Simple Steps To Design Your eBay Store

Online business is something that has been gone through a revolutionary change in the last couple of years. Selling stuff online is very common for newbie entrepreneurs. It is very important to take the help of a proper sales channel for those owners, who are looking forward to build brand name and get the right exposure in this competitive market. Business owners need to figure out the right platform that is cost-effective and beneficial at the same time. eBay is the right sales channel that ensure an additional revenue stream for your business. It increases traffic to your online store and improve customer loyalty.

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10 Basics Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful E-commerce Business

Online stores are an indispensable part of our lives. From shopping for groceries to clothes to gadgets, you can shop for anything and everything online. Online stores or in other words, e-commerce portals are quite popular these days. Many new ventures in this domain are coming up. Renowned e-commerce portals that already stand out in this competitive market – are known for their quality products, attractive discounts and offers, 24×7 customer support along and their user-friendly interactive websites. Let us have a look at the 10 basic things that one needs to know to start and run a successful e-commerce business of their own.

Key to start an e-commerce business

You need to consider certain factors while starting your own e-commerce business. A proper plan of the following points can help you to do so –

  • A user friendly interactive website design with proper high-quality images
  • Products of high quality that are of use to consumers
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Unique selling proposition

The right combination of these four factors can help anyone operate an online business successfully. It is very difficult to succeed in an e-commerce business without a proper plan. Success online is not just about having a great website design, great products or tremendous customer support alone; the combination of all these factors work together to make an e-commerce business successful.

Find the right products

If you are a newbie in the world of e-commerce, it is very important to choose the right products to sell online, wisely. Most entrepreneurs find themselves in a position where they are left wondering about which products are high in demand. Figure out products that are in high demand these days. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everyone around you to figure out products that they would be interested in. Also, do not forget to explore social media sites and journals to understand current market trend.

Choose the right marketing campaign

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. It is the medium to reach out to potential customers and to retain existing ones as well. The right marketing campaign will generate traffic and potential customers to your online store. You need to figure out the right marketing channel to let people know about your products. PPC, email marketing, social media marketing are some of the popular ways to reach customers effectively.

Go for marketing techniques that have a quick feedback loop

If you are a newcomer in the business, it is very important to employ marketing techniques that provide results within a few days. Marketing techniques like SEO are useful in the long run to make your brand visible on the search engine results. However, it is important to check business insights on a short-term basis initially. This is done to figure out the areas where you are going wrong and correct them to avoid any large mistakes in the long run. Therefore, you could use PPC marketing and social media marketing as these techniques have a quick feedback loop.

Pick the target audience carefully

Making mistakes while identifying your target audience can result in considerable business loss. It is very important to have a clear idea about the products you sell, as well as the audience who would be interested in it. You could use broad marketing campaigns that would help you identify and understand your target audience.

Provide high quality customer services

Not all e-commerce portals provide great customer service. E-commerce businesses that provide high quality of service are one-step closer to success. When you are fair and sincere with your customers, you can always leave a good impression in their minds, and they will be more inclined to buy your products again.

Go for personalized customer interaction

It is very important to have templates for every sort of customer interaction. This will save you time and help your businesses focus on growth and expansion. However, at times, customers love to be valued. Customers, always appreciate customer specific personalized interactions like calls, messages or emails. When your responses are tailored specifically to customer issues, they will understand that you care about them.

Be open and transparent

It is very important to be open and transparent when interacting with your customers. Mistakes do happen, but it is important that you admit and rectify them at the right time. Offering transparent services should be a core value of any organization. The refund policy, terms and conditions of product purchase or returns must be clear and fair at the same time.

Managing your inventory

An ecommerce development company needs to focus and manage their inventory well. You need to spend resources to stock products that are in-demand, in your inventory or figure out new ways to distribute these products to your customers. It is important to store the right products in your inventory keeping your target audience in mind. As your store grows, it is important to manage your inventory properly.

Choose the right SEO Company

The right SEO Company will help an e-commerce business get desired visibility in search engine results. It is very important to include the right keywords in the content of your website, use high quality images, back linking and meta-tags to ensure that your website is properly search engine optimized. This is possible with the guidance of SEO experts who can help build the visibility of your brand in search engine results.

An ecommerce development company is able to plan the major important points that are necessary to start an e-commerce business successfully. Some of the basic things that you need to consider are choosing the right product, going for a proper marketing campaign that has a quick feedback loop, pick your target audience carefully and interacting with them openly, offering transparent services, managing inventory well and asking for renowned SEO experts for guidance, to have a sound presence online. Considering these points will surely help an e-commerce business to be successful in this competitive market.

Tips to reduce cart abandonments on your Magento Store

Often we visit a store and pick a lot of items to purchase, but suddenly we walk out of the store without actually purchasing the products. Reasons like getting a call, talking to a friend or any other emergency can be the cause behind leaving a store. The same thing can happen with e-commerce portals. Many users visit the site, browse and add items only to close the browser and then move on to some other thing.

