands were forced to close shop on the backdrop of an unrelenting onslaught by online stores.

Internet marketing is revolutionizing the world of business because it aligns perfectly with the preferences of the contemporary consumer. More consumers are shopping online every day. As a business owner, you have to adapt your business model to these changes.

There are many other reasons to invest in internet marketing. These include:

  1. Broader market reach: You have the whole world to market to irrespective of the size of your business.

  2. Cost-effectiveness: Marketing your brand is less costly on the internet platform. There are no recurring costs of property rental and maintenance. You also do not need to stock inventory in your store. This cuts down on operational costs.
  3. Business management on the go: You have full management of your business even when on the go and this leads to more productivity. You can complete orders even while you are away from office, increasing sales.
  4. Leveraging analytics: It is easy to track the performance of your business and use the insight from your survey to make decisions on the fly. This boosts your performance of your business.
  5. Targeted marketing: Based on customer insight from advanced analytics, you can now target specific audiences to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Internet marketing levels the playing field for all types of businesses. It is no surprise then that smaller brands that use systems that are more efficient are enjoying more success online. From fashion stores, car dealerships, pizza delivery, online health service providers to contractor services, it is now possible for any business to go online and claim a piece of the market pie. Size no longer matters; your company’s creativity is what determines your success on the internet marketplace.

Diverse Range of Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the outstanding benefits associated with internet marketing is the diversity of strategies you can apply. Among the strategies you should apply in your business, include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are the major drivers of web traffic to websites. For your online business to succeed, you have to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) for keywords that your target audience would use to search for the products or services you offer. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral internet marketing strategy and ranks among the most effective techniques. Different approaches are used to boost ranking on SERPs. These include link building, social media marketing, guest blogging and directory submissions to mention a few.

  1. Email Marketing

Email provides the best ROI among most digital marketing techniques. Email usage is expected to hit 3 billion by 2020. More consumers are interested in receiving emails from companies with whom they do business. This highlights the relevance of this as a marketing technique.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

This internet marketing solution is highly effective albeit highly misunderstood. This marketing technique is used to turn passive viewers into prospects and eventually into buyers. It is a good example of targeted marketing where ads are sent to internet users who are most likely to click. Your internet marketing company will work closely with your team to develop ads, keywords and other aspects of PPC campaigns.

  1. Video Marketing

Video is the future of internet marketing and is one of the most effective techniques your business should use. Almost 50% of consumers look for product videos before making a purchase. Visual online traffic is expected to make up to 80% of all web traffic by 2018, highlighting how effective this technique can be for your marketing strategy.

Your internet marketing company would offer other online techniques you. These include referral marketing, affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, blogging, content marketing, location based marketing and user experience branding (UxB).

With so many digital marketing techniques available, you need to work closely with an internet marketing services provider. The company you hire will work closely with your team to develop a custom-marketing campaign that integrates techniques suitable for your niche. When well executed, these techniques will boost sales and conversion rates, improve SERPs ranking, boost brand trust, increase customer retention and lower bounce rates.


Can an Internet Marketing Agency help you increase Sales In-store?

Online sales are more achievable if you are a retailer as they allow you to cast your net in broad areas. However, you need to understand that in-store sales have the likelihood of driving more sales when your focus is increasing revenue by up selling. Do you know how to use your presence on the internet to increase sales?

According to research carried out by internet marketing agencies, more than eighty-one percent of buyers in the United States research products and services online before making the decision to buy. In addition to this finding, the report also says that half of the individuals who perform local searches will one day visit the shop.

Some businesses require you to stay on top of modest digital marketing tactics to attract and retain customers. From blogging to posting on social media and employing SEO, possessing a strong presence on online platforms yields more results for your business, than when you invest in off-line marketing and traditional word of mouth only.

Apart from providing additional destinations where you can sell your products, an internet marketing agency can ensure that your online presence acts as a platform where your customers can access free value that competitors do not offer. You can use this advantage to encourage existing customers to come back for more by encouraging repeat purchase behavior. By doing this, you are advocating for and growing your brand as well as the list of loyal customers.

Irrespective of the commodities you sell, there are basic principles you need to follow when you embark on the journey of boosting sales for your store. You need to drive traffic to your site and convert your users. You also need to entice your email subscribers by encouraging them to come to your physical shop at least once so that they see for themselves that the commodities you sell online are available at your store as well.

How do you get subscribers to your email list?

Once the content you are sharing on the website undergoes optimization, it is time to convert readers into email subscribers. You need to ensure that a prominent call to action is available on your site. It is also crucial to place these calls to action within your blogs so that you can maximize your opportunities to convert customers into subscribers.

If products drive your business, create incentives for your online readers or give an in-store discount when they subscribe to emails. You need to employ the services of cheap or free tools like optinmonster and Sumo’s list builder to generate visually appealing displays, exit-intent pop ups, email opt-in forms, and much more to increase your conversion rate.

If your company is in the service industry, you need to consider giving out a free downloadable template that your customers could edit by themselves, or offer an authoritative book, and complimentary consultation over the phone in exchange for joining your mailing list.

You can also consider providing enormous upfront value to your customers in a unique way that no other business does. Doing this would help you position yourself in the right place for building excellent relations with your readers and converting them to customers.

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Before increasing online sales, or converting your site into a traffic storefront, you should create a site that is healthy, and that provides active content; this encourages people to do business with you. For many upcoming companies, it involves keeping your existing online community updated, and educating customers with a blog where you publish quality content on a regular basis. In case you need inspiration looking for topics to write on for your blog, you should do in-depth research on your services and products to engage your audience. You may require the services of a good internet marketing agency to help you with this.

Before you start publishing content, it is good if you do an in-depth search to ensure that your content is friendly to search engines, so that you can rank at the top on search result pages. The basic way to rank on Google is to make sure that your site has authority in your field of interest. You would need to post a massive roundup off posts about the highlights of your company and provide unbiased reviews of all your competitors in the same industry. Make sure that your name leads the list by providing your review and location in place of becoming overly promotional.

You need to contract an internet marketing agency that can help you find the right audience on the right social media channels. Such agencies can advise you on when to write sponsored posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. In the event your focus is on direct customers and not companies, it is advisable to grow your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter audience. You can easily access the right demographics when you convert audience from social sites into visitors to your website.

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