Responsive Web Design Company: Easy Way to Spot One

It is not enough to have a website. Its responsiveness determines how accessible it will be and the quality of the user experience it offers. Every brand must endeavor to hire a Responsive Web Design Company that can deliver a quality product; a website that boosts the profile of the brand and the products they offer.

Every Web Design Company claims that they offer the best services. The challenge lies in differentiating between pretenders and companies that can actually deliver what they promise. Here are tips that will help you identify the best design company for your website.

  • Look for Accreditation

Experienced software developers test and accredit designers and developers who offer services linked to their products. An accredited company, a partner or one licensed to offer particular services gives you confidence and a guarantee that you will receive quality services. Accreditation is an indication of training and experience. Check other credentials like training and experience in web design and development. It is uncertain to work with a company whose credentials are unknown.

  • What does the portfolio say?

A reliable and professional Responsive Web Design Company will always be proud of the work it has done. Such companies display their work on their portfolio so that the public can scrutinize it and make a judgment. After identifying companies that you can work with, you should go through their profiles to establish the one with the most impressive portfolio. Some may refer to the portfolio as ‘our clients’ or ‘our work’ among other titles. The idea is to provide you with the opportunity to get a feel of the work they have done. Remember that if this work is impressive, the chances of getting equally impressive work increases. A company that is not ready to showcase what it has done is not worth working with.

  • Can you meet face to face?

This is a rare proposition because in the era of IT face to face meetings are becoming rare. However, there are numerous advantages that come from having a face to face conversation with the developer. This is an opportunity to discuss the details of your project. These details include your perspective on its implementation, so that together the two of you could develop a plan for delivery. You also test your instincts on whether the person and team, in general, are trustworthy. After all, people have established companies that are used to swindle unsuspecting persons. You can explain your perspective in details when both of you sit together at a convenient location. You never know who you are speaking to or what the person has understood of the ideas you convey over the phone or via email.

  • Better Price

The pricing regime and payment terms will give you a hint about the professionalism of any developer. Since every project is unique, you should expect to receive a negotiated and customized price. However, there are instances where you might be faced with an unexplained lump sum figure. Others demand a huge down payment even before the work has commenced. This should be discouraged. In fact, you should insist on an escrow account that safeguards your money. You maintain control over the money and only release it once you have received satisfactory work.

  • Are you getting the right answers?

Research a bit on web design to understand the kind of product you need. This will cause your mind to generate certain questions about the product you are about to receive. During your conversation with the designer, it is your responsibility to ask questions about the project. Some of the questions include the features to be incorporated, customer experience, ongoing support and off-course the price at which you will get the services. This helps you avoid getting copy-paste designs that do not meet your personalized specifications. It also gives you an idea of what to expect, besides what you have thought about your project. By the end of the conversation, you should know better about web design, as well as about the product you anticipate to receive.

  • Is anyone making a referral?

The designer’s portfolio is a good source of references. You may also ask for the designer to provide you with references. Try to contact these clients and inquire about the services that the designer you choose offers. If the clients can recommend the designer, the chances of getting quality services improves. If they are hesitant to recommend the designer, it shows that the services offered were substandard. You should, therefore, look elsewhere.

The responsive web design company you choose will determine the quality of the website you get. Due diligence will help you to avoid receiving poor services and from being fleeced by fraudsters. With a good website, your online investment will pay handsomely and deliver excellent value for money.

An Amateur Guide to Hiring a WordPress Development Company

WordPress is one of the fastest growing template platforms for businesses online. This is partly because of the availability of readymade templates that can be deployed in minutes allowing you to setup your own basic portal. This saves time and money when it is compared to having a developer code the website for you from scratch. What then should you hire a WordPress Development Company for?

Any serious brand considering digital presence must first appreciate that online experience and quality are important. Even with WordPress, you need to provide a unique portal and a platform that is attractive as well as customized for your product. This is the main reason why you would need the services of a development company. Here are detailed reasons why you should hire a developer.

  • Customized Appearance

There is something captivating about a unique website or portal. It sticks in the mind longer than an ordinary one. This is one reason that would compel visitors to return to your store. By hiring a professional WordPress Development Company, you can incorporate features like colors, layout, images, a checkout system, etc. that are unique to your business model. When a person lands on your page, there will feel at home and familiarity that makes your store or portal attractive. It will increase the chances of future business.

