Tactics To Reduce Last Minute Purchase Abandonment

Online retail is becoming a massive business is something that all of us know. Many of you who are into custom web development and android apps development must be aware of the common problems faced in this business and also the know-how to rectify the same. All said and done, are you aware of the neglected and seemingly small problems that might actually turn out to be one of the biggest hindrances in the growth of your business? One of such major problems that we overlook is when a customer abandons the ‘cart’ at the last minute. Why did he/she do so? Despite choosing the product they like and also reaching to ‘almost’ buying it, why did they back out? Moreover, how should you minimize this problem? Here is how.

1.    Reminders via emails and ads
If the prospect who abandoned the purchase halfway does not return within 12 to 24 hours, you need to get into action. You can rely on email reminders with attractive words to lure them back. You can also you can give discount coupons as a good will gesture and you will surely win them back! Pop up ads work well immediately after the prospect has left your site. This might change his/her mind for good.


2.    Mention every extra cost at the very beginning
This is very important. If you are getting a customer by excluding taxes, shipping charges and everything in the beginning of his purchase, you will lose him at the end when he sees the shocking final amount with all extra charges added to the price he agreed to initially. Be very transparent about all charges the customer needs to bear at the very beginning and avoid this problem altogether.

3.    Make sure you are mobile optimized
Mobile sales are increasing by the day. Nowadays hardly anybody has the time to sit down and make purchases online. We are all on the go most times and mobile commerce is the best option for the world of today and tomorrow. The design is something to focus on. Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development companies will agree to the fact that a sloppy design on the mobile can be a big reason to lose your audience.

4.    Make the checkout process easy
Do you personally like a long queue at the supermarket? No! Then why put your prospect in the same position when you have an option not to. Don’t make your checkout process too lengthy. This is one of the major reasons a customer leaves your site during checkout. He loves your product and your prices but if you frustrate the inner beast in him, he will lose patience and move on. Do him and yourself a favor by cutting the long process short and making him stay.

These are some of the most important tactics you need to learn in order to convert the last moment absconding clients into long term happy repeating clients. People into Custom Web Development and Android Apps Development need to understand the dynamics of both web and mobile ecommerce and apply these tactics accordingly. If you can’t study your own target audience, you will fail in creating a successful online business. Last minute disaster control is in your hands.