Google Provides Official Information About Indexing and Crawling Algorithms

In august this year, Google announced an update about the modifications to their algorithms for indexing and crawling websites. They announced that they have two forthcoming changes with respect to mobile search results; that will surely make it easier for users to find the right content – easily and quickly regardless of the devices used to search using Google Search.

A set of changes to the algorithms were in the making, and many developers have been waiting for them for a while. It goes to show that search engines are becoming smarter and are moving towards evaluating content based on the presentation of the content, instead of depending entirely on text-crawling bots to index content. In other words, search engine crawlers have taken another step towards providing richer more relevant results for the search carried out.

Here is what Google has to say about some of the additional changes  we could see from these changes.

Mobile search results to be simplified

As recent as two years back, Google included a mobile-friendly label for aiding users’ to access pages wherein content and text was legible and clear; all without the need for zooming in. The tap targets were placed at appropriate positions with proper spacing. Ever since then, the ecosystem has evolved to a considerable degree. Quite recently, it was found that over 85% of mobile search results pages show cased the mobile-friendly label and adhered to these criteria. In order to keep the search results from getting overbearing or cluttered, website owners could retain the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal, but remove the label. There will be no changes in the ways that Google displays the mobile usability report they provided in the Search Console, or how mobile-friendly tests would continue to help webmasters go about the evaluation of the effects of mobile-friendly signals on their pages.