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Checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing

With the advent of technology, online businesses aim to rank high in the search engine results. When a user looks for something in search engines like Google, Yahoo, a list of results come up. Usually users only click on the results that are displayed on the first page of the search results. So, websites usually target to rank high in the search engine results to make their brand visible to users. With the help of certain techniques like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), businesses rank high in the search engine results. Primarily, the desktop content of a website is always the baseline for Google Index to determine rankings. But major part of the online audience these days prefer to search something in their mobiles.

Mobile-First Indexing

Historically, Google index looks at the desktop version of a site when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query. Mobile First Indexing is a ranking strategy that will prioritize on how a website performs on mobile over how it performs in a desktop display.

It is called “mobile first” because it is not a “mobile-only index”. For example, if a website does not have a mobile-friendly version, the desktop site can also be included in the index. But if the site is not mobile-friendly, that experience can negatively impact on the rankings of the site. Whereas, a site with a better mobile experience, would potentially receive a boost in their rankings.

This can be considered as a revolutionary shift for digital marketers across the world. Initially, mobile website performance will affect only mobile search and a relatively small percentage of mobile users. But as Google’s mobile-first indexing rolls out, mobile website performance will affect the site’s ranking on mobiles as well as desktop. This makes mobile site a top priority in domains like SEO and digital marketing.

Need for mobile-first indexing

With the arrival of smartphones in the market, it is seen that people that people depend on mobile devices more than they use desktop or their laptops. It is usually easier to look for something in Google with the help of mobile than with the help of a desktop or a laptop. Certain studies and statistics say-

Most of the Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries which even include US. 77% of mobile searches are made even when the desktop PC is available. Also, the number of mobile only Internet users exceed desktop only users in the US. Even when it comes to B2B domain, 90% of executives use mobile devices to research for business purposes. Google recently experienced that B2B purchase rates on mobile devices rose 22% from 2013 to 2015.

These numbers and figures confirm the fact that mobiles are the main electronic gadget used for internet search and other activities on internet. So, there is always a need for mobile-first indexing that will determine the ranking of a site in mobiles.

Almost every business that has an online presence should prepare the site for mobile-first indexing. Some of the tips are as follows-

Use a responsive design– One of the most things that businesses need to do is go for a responsive website. This would help the site to take the shape of the device from which it is viewed. Having separate website structure for desktop and mobiles can create a difference in synchronizing all. To prepare your site for mobile-first indexing, it is better to have the same site for all electronic devices. Responsible websites are not only designed to fit on any screen, but also to keep the site as fluid and accessible as possible.

Go for mobile friendly content– It is very important to have relevant and valuable content to entice users to your site. It is very important to adjust a long form of copy of content on the mobile screen. Break lengthy articles with images and videos. Also consider using digestible formats such as bullet formats and infographics. Short, snappier headlines also help users to read and scan faster. Using different media types, can keep readers engaged to your site.

Prioritize site speed and user experience: It is very important for business owners to track the speed of the website on mobiles. A site that is taking time to load properly can frustrate users and eventually they will leave the site. A fast website encourages more online sessions, more of customer conversions, lower bounce rate and higher customer engagement. So, ensure that your site loads fast and performs fast. To improve your site’s load time, you can also do the following-

  • Minimize the number of redirects

  • Introduce Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) on site to give your pages a lightening quick advantage

  • Put JS at the bottom and CSS at the top of HTML files

  • Compress images

  • Load above-the-fold content before below-the-fold content

  • Reduce amount of flash content on your site

Opt for the right tool: A good tool will assess that how well your site functions on mobile devices. You can take the help of Google’s own Mobile- Friendliness Tool. If Google figures out things that hinder a good user experiencer on your site. You can use the valuable feedback and work with the development team to make the changes.

Your own experience is important: It is very important to check the website on your mobile. This will help you to understand from the perspective of the user. Take a few minutes to navigate the site on your mobile phone. Click on links, navigate the different pages of your site, fill out forms to know if any glitches are there on the site. Ig Google does not find any technical errors, or common display issues, it does not mean that the site provides best mobile experience as it should.

Be it an ecommerce development company, IT software company or a hotel service provider, the online version of a website should be easy to access. It should provide a good under experience and not provide any sort of constraints. Most of the people try to shop online through their mobiles or book air tickets, so the user experience on mobiles should be perfect. Be an ecommerce development company or a software provider, every business aiming to have a sound online presence, must prepare their site for mobile-first indexing.

7 design tips that will increase your online conversion

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who completes a desired goal. The desired goal or action can vary from site to site. Examples include sale of certain products, software downloads, newsletter subscriptions, membership registration or any other activity apart from browsing. So, if your website is not having the desired conversation rate for your website, then certain design tips can always help you get an increase in conversion rate. Some of the tips are as follows-

Easy user flow

User flow is the path taken by a user to complete a task in a website. The user flow in a site takes a user through a series of steps towards a successful outcome or action. The successful outcome or action can be anything like purchasing a product, newsletter subscription or others. If the flow is complicated and customers are confused midway in the website, they will leave the website without completing the task. This may lead to decrease in conversion for an online business. Collecting data at each step of your user flow will help you to understand how your users navigate in the website. This will help one to understand where users drop out. So, the user flow should be designed in such a way that is easily understood and the messages are clear when the page loads.

