Importance of Card Design in Web Design and Development

Mobile devices are the rage of the day. You look around you and see almost everyone using his or her mobile to access data from all kinds of sources through APIs and SDKs. The card-style interface is perfect in terms of usability, and offers an extremely personalized experience; one that allows for the optimal display of an aggregation of many individual pieces of content – on screens that come in all shapes and sizes. Card designs have gained prominence in website designing. These rectangles, containing images and text have proved so successful in web design and development, that they have become a default option in order to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons, and list some best practices to follow while using card-layouts in web design and development.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips that will Shape Your Rankings in 2016 | Qualdev

SEO techniques are changing at a rapid pace thanks to the updates that Google periodically makes to its search engine algorithm. This also means that the rankings of websites fluctuate rapidly. Although black hat search engines rankings are ‘a thing of the past’, SEO has evolved phenomenally and still works.

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Custom Android App Development Trends for 2016

Google Play Store, the official app store for the Android operating system; is a highly competitive place from where millions of apps are available for download. Android devices are undoubtedly the new norm. Right from startups, small and medium sized businesses to enterprise level companies, literally everyone is going mobile. Creating an app is among the top priorities for businesses across the globe. If you are planning to launch your Android app, here are the few trends to watch out in 2016.

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