  • Better User Experience

Template platforms like WordPress are built for a universal user. However, an electronic shopper does not desire an experience similar to a person selling recipes. The demographic you target with your product is also important when you are determining the kind of experience you should offer. Some people need a lateral display of content while others are comfortable with images. How you display content, and the amount of content you put on your website would influence whether your website would appeal to your category of buyers, or repel them. These considerations cannot be captured when you download a template directly and begin to use it. The developer makes these considerations on your behalf and then customizes the site. It takes experience and creativity to identify the best features for each market category.

  • Integration

There are plug-ins meant to facilitate transactions and other engagements on your website. They include links to financial institutions, social media, partners, etc. You might also need to integrate accounting and online traffic measurement tools. You can use the same portal for surveys as well as for collecting data about user experience, sources of traffic, visitors mannerism, etc. You require a professional to get work done properly.

Security is one of the most important elements of online business today. In the era of identity theft and cyber attacks, you need a portal that offers the best security features that are available in the market. An experienced WordPress developer has interacted with the platform and can help you secure your site. A loss of customer details, or money will significantly affect returning visitors and lead to a collapse of your business.

  • Experience

One might wonder about the logic behind hiring a developer to work on a website that is already built. In fact, it is possible to download a template and set up a website for your business. Challenges would arise when you attempt to integrate additional features that are necessary for your website to be able to achieve the goals you desire. Through experience, a specialist developer will know the features to incorporate, based on your business model and the requirements you outline for them. When working on your own, you will be including features on a trial and error basis. This exposes you to incompatibility and denies you the opportunity of using some of the latest and most effective features that WordPress plugins offer. Relying on experience allows you to benefit from the experience that a seasoned developer brings to the table and aids in the development of a futuristic website.

  • Continuous Engagement

WordPress development is a continuous process. You need to incorporate new features as your business grows. You also need to make improvements to the user experience from time to time. New features will emerge in the market and require addition if you are to remain competitive. With a dedicated development company, your site will always be updated and responsive. The company will be working full time to improve the performance of your website.

People face challenges while trying to determine the cost of services when hiring a WordPress Development Company. There is a notion that such companies are expensive. However, professional companies offer a customized package based on your needs. There is a package for every budget. This allows both budding entrepreneurs and multinational companies to have exciting platforms to transact regardless of their budgetary allocations. After all, you can upgrade as your business grows or downgrade based on changing priorities.


The Advantage of a best eBay store design

Online marketing is one of the biggest practices in the market today. The number of people making sales online is continuously increasing over the years. Due to the economic downturn that took place a few years ago, buyers are turning from local physical stores along the street and purchasing from online sellers because the products they provide are quite affordable. The shift in the customer’s preference has enabled online merchants to increase their sales while providing products at low prices. How you construct your eBay store design will decide whether you will have an edge over the competition while getting customers.

However, since many sellers are providing customers with excellent offers, the competition for each sale is increasing continually. Nowadays, many people have an interest in online marketing without considering the priorities and interests of their target buyers. A smart seller needs to put themselves in the shoes of the purchaser so that they can understand the consumer need and find ways to address them.

Coming up with an instinctual eBay store design can be analytical for your business, but if not enhanced properly, it can have an adverse impact on customers. EBay is among the best online marketing options because it reaches millions of online customers. Therefore, having a customized eBay design for trading online is crucial to the success of your business. The methods you are going to use to promote your store and products will provide you with the much-needed difference that could change failure to success.

A good eBay store design will help you reach millions of customers conveniently. You can get an impactful front page for your store by choosing one from among that many templates that exist on eBay. You can use your logo, company brand, and different colors to stay distinct in the crowd and help you get more sales and profit.

If you are struggling to boost your sales and traffic, you can use the methods below to improve your store with much ease.

Setting up a robust social media marketing strategy

Once you have laid down the tenets of your online marketing plan, you can use channels that are available to promote your business. Whether your eBay store is small or big, the first ports you will have to call at are from popular social media sites, as they provide a rich base of more than one billion users from across the world. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can provide you with an unending market where you can sell your products and services. The large number of people you reach out to is not the primary factor, but the ease and speed with which your store’s identity is delivered to a vast number of customers provide a definite advantage. When one Facebook user likes your page, all his friends can see your page through the newsfeed. Your store will get exposure to new people on the list of your users. Your store can get maximum exposure within a short period without you needing to spend much.

Avoid using generic templates

Using generic templates means that you will be opting for an easy and already created store that could make you look less than professional. Instead of giving you an outstanding feature among other stores, you will remain in the same stack with the rest of the stores that use that template. You will also appear like a regular seller, selling items from home instead of a businessperson selling from their store or warehouse. Looking for and utilizing a customized template helps you stand apart from among other online stores. You will attract more customers and look professional as a seller.

