An Amateur Guide to Hiring a WordPress Development Company

WordPress is one of the fastest growing template platforms for businesses online. This is partly because of the availability of readymade templates that can be deployed in minutes allowing you to setup your own basic portal. This saves time and money when it is compared to having a developer code the website for you from scratch. What then should you hire a WordPress Development Company for?

Any serious brand considering digital presence must first appreciate that online experience and quality are important. Even with WordPress, you need to provide a unique portal and a platform that is attractive as well as customized for your product. This is the main reason why you would need the services of a development company. Here are detailed reasons why you should hire a developer.

  • Customized Appearance

There is something captivating about a unique website or portal. It sticks in the mind longer than an ordinary one. This is one reason that would compel visitors to return to your store. By hiring a professional WordPress Development Company, you can incorporate features like colors, layout, images, a checkout system, etc. that are unique to your business model. When a person lands on your page, there will feel at home and familiarity that makes your store or portal attractive. It will increase the chances of future business.

  • Better User Experience

Template platforms like WordPress are built for a universal user. However, an electronic shopper does not desire an experience similar to a person selling recipes. The demographic you target with your product is also important when you are determining the kind of experience you should offer. Some people need a lateral display of content while others are comfortable with images. How you display content, and the amount of content you put on your website would influence whether your website would appeal to your category of buyers, or repel them. These considerations cannot be captured when you download a template directly and begin to use it. The developer makes these considerations on your behalf and then customizes the site. It takes experience and creativity to identify the best features for each market category.

  • Integration

There are plug-ins meant to facilitate transactions and other engagements on your website. They include links to financial institutions, social media, partners, etc. You might also need to integrate accounting and online traffic measurement tools. You can use the same portal for surveys as well as for collecting data about user experience, sources of traffic, visitors mannerism, etc. You require a professional to get work done properly.

Security is one of the most important elements of online business today. In the era of identity theft and cyber attacks, you need a portal that offers the best security features that are available in the market. An experienced WordPress developer has interacted with the platform and can help you secure your site. A loss of customer details, or money will significantly affect returning visitors and lead to a collapse of your business.

  • Experience

One might wonder about the logic behind hiring a developer to work on a website that is already built. In fact, it is possible to download a template and set up a website for your business. Challenges would arise when you attempt to integrate additional features that are necessary for your website to be able to achieve the goals you desire. Through experience, a specialist developer will know the features to incorporate, based on your business model and the requirements you outline for them. When working on your own, you will be including features on a trial and error basis. This exposes you to incompatibility and denies you the opportunity of using some of the latest and most effective features that WordPress plugins offer. Relying on experience allows you to benefit from the experience that a seasoned developer brings to the table and aids in the development of a futuristic website.

  • Continuous Engagement

WordPress development is a continuous process. You need to incorporate new features as your business grows. You also need to make improvements to the user experience from time to time. New features will emerge in the market and require addition if you are to remain competitive. With a dedicated development company, your site will always be updated and responsive. The company will be working full time to improve the performance of your website.

People face challenges while trying to determine the cost of services when hiring a WordPress Development Company. There is a notion that such companies are expensive. However, professional companies offer a customized package based on your needs. There is a package for every budget. This allows both budding entrepreneurs and multinational companies to have exciting platforms to transact regardless of their budgetary allocations. After all, you can upgrade as your business grows or downgrade based on changing priorities.



Should I Hire a WordPress Development Company or a Freelancer?

WordPress provides you with an excellent platform to grow your business without incurring the costs of security, coding and other web management services. It allows you to set up an e-commerce shop or an online platform for your brand at a relatively low price.  However, you will need a WordPress Development Company or a freelancer to set up the platform initially and to help you build on the platform as your online business needs grow.

The options of hiring a developer or a freelancer are workable. They, however, depend on your preference and the outcomes you expect to have from your website. There are advantages of hiring a company over a freelancer but freelancers also come with some risks. You can take the wisest decision after you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Why hire a company over a freelancer?

A WordPress Development Company will have an established working culture. It will also have a physical address and a reputation to protect. This is a guarantee that you will get high quality work. The name of your brand could be damaged by poor communication, low quality work, hidden charges, etc. However, freelancers can change identity in a flash and are not bound by branding. This is a risky situation especially when you are facing low quality work and unfulfilled promises. You have no one to turn to.
Companies are regulated through licensing. This makes it easier for a client to seek reprisal in case of a misunderstanding. It is possible to take an entity like a company to court for failure to deliver expected work. This is not possible when you are dealing with a freelancer. No one regulates them and thus there is no place to seek redress.

A company has structures and a number of employees who can work on your project. This means that in case the current technician falls sick or is unable to complete the work, the company makes plan to get the work completed. It provides a guarantee that your work will still be completed even in the absence of an employee. The story is different when dealing with freelancers. Only one person works on your project. Should the person fall sick or is unable to complete the project, you have to start all over again. This leads to delays and may lead to loss of funds.

The possibility of losing money when dealing with freelancers is very high. They operate anonymously and there is no way you can verify their physical address or existence. This exposes your money to loss especially if you associate yourself with an unreliable freelancer. It is different when dealing with a company. You can verify their physical address as well as their registration details. This provides a safeguard whenever you are making payments or transactions.

Why hire a freelancer?
There are obvious advantages of hiring a freelancer instead of a WordPress Development Company. The first reason is expense. Freelancers offer their services at relatively lower prices when compared to companies. Companies base their charges on operating costs for the entire office, the fact that they have a name, etc. However, the cost a freelancer would charge you is not structured keeping minimal operating cost. This makes their charges cheaper.

Companies have protocols that have to you would need to follow before procuring their services. This is likely to slow down the acquisition of a WordPress platform. Furthermore, even when negotiating for a lower price, the procurement officer may have to consult with managers. This makes it a complex process that might not meet your specific expectations. With a freelancer, he makes all decisions and operates as though he is under your command. It is very easy to get the specific features without the bother of complex protocols. You maintain a single line of communication that does not depend on the decisions of third parties.

There are websites where freelancers can be put to account. You make payments to the websites yet deal with the developer directly. These are excellent sites to hire freelancers at a reduced price. You will get excellent skills at a fraction of the price you pay to a company. The performance of these freelancers is put in check through milestones, deadlines and ratings. This protects you from poor quality work or losing your money.

Hiring a WordPress Development Company remains the best option for any serious e-commerce business. You have a guarantee of quality and delivery on time. You are also sure that you are dealing with reliable professionals. It is easier to address disagreements with a company as compared to with a freelancer.