Include videos

Videos are an important element to increase the conversion rate for your website. It has been seen that videos have a great potential to keep customers engaged to a product or service. It always grabs the attention of potential customers. Videos are always much more convincing to make a user perform an action. Do not include statistics, numbers and charts in a video. Instead go for visuals and images that can keep users engaged to your website. Always remember to keep the video under 2 minutes and informational at the same time. For example- most of the ecommerce portals selling a varied range of clothes prefer to include videos of men and women wearing those clothes. It is easy for a user to understand how a shirt or dress looks like when there is a video uploaded.

Go for a responsive website

With the advent of technology, people browse a website in any electronic device. It can be a mobile, laptop, notepad or any other device. The layout of the website must change with respect to the device you are using. Most of the users tend to leave the website when they find it difficult to browse from their smartphones or any other device. If the website is not a mobile friendly one, the business can miss a lot of conversion and thus there will be a decrease in conversion rate. If you are noticing a decrease in conversion rate, it is better to go for a responsive website that can attract more people to your site.

Visual hierarchy is important

Users should not be bombarded with bunch of information at the same time. Our eyes scan everything we see. The arrangement of layout in a website must be done in the order of importance. Users find it easy to view one single thing at a time. So overloading pages with bunch of information will make users confused. They will eventually leave the website without completing the desired action. Creating a logical hierarchy is not just a design principle, it is a good SEO practice. Users and search engines like websites that are well laid out. You need to think about what is most important and order each item accordingly. The ideal structure of the website would be a pyramid with the homepage at the top which is followed by a series of category pages. This outline can also be implied on single pages in a website.

Proper color and font style

Fonts and colors are an integral part of design. It can make or break a design. The right font choice and color combination is When it comes to the basics of design, creating a perfect combination in design can be possible with the help of right fonts and colors. Creating a font family with three to four fonts is the accepted rule for design. The font style should be clear and attractive at the same time. Be careful in choosing the right fonts when you are printing newsletter or posting something in social media. Search for the trending fonts across the web before you finalize one.

Color is something very important for website design. Choosing colors from a monochromatic palette is the safest thing to go for. You can also go for a combination of two to three colors depending on the design of the website. Each color has an emotion attached to it. Red and orange gives off a sense of excitement and energy, cool colors like blue and green offer a calm and soothing effect. To increase conversion rates for your website, you need to decide which colors fit your brand best and effectively using them in different tones.

Use of human faces:

Human faces always create a greater impact for visitors and are the proven elements of increasing conversion rate. When you use human faces for a website. It grabs the attention of the users, builds trust in the services and help visitors to relate with a product. Using human faces and relating them with your product or services always helps users to opt for your business services and products. This will help the readers to connect themselves with the products or services showcased in the website.


User testimonials and reviews always increase the conversion rate of the website. When a user visits a website for the first time, they make their purchase decision based on the user testimonials that is already there in the website. Positive reviews always increase the conversion rate and the sales of a company.

To get the good design that is simply, easy to understand and attractive at the same time, a digital marketing company needs to understand the requirement first and then provide the right solution. There are several digital marketing companies trying their best to offer the appropriate customer solution, you need to find the right digital marketing company that offers the right website design to increase the conversion rates of your business.

Replace Symantec Issued Certificates Ahead Of Chrome 66

Symantec recently announced that DigiCert, the world’s most respected scalable identity and an established provider of encryption solutions, will acquire Symantec’s Website security, as well as PKI solutions. The announcement did not take many by surprise because many clients were already losing faith in Symantec. It goes without saying though, that the announcement comes at a time when businesses have no choice but to be wary of cyber security threats that infiltrate the web every day.

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Top Mobile App trends to watch for in 2018

2017 proved to be a phenomenal year for mobile app development. A lot of new apps were launched to meet the needs of modern living. Businesses realized that mobile applications were no longer an optional investment, but a necessity.
Mobile apps have been the centre of innovation lately with social media, lifestyle and gaming apps dominating the mobile application market. Keeping this in mind, the trends that would determine the future of mobile application development are as follows –

Accelerated mobile pages for apps

This is an important recent upcoming trends that is gaining popularity with easy passing day. The page loading on mobile devices is accelerated to a great rate by following guidelines laid down in the AMP project by Google. Accelerated Mobile pages will help web apps to load more quickly on any mobile device, thus reducing bounce rate. Google has also declared to provide an isolated search index for mobile web. From an SEO point of view, this step transforms the approach of mobile application development. This would help publishers not only to increase the visibility of their ads, but create a boom in the number of visitors.
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