Using a proficient design

Before you embark on exaggerated marketing platforms that promise to flock your store with clients, it is crucial to ensure that you accurately cover the basics that will differentiate you from the others in the market. You need to lay out a store that is concise, professional and clear to navigate. Make use of eye-catching colors and an easy to use customer friendly layout. The content on the store you set up needs to be free of grammatical errors and easy to navigate. It is important to ask your family members and friends to have a thorough look at the store to pick out mistakes, before going live. A proficient design will help ensure that you do not lose future customers through slovenly errors.

Benefits of a great eBay store design

Possessing a great eBay store design will help you beat your competitors when it comes to attracting new customers and closing sales. A well-crafted design will give your business a professional touch that is crucial to wining the confidence and trust of potential buyers. A robust design will boost your sales, help attract new customers and retain old ones, increase brand awareness, assist in escalating your revenues and sales, and contribute to building a long-term rapport with your clients. A great eBay design for your store will attract more customers.


Can an Internet Marketing Agency help you increase Sales In-store?

Online sales are more achievable if you are a retailer as they allow you to cast your net in broad areas. However, you need to understand that in-store sales have the likelihood of driving more sales when your focus is increasing revenue by up selling. Do you know how to use your presence on the internet to increase sales?

According to research carried out by internet marketing agencies, more than eighty-one percent of buyers in the United States research products and services online before making the decision to buy. In addition to this finding, the report also says that half of the individuals who perform local searches will one day visit the shop.

Some businesses require you to stay on top of modest digital marketing tactics to attract and retain customers. From blogging to posting on social media and employing SEO, possessing a strong presence on online platforms yields more results for your business, than when you invest in off-line marketing and traditional word of mouth only.

Apart from providing additional destinations where you can sell your products, an internet marketing agency can ensure that your online presence acts as a platform where your customers can access free value that competitors do not offer. You can use this advantage to encourage existing customers to come back for more by encouraging repeat purchase behavior. By doing this, you are advocating for and growing your brand as well as the list of loyal customers.

Irrespective of the commodities you sell, there are basic principles you need to follow when you embark on the journey of boosting sales for your store. You need to drive traffic to your site and convert your users. You also need to entice your email subscribers by encouraging them to come to your physical shop at least once so that they see for themselves that the commodities you sell online are available at your store as well.

How do you get subscribers to your email list?

Once the content you are sharing on the website undergoes optimization, it is time to convert readers into email subscribers. You need to ensure that a prominent call to action is available on your site. It is also crucial to place these calls to action within your blogs so that you can maximize your opportunities to convert customers into subscribers.

If products drive your business, create incentives for your online readers or give an in-store discount when they subscribe to emails. You need to employ the services of cheap or free tools like optinmonster and Sumo’s list builder to generate visually appealing displays, exit-intent pop ups, email opt-in forms, and much more to increase your conversion rate.

If your company is in the service industry, you need to consider giving out a free downloadable template that your customers could edit by themselves, or offer an authoritative book, and complimentary consultation over the phone in exchange for joining your mailing list.

You can also consider providing enormous upfront value to your customers in a unique way that no other business does. Doing this would help you position yourself in the right place for building excellent relations with your readers and converting them to customers.

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Before increasing online sales, or converting your site into a traffic storefront, you should create a site that is healthy, and that provides active content; this encourages people to do business with you. For many upcoming companies, it involves keeping your existing online community updated, and educating customers with a blog where you publish quality content on a regular basis. In case you need inspiration looking for topics to write on for your blog, you should do in-depth research on your services and products to engage your audience. You may require the services of a good internet marketing agency to help you with this.

Before you start publishing content, it is good if you do an in-depth search to ensure that your content is friendly to search engines, so that you can rank at the top on search result pages. The basic way to rank on Google is to make sure that your site has authority in your field of interest. You would need to post a massive roundup off posts about the highlights of your company and provide unbiased reviews of all your competitors in the same industry. Make sure that your name leads the list by providing your review and location in place of becoming overly promotional.

You need to contract an internet marketing agency that can help you find the right audience on the right social media channels. Such agencies can advise you on when to write sponsored posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. In the event your focus is on direct customers and not companies, it is advisable to grow your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter audience. You can easily access the right demographics when you convert audience from social sites into visitors to your website.

