A Guide For Engaging an SEO Company New York to Grow your Business

Running a successful online business today calls for both innovation and creativity. The internet marketplace is viciously competitive and to stay ahead of the competition you have to start thinking out of the box. Today, you need more than a beautiful website to compete online because virtually every other company has their own. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

A well designed SEO campaign managed by a top SEO Company New York can boost your brand’s visibility on search engine result pages. The place of SEO in modern business marketing cannot be overemphasized because most of your target customers are using search engines to research products and services before making a purchase online. By using an established SEO service you will leverage the best practices used in the industry to give your website an edge over the competition when ranking on search engine results pages.

The Place of Search in Online Marketing

To appreciate the importance of search in internet marketing, consider that over 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. If your website has a huge presence on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a ranking keyword, then you target customers will find it easier to find your website. The fact that 75% of internet users don’t scroll beyond the 1st page of SERPs highlights the need to optimize your website for search.

Working with a top rated SEO agency boosts your site’s ranking on SERPs which in turn leads to higher conversion rates. Search still remains among the major drivers of website traffic and is a good reason to invest in the services of the best SEO Company New York. A high ranking website attracts relevant traffic which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate. Internet users also regard businesses that rank high on SERPs to be more credible. With so many unscrupulous entities competing for the same space, you have to stand out and give confidence to your target audience by ranking higher on search result pages for a target keyword.

Services Offered by an SEO Company

An SEO company offers a plethora of services, all aimed to boost your business. When the techniques these companies use, are deployed together, you can expect better results from your SEO campaign. These services include:

  • Technical SEO audit: An important step in every successful SEO campaign. An SEO audit helps identify weaknesses – including broken and missing links, duplicate content, missing information, slow loading speeds among others. The findings from this audit will form the foundation of the SEO plan.
  • Keyword research: This is a crucial step in search engine optimization. Intense keyword research guides the rest of the SEO campaign. Your SEO team will use all available tools to identify the best keywords to rank for. Many SEO campaigns fail because the keywords they are targeting are not useful. This reason for failure only helps underline the need to invest resources towards identifying the right keywords.
  • Social media marketing: From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to WhatsApp there are millions of users on these platforms. An SEO agency knows the different techniques to use for every social media platform. Well planned social media strategies help boost traffic, build brand authority and increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Website development/design: A range of services are offered including responsive web design (RWD), mobile development, website maintenance and support, web performance analysis and ecommerce solution development among others.
  • On-page SEO: Different factors are considered including what titles to use for each page, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, keyword density, internal linking, URL structures and image optimization among others.
  • Content marketing: Content is king and an SEO agency will work with your team to develop high quality content for better ranking on SERPs and to attract relevant traffic to your website.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Every successful SEO campaign requires ongoing evaluation. The fact that the SEO industry is volatile necessitates rapid changes to any ongoing strategy when need be. A reliable SEO agency will deploy real-time monitoring for the ongoing campaign, including checking any changes in ranking. These reports are available for your assessment as a business owner.

Besides those discussed above, an SEO agency will offer many more solutions including tailored SEO, local SEO, online reputation management, graphics designing among others. Partnering with an established SEO Company New York allows you to focus on your core business as your website benefits from the latest SEO technologies. These companies have a broad range of skills and the resources necessary to run an SEO campaign for any type of business. What’s more, you are sure they will only use white hat SEO techniques in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines.


10 questions to ask when hiring professional SEO company New York

Businesses that sell online complete to make their websites the most visible. Failing to appear at the top of the first page of search engine result pages when potential clients search for products or services related to those you sell, means that they never know you exist. Your online presence will be oblivious. However, ranking at the top is neither an automatic process nor an easy one. You will need to engage an experienced and professional SEO company.

You may wonder why you need an SEO expert. There are several benefits of hiring a professional SEO company New York. The benefits include enhancing the user experience on your site, making your site easy to find by search spiders and to run your online campaigns, among others. All these activities make your online presence worthwhile. They also increase visibility and interaction with potential customers boosting your chances of making a sale.

When looking for an SEO professional, never fall for marketing gimmicks and jargons. You should ask the following questions when vetting any professional SEO company New York.

1.       Does the company you plan to hire have references – Both past and present clients who have enjoyed the services you are procuring can provide references for the company from who you plan to hire services. Request for their links and contact information to confirm the quality of work and the caliber of the company you are dealing with.
2.       What tactics will they use – your target is to improve your websites ranking on search engines. There are legal and illegal means to achieve this. Know what tactics the company you hire plan to use, can help you avoid compromising your domain. If search engines ban your website, it will affect your brand over the long term. It takes time to build a brand and get it to the top.
3.       Does the company understand the rules and operations of search engines? This is a tricky element because these rules change from time to time. However, there are basic guidelines that any proclaimed professional must understand. Following these guidelines will provide the only guarantee that they will conduct the SEO work they do for your website in a professional manner.
4.       What about other platforms? SEO should target all search engines. Working on one and ignoring all the others will close out a section of searches. In fact, you should look for a comprehensive package that involves improvement of ranking on all sites. Innovative gadgets that help with this are unveiled on a daily basis. The use of mobile devices also drives searches. Demand details of improved ranking on all these platforms.
5.       What about local SEO? Localized SEO is one of the fastest growing sources of valuable traffic. A buyer is more inclined to buy or order services from a professional SEO company New York. As such, your SEO strategy must capture the element of local SEO. Thus, you need a professional who understands this realm.
6.       Will it be a partnership? Although the company specializes in SEO, this continuous process requires ongoing effort. The best way to execute the strategy is by having the company you hire share details of the changes they make on your site. Your personnel should be trained and equipped on how to handle the new site. Failure to do this will mean that control remains in the hands of strangers, causing you to be overly reliant on them.
7.       Are there measurement matrices? SEO is no longer a blind investment. The contract must set targets and provide tools and mechanisms to evaluate the level of success. This helps you determine whether you are getting value for money.
8.       The communication channels and frequency – Demand that the company indicates the most effective and convenient mode of communication. You will need to talk to the company about provision of content, training or orientation of staff, communication of results, etc. This needs to be planned to make it reliable and effective.
9.       Cost and terms? SEO is an investment for which you have to pay. Demand an itemized quotation. Know what you are paying for and how frequent. Agree on contract and breach grounds. Negotiate for a customized package that guarantees value for money.
10.   Future engagements? The contract may be definite, but there should be room for formal disengagement and continued partnership. The clause should be present in the contract you sign with the SEO Company you hire.

A professional SEO company New York will transform your web presence and fortunes. All you need is to know how to isolate professionals from amateurs. All negotiations and engagements must be geared towards providing value for money over the long term.