Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Website Design and Development Company

Web designers do not want you to know certain things so that they can keep exploiting you. By making certain hiring mistakes, they take advantage of your lack of knowledge. This is why there are numerous clients disappointed by developers. To get the best website design and development company, you need to avoid the following common hiring mistakes.

Focusing on the Budget

We all want to rush to the bargain store where top quality products are sold at a song. But this does not apply to the web development company. While you focus on the budget, other crucial areas are ignored. Consider the experience of the developer in the kind of site you are looking for. The budget is likely to conceal skill deficiency, poor communication, delays in delivery, etc. On the flip side, high fees do not translate to quality work. It could as well be extortion. To get value for money, always demand an itemized breakdown of the price quoted.

Ignoring the CMS

Websites are not static. They require constant update especially of content. Every time a visitor returns to your site, he should find something new. However, some businesses get the website without the Content Management System. You will essentially be crippled or be left with a redundant website. Do not allow the developer or designer to claim ownership. This will turn you into a Dependant. Get the passwords and back office operations from the website design and development company to enable you update and take full control of your website.

Taking The Job As a One Off

Most clients want a quotation with a final figure. Websites should be viewed like phones or other electronic gadgets in that what is relevant today becomes obsolete tomorrow. As such, develop a relationship with the designer that allows your site to be constantly updated. You will initiate some of the updates while the developer initiates others. However, some of the functions like creating the main frame should only be charged once.

Knowing Nothing About Websites

Websites perform the most exclusive jobs. There are no two sites that should be similar. As such, you should know what you want from the website you are ordering. This is the only way to have a site that is tailored to your needs. Search on the Internet about the features of a website depending on the kind of goods or services you offer. Give the developer a sample link. Some developers con you into opening blogs or operating from other platforms that are not websites. Know the features you want and be specific in your order.

Dealing with a website design and development company should not be from the point of ignorance. Search over the Internet for websites you would like to emulate. Learn a bit about properties of websites that you would like incorporated into yours. This makes the developer to realize that you know what you are asking. It raises the quality of work you get in return.


Important Things to Know about Magento Custom Development

One of the hardest things when it comes to using Magento as your ecommerce platform can be getting started. The platform is rich in features and so powerful. One of its appeals is that it is an open source platform; it is scalable and easy to customize. All these facts make Magento development appealing to small and big business. However, these same things make it tough to navigate magneto development at other times.

To benefit from Magento fully, you need to understand what you want and need from your ecommerce site. To make it easy to comprehend, we have put a list of important things you must know about Magento custom development. Although the list will just scratch the surface, it will guide you efficiently.

How to recognize you need to upgrade to Magento

You cannot update the product content

If it is difficult to for you to update your content quickly and easily, you need to use a better ecommerce platform. Not having the ability to update anything on the site is a great barrier, can ruin your SEO and kill potential revenue because the site lacks web traffic, and has outdated product offerings. Your team may start to dread the updating task, and most likely, they will try to put it off. If this scenario is familiar, then it is time to explore Magento custom development because it is user-friendly and powerful.

The entire website can’t be modernized and updated easily

In case your ecommerce site lacks the flexibility that modern programming languages offer, putting updates off will only worsen the problem. A Magento platform can allow you to tap into a system instantly. The system contains lots of extensions and features, many modules to select from and the traffic support. The best thing about open source programs is that they provide plenty of options that a company can utilize while growing.

The search engine rankings won’t improve no matter what you try

Magento modules and extensions are designed to provide more influence on Google search rankings. Additionally, SEO-friendly nuggets are incorporated into Magento’s framework. Google recognizes Magento, and it is favored because it is a trusted ecommerce platform. This means the companies that use Magento get automatic credibility.

Best practices when using Magento

Once you have chosen to go with this fantastic platform, some things will keep your site secure and help it work better for you:

Think of security always

The most unfortunate thing is that those things that make Magento so incredible (like the ability to accommodate more flexible payment options, having an open source code and being customizable) make it the main target for hackers. Some of the things you can do to secure it include having a custom admin path rather than the standard path. Additionally, it restricts admin access to certain IP addresses. Security is supposed to be a priority if you want to develop a successful Magento-based site.

Understand as many of Magento features as possible

Magento has many features, some basic and other more advanced. Some may be more important than others depending on the requirements of your business. If you do not get it, be sure to seek a Magento web developer or a knowledgeable consultant who can take you through the development and customization process.

Build SEO into your site’s structure

It is important to have the appropriate keywords from the service and product descriptions placed in the pages that house the descriptions. Make sure that you focus on the primary queries confirm if the pages are set up in the right way since that is your foundation. Once you are done, start working on the subsequent questions. Consider using a tool like Google analytics to confirm if the keyword information is current always.

