Boost Your Business By Hiring a Magento Development Company

Business today has moved to the online platform and as an entrepreneur in the contemporary business environment you have to keep adapting to stay competitive. While being in the ecommerce business allows you to reach a broader target audience, you have to grapple with unique challenges, the biggest of these being an ever increasing competition. To stay ahead of the competition you need a robust ecommerce storefront with a strong underlying foundation. This is where the services of a Magento development company come in handy. Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms that gives your online business an edge over the competition. The Magento platform offers an array of capabilities and features that allow you to serve customers faster, productively and in a more efficient manner. Whatever your niche industry, Magento ecommerce development services, from a reputable company, will give you unmatched capabilities to boost your business.

Magento as the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

The growth of ecommerce today is unstoppable, with 1 in 4 online shoppers using online marketplaces to research and purchase products and services online. 90% of independent retailers are now selling through their online platforms while research shows 51% of Americans prefer shopping online. With more consumers shopping online, the competition among businesses is set to get more vicious.

Using Magento as your ecommerce platform gives you a competitive edge in your niche and helps boost conversion and sales rates. While there are many other ecommerce platforms to choose from, the platform set up by your Magento development company will offer unmatched benefits that include:

  1. Flexibility: There are different editions of Magento that suit your business needs. You can opt for Magento Go for a small business or Magento Enterprise for a medium size or larger business.

  2. Advances SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) forms the core of any online marketing strategy. Magento is built with SEO performance in mind making it a powerful tool for your company’s marketing efforts. This platform facilitates better optimization for your e-commerce site by solving issues such as duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages and indexing.

  3. Power and space: You can feature over half a million products on your Magento site and handle over 80,000 orders a day.

  4. Versatile content management: Magento makes customization easy through an intuitive, visual-based page editor to help build and customize deals on the fly.

  5. Mobile-friendly platform: Shopping carts on the platform are developed responsively making it easier for your mobile customers to use. With more customers shopping using their mobile devices, you will reach a wider target audience with this mobile-friendly ecommerce platform.

Other advantages of Magento development include easy 3rd party integration, custom security, built-in upsells and cross-sells, a large community of Magento users, easy shopping experience through Magento shopping cart development, reporting, marketing tools, and easy order management among others.

What a Magento Development Service Can Do for you

If you are running an online business today, Magento development services can boost your business performance in many ways. Some of the professional services offered by these developers are:

  • Magento website development: These experts develop your website from scratch and build your website on a platform that suits your niche.

  • Magento custom module development: It is important to customize your online storefront in order to build customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd. This is easy when a platform provides the developer with the flexibility to build custom modules for your storefront.

  • Shopping cart development: A shopping cart plays an important role in the purchase journey. A Magento developer will integrate your shopping cart and ensure the checkout process is smooth.

  • Magento performance optimization: These services increase the performance of your ecommerce site, increasing conversion rates and reduce bounce rates through faster page load speeds. Through speed optimization, it becomes easier to retain shoppers, and allows them to complete the purchase journey.

  • Responsive Magento website: The Magento platform offers a responsive comfort to use experience for all type of device users. By working on the site’s navigation, design, loading speed and clarity you will boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

  • Support and maintenance: The best Magento development service offers reliable support and maintenance. This reduces downtime and other technical hitches that would affect the user experience (UX).

Other services include Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, Magento migration, Magento theme development, improved search and navigation, integration of Google Maps, inventory and order management, Google Usage Statistics APIs, Integrated and optimized checkouts among others.

In the highly competitive online market, you need to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead of the pack. Using a qualified Magento development company helps create a highly optimized commercial platform in the web domain. This platform is a sure way to increase traffic to your website, lower bounce rates, increase conversion rates and will help you stand out from other businesses. Go ahead and find an established Magento development service provider to harness the power this renowned ecommerce platform provides.


How to Find Magento Development Company for Your Project

The number of Magento ecommerce platform users is growing by the day. This is increasing the need for professional services. Though magento is a template where merchants with little or no IT experience can set up shop, working with a specialist gives you the edge over your competition. It makes your ecommerce store more professional and improves customer experience. Since not everyone who claims to be a professional will deliver quality, how do you choose a magento development company?

You need to begin with identifying the services you want handled by the company. This helps you identify a service provider that has the capacity and experience needed to deliver to your expectations. Do you need a company to manage your ecommerce site? Is your target to migrate the current content and enhance your customer experience? Are you looking at integrating several plugins to enhance your ecommerce business? All these require a different level of expertise. However, with this understanding, it is easier to identify the perfect service provider.

  • Look For Experience

There are many companies, individuals and freelancers claiming proficiency in Magento but do not understand the features offered by the platform. Though the company sets up the platform under your name, you will be unable to fully utilize it for your business to grow. With an experienced Magento development company, they understand the features that suit your business model and will incorporate them. This will guarantee the most excellent user experience every time someone lands on your site.

  • Expertise

Expertise means knowledge of Magento. Hire a company that has shown that it can deliver a quality site. All the companies you approach will claim to offer the best services. However, you can verify this by asking for references. Ask the company to provide you with the link and contacts of an ecommerce store that they set up. Check how well it is designed and developed. If you are impressed by the results you get, you are likely to get equally quality services.

  • Check Reviews

Reviews capture feedback from clients who enjoyed or tried services offered by a particular company. Most of them are unsolicited and therefore represent the genuine response of a client after receiving services. Check what previous clients say about a particular company. Important elements to check in reviews include

    • Customer service- how well does the company communicate before getting the contract, during development and after handing over the platform?