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What do I check for While Evaluating a Mobile App Development Company

Mobile devices provide instant mediums of accessing the Internet using a browser or through mobile apps. Their popularity provides businesses with an important avenue to reach out to new customers and with an exceptional way to sell and promote their products and services. However, It is important that companies understand that developing an essential app is not only beneficial but also necessary for the growth of their business. Business owners that are planning a professional and seamless application development process, it is crucial to select a company that will save you time and money. Seeking the services of a professional mobile app development company to develop a mobile strategy that fosters their business positively is not a herculean task. Here are things you need to consider while hiring a mobile app development company.

Will the company deploy the right professionals?

The truth remains that you get what you pay for and when it comes to evaluating a mobile app development company, the individuals handling the development and design of your app are very crucial to what you will get. Some firms and agencies tend to charge less because the people who will build your app do not have a lot of experience. Some clients do not have a problem with their app being done by inexperienced staff. However, if you want top-notch designs, you will have to look for the company that has a team of experienced developers. An agency that does not have experience also exposes you to the risk of delays. Looking for experienced designers and engineers will make sure that your app is uploaded on time.

Are you looking for a custom app or a white label?

Several mobile app development firms will re-skin a white label app and make it fit your needs. Some companies might settle for this option because of the level of urgency and the requirements they have in place. This option might be attractive to some companies as it saves on cost, but it is not necessary that the app will address all their needs. Almost all businesses would like to have their very own customized application. Settling for an affordable white label app may prove to be expensive if it is unable to deliver as required. Therefore, it is important to choose a solution that will suit either your company or your project. A custom application will make sure your needs are put into consideration.

Where is the design and development process done?

You may be able to get design and development of your app at an affordable price when done in-house. Even though this seems right due to costing, you need to check from outside and make a comparison between cost and quality and know what is vital for your business. Sometimes when you design it in-house, it may be affordable but the chances are that it will not work as efficiently as an app from a leading development agency.

Make design your top priority

The outlook of your application is directly related to its functionality. You need to do a thorough search for partners that will add value to the aspect of usability of your mobile app. The usability issue will define how the users would interacting with your business. It is, therefore, crucial to focus on the right business aspects when looking for the right app developer. You need to choose wisely because your success lies in the hands of the developing company.

Open communication and transparency

Developers are called professionals and experts due to their determination to provide the best applications. A robust app developer will give you a detailed step by step development procedure for you to approve and recommend changes while the app is under development. The mobile app development company needs to keep their lines open for you to contact them immediately when you want any information on the app. A developer that provides many options when it comes to communication is quite reliable.

Platform experience

Experience counts more than any other aspect. When you are searching for a company to do iOS, Windows, and Android apps, make sure that they possess the experience to back up their claims and promises. It is crucial to check the whereabouts and reviews of a specified company on the internet to choose the right solution provider.

Domain specific experience

Before selecting a platform, outsourcing the work of developing your app to a firm with a credible and enriched working prowess in a particular niche is a necessary aspect you need to consider. A mobile app development company needs to hold expertise in areas like finance, business, or any others that are relevant to the development of your app. The right firm should also provide experience in multiple verticals like transportation, travel, healthcare, and education. You need to do a thorough search in the market to get the right veterans.


Killer Steps for Identifying a Web Design Company

You need to make a decision when your firm has to launch or revamp a new B2B site with the capacity to represent your services and products accurately. In rare cases, you might have a full-time knowledgeable web designer or an experienced web developer at your disposal. However, you will not have many options at your disposal and you will opt to hire a web design company that will carry out your daily activities of building an active website. You might not be having the time to manage all the processes and procedures involved in developing a custom site. Below are the steps you will require when making a decision of selecting the right company to build your website.

Managing expectations

First, it is necessary to note what you are aiming to achieve with your site. Take some time to put your goals and points into consideration and come up with ways that they will help you get success. You will have to decide if the site will work as a lead generator or an online brochure that showcases your capabilities and services. Even though your site can work in different capacities, it is crucial to narrow it down to a single primary objective for helping the developer to give it a basic design.

Know your budget and price range

Cost is usually the elephant in the room. It determines whether you will make or break the deal when hiring a web design company. You will get what you can afford when it comes to making a B2B website. When you aim at cutting costs with the goal of saving money, you will not reap a lot of money in the long run. Achieving the results desired in the first step will not be possible. Depending on your budget, you can get a site that has customization options that will meet your requirements. Understanding your budget will help in understanding the quality to expect to get from the development firm.

Additionally, after getting a quote from the developer, you need to understand all aspects included in the proposal. If a company comes with a small budget, be keen to see if they have included image purchases, revisions, coding changes, and copywriting. A robust development firm will state what they are offering at a particular price.