Do not use duplicated content

People make this common mistake. While trying to save time, or by feeling that the content is more accurate, web developers and companies can choose to reuse content from other pages on their site or the manufacturers. Always resist this temptation because you will get into trouble with Google.

Do not go for ordinary

Select a Magento custom development brand and theme for your site. You do not want your site to resemble everyone else’s. Take time to give the site a personal touch. It is okay to look at other websites to get to know what you like or not. Make sure that you do something that can resonate with your customers. Be creative and have fun while doing it.

How Custom Website Development Can help Your Business

In the world of advancing technology, it is not a question of whether you require a website, but rather how to develop one for your business. Make your website exclusive, just like your company. The website should define your unique business needs and accomplish your objectives. A unique custom website should be created using industry specific software to assist the automation of various manual processes while integrating external and internal system. The web application should also be complex, dynamic and data driven. Creativity, thoughtfulness, and quality custom web programming are very vital. Custom website development comes in many forms; for example, some developers commonly use open source technology to develop appealing websites.

By using additional applications, custom websites gives you what you want. The developer designs it entirely on specific needs, eliminating the use of pre-designed site skins, themes, and templates. Custom website applications help designers design a user interface with the functions that you need. Custom websites work very well mostly in automating the external and internal process of a business.

One example of simplifying internal systems using process automation is by use of online forms. Custom website development with additional applications will make your life very easy. When you run a business that needs an intake form, you have the option to ask new clients to send their information using a faxable form, and then enter the information manually by yourself. On the other hand, you could choose to simplify this process by requesting the client to fill an online form and save yourself the time you would spend entering data.

So, what are the advantages of having or creating a customized website? Read on to know more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Custom designed websites rank well in search engines and are suitable for online marketing. This makes them rise fast in search engines way head of free sites. People will link to your site as long as you are available on search engines. Developers specifically design custom websites to rank well on search engines. This will make your business visible to a broader audience on the internet.

Works Well For Online Marketing and Print Media

By applying appropriate online marketing techniques, you can make your business appear on the front pages of search engines. This would put you ahead of your competitors and ensure that customers will easily find your website.

You Receive Help from Experts

A custom developed site offers ongoing backing, dedicated assistance and expertise from professional web designers. A professionally developed custom website gives you a well thought-out site that’s appealing to the targeted market while displays your business well. This assists you to create an online presence.

It Displays High-Quality Uniqueness and Sophistication

Look at it from the perspective on how you conduct your business. Your products quality or service should come first. The same applies to your website. High quality custom developed website reflects on the quality of your products or the services your business offers, hence attracting potential customers.

It Exhibits You Seriousness in Your Business

A professionally developed custom website makes you distinct from the rest, and helps you maintain an appreciated online presence. First impression counts and will be very favorable to your customers. This will greatly improve your business by turning your site users into customers.

It Is Timeless

Custom developed sites are very flexible regarding improvement, modification, and tweaking. Therefore, it becomes easy to maintain your custom website allowing the site to be well targeted, optimized properly, user-friendly and functional. You can incorporate tools that are useful for business operation, and add additional functional features as your business needs grow. You exercise full control on what you desire in the site through qualified web designers.

It Works Well On the Personality and Branding Of the Business

A custom developed site impresses visitors and enables one to reflect on your content, logo, brochure, etc. keeping your services or brand intact. This is very necessary for brand recognition, attaining the customer’s confidence, and their trust in your business. The use of custom developed website makes it easier to build a brand. It is a long-term ideal option for your business.

Custom developed websites allows you to choose elements, features, and colors that suit your business. An experienced group of developers will greatly assist you to put your brand representation across. This eliminates unnecessary squeezing ideas into a less than adequate prefabricated template. A business without a website will not thrive in this world of advanced technology. Create traffic using custom website development to avoid being limited by a crafted ordinary internet site.

Why Magento is Good for your Ecommerce Business

The problem most businesses face today – is the way the online business sector does not grow, it just keeps exploding. Someone else is most probably thinking about or already using that unique idea you have for your business. As such, the best way forward is to make sure that your business stands out. You can only accomplish this by offering a superior service, via a superb website, using the best eCommerce platform. Now the question is, which eCommerce platform reigns? There are many platforms you can go for, however you should check out for a Magento development company and find out more about Magento.

But why? Well, it is all about having a platform that allows you to deliver on all platforms and still keep things manageable and straightforward. These are vital to the success of any online business. This does not mean that any other platform cannot get you ahead, but Magento brings out some features that you cannot afford to overlook. Here are some unique features that enable Magento to stand out in the ecommerce game:

It is flexible

The size, budget or requirements of your business do not really matter. Magento is so flexible that it can suit any business. You could choose to extend both the back and front-end features as frequently as you desire. This makes the platform incredibly flexible and customizable. A good Magento Development Company has solutions for you; solutions that suit your needs, so you do not have to work with a site that controls how you work.