    • Professionalism- did the company deliver the quality a client wanted? Did it engage the client openly without dubious or hidden charges? Did it offer a formal contract?

    • Pricing- was the company open about its pricing and did it stick to the estimates given? What payment options where available to clients?

It should be clear that not all reviews are to be believed. Check whether the client has control over the platform where these reviews are contained. Avoid reviews that are subject to manipulation by the client.

  • Get More Estimates

Some merchants search for developers in a hurry. They are therefore likely to settle for the first developer they come across. The best way to hire a developer is to evaluate several estimates or quotations given. Demand an itemized quotation to enable you know what you are paying for. Compare the prices on different elements before settling on one developer. Go for a developer who offers excellent value for money.

The budget is a crucial consideration when choosing magento development company. However, it must never be allowed to overshadow the need for quality. The development process is an on going long term project. Look at a company that offers continued support at the most affordable rate.


Why Magento is Good for your Ecommerce Business

The problem most businesses face today – is the way the online business sector does not grow, it just keeps exploding. Someone else is most probably thinking about or already using that unique idea you have for your business. As such, the best way forward is to make sure that your business stands out. You can only accomplish this by offering a superior service, via a superb website, using the best eCommerce platform. Now the question is, which eCommerce platform reigns? There are many platforms you can go for, however you should check out for a Magento development company and find out more about Magento.

But why? Well, it is all about having a platform that allows you to deliver on all platforms and still keep things manageable and straightforward. These are vital to the success of any online business. This does not mean that any other platform cannot get you ahead, but Magento brings out some features that you cannot afford to overlook. Here are some unique features that enable Magento to stand out in the ecommerce game:

It is flexible

The size, budget or requirements of your business do not really matter. Magento is so flexible that it can suit any business. You could choose to extend both the back and front-end features as frequently as you desire. This makes the platform incredibly flexible and customizable. A good Magento Development Company has solutions for you; solutions that suit your needs, so you do not have to work with a site that controls how you work.

It has plenty of features

Every website today is designed keeping the client’s needs in mind. It should not only enable them to surf at their own pace but also provide an enjoyable experience. Clients should not feel lost, put off or confused along the way. Magento has all this covered. They have several features that make websites perfect, giving the customer the best experience ever. Don’t just take our word for it; look at these examples:

  • Filters – if you have a site with thousands or hundreds of products to show, you need to provide proper filters that the customer can use to filter through products on your website, instead of leaving them with no other choice but to wade through pages or unnecessary items. Filters simplify the process or locating products by allowing the customer to search by size, color, price, material, etc. Customers end up getting what they need quickly without having to waste time scrolling.

  • Related products – it’s always good to get a bit of guidance when shopping. Whether it is shopping for a wedding dress or what to take for dinner, related products make it so much easier to reach a decision.

  • Wishlists – we all like to window shop from time to time. Thanks to Wishlists, we can window shop online and save for future purchases with ease.

It is built for SEO

You know how important it is for your website to be SEO friendly. However, the benefits of good SEO come with time. To achieve good SEO, you have to optimize every page. However, with Magento you are safe. Their source code has features built right in, that saves you the hassle and time while ensuring that your website in search engine friendly.

It is easy to manage

Irrespective of the number of online stores you have, Magento helps you operate all of them easily. You get to manage everything from one admin panel. All customers and sales are stored on one database, meaning save a lot of time you would have otherwise spent managing sales or placing orders.

Most massive brands use it

Magento is a perfect choice for both small and large businesses. Top brands such as Nike, Rosetta Stone, Paul Smith, and Mothercare use Magento to sell products online. They can’t be doing something wrong. Can they?

No restrictions when it comes to hosting services

Another feature unique to Magento is the total freedom to opt for any hosting service that suits your needs, or the needs of the business owner. Most ecommerce sites are bound to certain hosting services hence limiting their freedom of choice.

It is fast

Most web users today like websites that can load in less than two seconds. If it takes longer, they move on to the next site – straight to your competitor. However, this is not an issue with Magento. It can load seamlessly and quickly, making even the most impatient of customers happy.

In conclusion, we can all agree that finding a good Magento Development Company can provide everything you need for your eCommerce site. You and your clients can now be happy because of how helpful and easy it is to use. Each glossy design is tailor made to enable you to provide your customers with the best experience you could offer.

Why Settle For Magento Ecommerce Development For Your Business?

Magento eCommerce Development platform is one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms for online businesses. It remains the platform of choice for over 25% of online businesses, making it top ranking among premium platforms. It hosts over 200,000 online enterprises and continues to grow its numbers. But why is everyone rushing to Magento for eCommerce needs?

•    It is an Open Source Platform

An open source platform means that developers offer the codes for free. You do not need to hire a new developer every time you are setting up an online store. The developers continually improve, maintain and manage the platform on your behalf. They also ensure that it meets the highest standards of security required in the market. This saves you the time and resources required in setting up a store or transitioning from one brand to the other. Since Magento eCommerce Development has already taken care of the basics of online store setup, you can concentrate on making your brand more attractive.

•    A Single Install for Multi-Sites

Do you want to run multiple stores of different or related products? It will be hectic to use different platforms for each product or store. Magento allows you to use a single site for all these products. The products or sites are differentiated seamlessly such that you can use different currencies and keep stock of activities on all sites in a synchronized manner. This means that you do not build or maintain four different codebases.