Timelines for completing the website

The world we live in today has due dates and deadlines. You need to give your website deadlines that are attainable and reasonable. If you want a website done within a short period, the chances are that you will not get the right quality. A design agency with experience can give a warm, professional, and custom website after sixteen weeks. A realistic timeline brings forth enough time for designs, developments, revisions, and copywriting. You need to set schedules that will showcase the right online face of your company.

Content is your primary concern

It is definite that you have personal reasons for coming up with a new website or you are revamping the current one. Initially, the aspects that will come to your mind are functionality and the looks of your site. These factors are important, but the most overlooked aspect is content. If your agency is tackling art before content, you have to know that you are in the wrong place and with wrong developers. A serious company will dig deep by asking relevant questions about your customers, industry, and business. If you do not get these kinds of questions, you need to run away because you are in the wrong hands. This is the most crucial step when choosing an agency. They need to generate content first, and then develop the housing that will hold the content.

Do they offer after launch maintenance?

When selecting a web design company that will build your new website, you need to be sure to question them on their plans after launching the site. You need to find out if they will offer post-launch maintenance and monitoring. A good agency has to keep a healthy relationship after launching your site. Depending on your involvement with publishing and maintenance of content, a good company will assist in generating reports that will ensure that your site is reaching the required goals. It is, therefore, crucial to invest your thoughts and time in the expectations and goals that the agency has to deliver. You need an agency that will ensure that you get a return on your investment after your period in focus.

Should I Hire a WordPress Development Company or a Freelancer?

WordPress provides you with an excellent platform to grow your business without incurring the costs of security, coding and other web management services. It allows you to set up an e-commerce shop or an online platform for your brand at a relatively low price.  However, you will need a WordPress Development Company or a freelancer to set up the platform initially and to help you build on the platform as your online business needs grow.

The options of hiring a developer or a freelancer are workable. They, however, depend on your preference and the outcomes you expect to have from your website. There are advantages of hiring a company over a freelancer but freelancers also come with some risks. You can take the wisest decision after you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Why hire a company over a freelancer?

A WordPress Development Company will have an established working culture. It will also have a physical address and a reputation to protect. This is a guarantee that you will get high quality work. The name of your brand could be damaged by poor communication, low quality work, hidden charges, etc. However, freelancers can change identity in a flash and are not bound by branding. This is a risky situation especially when you are facing low quality work and unfulfilled promises. You have no one to turn to.
Companies are regulated through licensing. This makes it easier for a client to seek reprisal in case of a misunderstanding. It is possible to take an entity like a company to court for failure to deliver expected work. This is not possible when you are dealing with a freelancer. No one regulates them and thus there is no place to seek redress.

A company has structures and a number of employees who can work on your project. This means that in case the current technician falls sick or is unable to complete the work, the company makes plan to get the work completed. It provides a guarantee that your work will still be completed even in the absence of an employee. The story is different when dealing with freelancers. Only one person works on your project. Should the person fall sick or is unable to complete the project, you have to start all over again. This leads to delays and may lead to loss of funds.

The possibility of losing money when dealing with freelancers is very high. They operate anonymously and there is no way you can verify their physical address or existence. This exposes your money to loss especially if you associate yourself with an unreliable freelancer. It is different when dealing with a company. You can verify their physical address as well as their registration details. This provides a safeguard whenever you are making payments or transactions.

Why hire a freelancer?
There are obvious advantages of hiring a freelancer instead of a WordPress Development Company. The first reason is expense. Freelancers offer their services at relatively lower prices when compared to companies. Companies base their charges on operating costs for the entire office, the fact that they have a name, etc. However, the cost a freelancer would charge you is not structured keeping minimal operating cost. This makes their charges cheaper.

Companies have protocols that have to you would need to follow before procuring their services. This is likely to slow down the acquisition of a WordPress platform. Furthermore, even when negotiating for a lower price, the procurement officer may have to consult with managers. This makes it a complex process that might not meet your specific expectations. With a freelancer, he makes all decisions and operates as though he is under your command. It is very easy to get the specific features without the bother of complex protocols. You maintain a single line of communication that does not depend on the decisions of third parties.

There are websites where freelancers can be put to account. You make payments to the websites yet deal with the developer directly. These are excellent sites to hire freelancers at a reduced price. You will get excellent skills at a fraction of the price you pay to a company. The performance of these freelancers is put in check through milestones, deadlines and ratings. This protects you from poor quality work or losing your money.

Hiring a WordPress Development Company remains the best option for any serious e-commerce business. You have a guarantee of quality and delivery on time. You are also sure that you are dealing with reliable professionals. It is easier to address disagreements with a company as compared to with a freelancer.