It has plenty of features

Every website today is designed keeping the client’s needs in mind. It should not only enable them to surf at their own pace but also provide an enjoyable experience. Clients should not feel lost, put off or confused along the way. Magento has all this covered. They have several features that make websites perfect, giving the customer the best experience ever. Don’t just take our word for it; look at these examples:

  • Filters – if you have a site with thousands or hundreds of products to show, you need to provide proper filters that the customer can use to filter through products on your website, instead of leaving them with no other choice but to wade through pages or unnecessary items. Filters simplify the process or locating products by allowing the customer to search by size, color, price, material, etc. Customers end up getting what they need quickly without having to waste time scrolling.

  • Related products – it’s always good to get a bit of guidance when shopping. Whether it is shopping for a wedding dress or what to take for dinner, related products make it so much easier to reach a decision.

  • Wishlists – we all like to window shop from time to time. Thanks to Wishlists, we can window shop online and save for future purchases with ease.

It is built for SEO

You know how important it is for your website to be SEO friendly. However, the benefits of good SEO come with time. To achieve good SEO, you have to optimize every page. However, with Magento you are safe. Their source code has features built right in, that saves you the hassle and time while ensuring that your website in search engine friendly.

It is easy to manage

Irrespective of the number of online stores you have, Magento helps you operate all of them easily. You get to manage everything from one admin panel. All customers and sales are stored on one database, meaning save a lot of time you would have otherwise spent managing sales or placing orders.

Most massive brands use it

Magento is a perfect choice for both small and large businesses. Top brands such as Nike, Rosetta Stone, Paul Smith, and Mothercare use Magento to sell products online. They can’t be doing something wrong. Can they?

No restrictions when it comes to hosting services

Another feature unique to Magento is the total freedom to opt for any hosting service that suits your needs, or the needs of the business owner. Most ecommerce sites are bound to certain hosting services hence limiting their freedom of choice.

It is fast

Most web users today like websites that can load in less than two seconds. If it takes longer, they move on to the next site – straight to your competitor. However, this is not an issue with Magento. It can load seamlessly and quickly, making even the most impatient of customers happy.

In conclusion, we can all agree that finding a good Magento Development Company can provide everything you need for your eCommerce site. You and your clients can now be happy because of how helpful and easy it is to use. Each glossy design is tailor made to enable you to provide your customers with the best experience you could offer.

Easy Ways Of Financing Your E-Commerce Business

It has dependably been a test for little organizations to get financing. Circumstances exacerbated when banks tightened their loaning criteria five years prior. Most banks give just to organizations with a built working history. In the event that you are simply beginning up an ecommerce business, or, in the event that you discover conventional advance terms excessively stringent, there are different choices.

In this article, we list top approaches to raise cash for your ecommerce business.

ecommerce website development

Individual Savings
Individual savings are required for custom website design, store management and delivery. Otherwise called bootstrapping, this functions admirably when you are getting low returns for your cash and the expense of borrowing is high. You can take cash from your 401(k) however withdrawals before age 59½ are liable to punishments that can be soak. It is not right to completely unfill your retirement or stormy day reserve.

The points of interest of utilizing individual investment funds are:
•no immoderate and muddled applications;
• no enthusiasm to pay;
•ownership of your business is not weakened.
Loved ones

Loved ones may make an investment free credit or they may request premium. While these people can be more pardoning than a bank on the off chance that you can’t pay on time, your association with loved ones may get to be strained in the event that you can’t in the long run pay them back. They might likewise begin offering exhortation in the matter of how to run your business after developing custom website design.


web design
Credit cards
This is one of the simpler approaches to get to subsidizes, particularly in the event that you have a few cards. The drawback is that if the premium rates are high and your business money stream just permits you to make the base installments, you will be paying off the cards for quite a while at a high cost.

Shared Loan
Online systems, for example, Lending Club and Prosper permit people to make unsecured credits to different people requiring custom website designs. Giving Club encourages business credits of up to $100,000 at rates beginning at 5.9 percent with one to five year payback periods. Start charges apply and investment rates can run up to 29.9 percent for more hazardous wanders.

Loaning Club encourages business credits of up to $100,000 at rates beginning at 5.9 percent with one to five year payback periods.

ecommerce solutions
Home Equity Loan
Consider this just in the event that you are a property holder with more than 50 percent of your home’s estimation as value (the credit extraordinary is short of what a large portion of the business estimation of the house). In the event that it is and you have a decent FICO assessment, you could get a credit at an appealing investment rate with your home as security. As of now rates range from four to ten percent.

website development
Conventional Bank Loan
These are hard to secure nowadays. Banks for the most part accuse expenses along of premium and oblige security. Credits are normally one to five years with investment rates going from six to nine percent.

Organizations with a track record might likewise be qualified for a business line of credit, which offers more adaptability as you can obtain against it, pay back, and get all the more up as far as possible.


Tactics To Reduce Last Minute Purchase Abandonment

Online retail is becoming a massive business is something that all of us know. Many of you who are into custom web development and android apps development must be aware of the common problems faced in this business and also the know-how to rectify the same. All said and done, are you aware of the neglected and seemingly small problems that might actually turn out to be one of the biggest hindrances in the growth of your business? One of such major problems that we overlook is when a customer abandons the ‘cart’ at the last minute. Why did he/she do so? Despite choosing the product they like and also reaching to ‘almost’ buying it, why did they back out? Moreover, how should you minimize this problem? Here is how.

1.    Reminders via emails and ads
If the prospect who abandoned the purchase halfway does not return within 12 to 24 hours, you need to get into action. You can rely on email reminders with attractive words to lure them back. You can also you can give discount coupons as a good will gesture and you will surely win them back! Pop up ads work well immediately after the prospect has left your site. This might change his/her mind for good.


2.    Mention every extra cost at the very beginning
This is very important. If you are getting a customer by excluding taxes, shipping charges and everything in the beginning of his purchase, you will lose him at the end when he sees the shocking final amount with all extra charges added to the price he agreed to initially. Be very transparent about all charges the customer needs to bear at the very beginning and avoid this problem altogether.

3.    Make sure you are mobile optimized
Mobile sales are increasing by the day. Nowadays hardly anybody has the time to sit down and make purchases online. We are all on the go most times and mobile commerce is the best option for the world of today and tomorrow. The design is something to focus on. Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development companies will agree to the fact that a sloppy design on the mobile can be a big reason to lose your audience.

4.    Make the checkout process easy
Do you personally like a long queue at the supermarket? No! Then why put your prospect in the same position when you have an option not to. Don’t make your checkout process too lengthy. This is one of the major reasons a customer leaves your site during checkout. He loves your product and your prices but if you frustrate the inner beast in him, he will lose patience and move on. Do him and yourself a favor by cutting the long process short and making him stay.

These are some of the most important tactics you need to learn in order to convert the last moment absconding clients into long term happy repeating clients. People into Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development need to understand the dynamics of both web and mobile ecommerce and apply these tactics accordingly. If you can’t study your own target audience, you will fail in creating a successful online business. Last minute disaster control is in your hands.

Critical Web Re-Design Considerations You Can’t Overlook

Are tired of your old and boring website and venturing into redesigning of website? Want to add amazing interactivity to your dead webpages?

Here’s introducing some quick tips and key considerations while looking to revamp your website radically!

1. Have a strategy
First thing first as questions as to why is there a need to re-design the website! Is it the color, the theme, the functionality, the competition, new services, content or just the design itself? Unless you are clear why, don’t proceed, because if you do you might still end up having something you disown. Get pen and paper and do a thorough audit of your website. Strategy is the base of accurate website development.

2. Sitemap and color theme
Once you have a roadmap of going further, workout on the sitemap. Clearly sketch the sitemap out as per the strategy. Figure out where can you add interactivity and where can you add new hues. Also, maintain clear brand guidelines during planning stage. The colors and themes you decide to choose should be in sync with the guidelines. The re-design should look credible.

3. Content
Re-design of site has nothing to do with content! Well, that’s not true! While you aim to re-design your site, also plan to modify your content. Changing content will anyway help you to improvise upon the SEO. Google and other search engines like to crawl fresh content. If need be, go for content management systems. You can set-up various content hierarchy and admin roles. You can have modules for video, widgets, blogs and do much more with a right CMS in place.

4. Navigation
Navigation is important. You need to have a right plan while re-designing website. Both human visitors and search engine spiders should be able to search and navigate your site in a better way after it is redesigned. You need to figure out the URLs for each of the menu and pages that you have planned to put in sitemap. Think about shorten URLs and if you can change the way they look for better SEO, get it done during website development. You also need to define the primary pages and what action you want the visitors to take on each of these pages. Think about the ideal way to place calls to action for maximum visibility and conversion. Also, add up the in-site search functionality for a better navigation.

5. Testing
Once you do much of the ground work and ready to implement the redesigned site live, test all the elements well in the development. See the page load times, see if any link is broken, see the overall user experience. Also, check the wireframes, color, content, navigation once again and match them all up. Once there is a green signal, you can make the redesigned site live.

Wrapping it all up, website development and redesign is a cumbersome process and you need to plan it thoroughly well to ensure that the look, feel and functionality of the redesigned site is extremely better and it is ready to create a great customer experience.